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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Sarah Palin’s dirty secrets


A draft manuscript of former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey’s tell-all book, Blind Allegiance, reveals a woman who wrote fake letters to the editor praising her accomplishments in office, doesn’t talk much with her husband, neglects her children and that her husband’s first reaction with a doctored nude photo of Palin that surfaced on the Internet was laughter and “is it real?.”

Bailey says Palin admitted to him that she and husband Todd are “not like normal couples…we don’t talk.”  She also complained that her husband would sneak looks at her private emails on her Blackberry.  Bailey said Todd also used the tone of the emails to let Palin’s team know her mood of the day.

In an email, Todd told Palin that she was “callous” about daughter Bristol and ignored her daughter’s promiscuous behavior that led to her unwed pregnancy.

When a doctored photograph with Palin’s head superimposed on a nude female body surfaced on the Internet, Todd’s first reaction was “is real,” suggesting there are nude photos of his wife that could surface.

Writes Bailey:

Well, she walks around the house with her robe open and with all those windows we have, well, you know…

Bailey’s book is not the first time questions have surfaced regarding suggested rowdy behavior by Palin. Stories surfaced of wild antics during her college years and sources in Republican circles have told Capitol Hill Blue that stories have long circulated in GOP circles that Palin has had affairs and other sordid secrets in her past but not one of those who make these claims have been willing to say so on the record and no such photos have yet to surface.

Bailey’s book, however, does quote Palin’s husband as suggesting she likes to show off her body.

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18 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s dirty secrets”

  1. “Sarah Palin’s dirty secrets: Fake letters, silent marriage, nude photos”
    Isn’t that headline misleading, since there don’t seem to BE any nude photos? As much as I dislike Sarah Palin’s political views and personality, as horrified as I am that anyone would consider her a role model or potential leader of our country, I don’t think it is fair to imply that nude photos are one of her “dirty secrets” when no such photos have turned up anywhere. Tod’s glee over the possibility is not evidence they exist, but rather evidence that he harbors a lot of resentment towards his wife.

    • All true, and while we are at it, would you agree,
      she is dead skin as we scratch the body politic ?

      Mom said, the dust mites need to eat too.

  2. This really does top it all and make Palin a punchline. The public is finally coming around to seeing the true Sarah Palin. Instead of smiling and nodding while talking about murders and national tragedies, she should have shown some humility. I was compelled to create a visual commentary of her political rhetoric and its effects on my artist’s blog at Drop by and let me know what you think.

  3. Compassion? Tell that to the thousands dead and maimed by his continued wars in the ME. Tell that to Main Street’s Joe Six-pack who get thrown out in the street while bankers steal his kin’s taxes before they are born. Tell that to the thousands he has summarily ordered assassinated via Predator drone. Tell that to the thousands he has tortured in secret prisons the world over. Compassion? Puh-leeze.

  4. I would have to be an idiot to believe the stupid sh*# in this manuscript of rehashed bogus claims against. Any clear thinking human being can watch Todd and Sarah when they are together and see how deeply in love they are.
    As far as the other claims by Bailey they are obviously baseless.
    Its pretty sad that the left has to spend every waking moment searching for a way to destroy somebody’s life for such a petty reason as they don’t like your outlook on life.
    Don’t you all think you would have found the dirt your looking for after three years of every lowlife wanna be ivestigative journalist in the country trying to find something, anything they can slander Sarah with, that if they would have found it?
    It’s not there, Duh.
    And whats even funnier is the more you all try to slander her with the
    lies you make up the more people like Sarah.

  5. Sally–good post. I am a long time Republican but cannot justify the blind loyalty that Sarah Palin gets when it is so obvious that she twists facts, has a marriage in name only, and that Palin is more interested in gaining celebrity status and getting rich than doing anything for the good of the country. Alaskans have been screaming as loud as they can about how unqualified for political office Palin was and that when you see favorable comments about her accomplishments, they were written by either the Palins or her own staff. It is hard to believe that Republicans can believe that spending four hours shaking the hands of the people in Haiti who has no idea as to who she was and saying that these poor starving people had absolute joy on faces–this counts as foreign country experience. It is hard to imagine that a woman who sees herself as a powerful person can watch her husband have affairs and believe that this is is right and that she should ignore it. It is hard to believe that Bristol can become a finalist on dancing with the stars because of rigged voting and Sarah’s fans can still believe that she is qualified for political ofice because she didn’t have an abortion. Why have the Republicans set their standards so low that they will not look any further than a candidate who quit an elected office mid-term; a candidate who refuses to answer any questions when she gives speeches; a candidate who seems more interested in bendable straws and keeping her speaking fees confidential than staying at home with her dysfunctional family or improving her knowledge. Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, it is time for the Republicans and Tea Party members to start looking for the most qualified candidate in 2012 rather than choosing the one who makes the most noise.

  6. Take a good look at what the Republcan party has become. Last chance. It will change to something even worse in a very short time.

  7. The GOP faithful won’t care what’s in the book, and if nude photos surfaced, they would eat it up…they are a bunch of hypocrites. They supported cheater McCain for President; they currently are looking at thrice married and cheater Newt as a viable conservative candidate, yet this is the party of ‘family values’ and ‘transparency’ and the Bible. No wonder the world laughs at us…this party preaches at the rest of us, while they are worshiping the almighty dollar and running around abusing women and partying with the Kochs. If we elect these dirtbags again, we deserve whatever atrocities they are planning to get rid of the middle class forever. As far as Palin, they don’t care that she lies, that she’s mean and vindictive, and that she is a terrible mother. They are proud of her for ‘taking on’ the President…no matter that what she says is based on nothing. They like that she’s attractive, as if that indicates she is smart. They don’t care that she is now a millionaire because of her deceptions. They do not care about this country, or she would have gone away long ago. Fox has made the US so afraid of a black President with compassion and intelligence that they will embrace this poser. Sad.

    • very well said. i would applaud your words, but the content of what you are saying is tragic. tragic because it’s all too true.

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