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Thursday, June 13, 2024

California Republicans zero in on public pensions


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California Republicans, who could hold hostage a state budget proposed by its new Democratic governor, are drafting demands for supporting it, including the controversial issue of public pension reform.

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6 thoughts on “California Republicans zero in on public pensions”

  1. I don’t see how California is going to be able to cover their debt. Maybe they’ll issue more scrip? Illinois is probably going that route as well. How long can Illinois expect their businesses to shoulder their shortfall by not getting paid?

  2. Republican politicians need to go home and spend more time to get to know their children and their wives rather than try to destroy everyone else’s family wih Joblessness, Racism, Greed, Poverty and a TOTAL lack of personal Integrity and Political ‘Honor’. As a GROUP, the GOP crowd needs to read
    ‘Cicero’ as a first step in restoring it for hemselves individually and fo his nation’s political future!

    • “…, the GOP crowd needs to read ‘Cicero’ as a first step in restoring it for themselves individually and for this nation’s political future!” …extract from post

      You are correct Joseph Conrad. Unfortunately I doubt many if not most Republicans have ever heard of Cicero except as possibly referring to a location in NY state or the name of a local pizzeria. / : |


      “According to the law of nature it is only fair that no one should become richer through damages and injuries suffered by another”… Marcus Tullius Cicero 106-43 BCE Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist, and Roman constitutionalist.


      Carl Nemo **==

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