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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Treasury: cut non-tariff barriers in Asia trade pact


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Treasury Department wants a proposed pan-Asian free trade pact to reduce non-tariff barriers that prevent many small businesses from participating in global trade, a senior U.S. Treasury official said on Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “Treasury: cut non-tariff barriers in Asia trade pact”

  1. If it fits I’m sad to say.

    Dated ourselves a bit there my friend, Har..

    Seems I remember him striking the podium with it too, but that was long ago and the mind is one tricky apparatus..

  2. The ironic part in all of this is as Khrushchev was speaking he was brandishing his shoe in the air no less.
    We should just swallow our pride and start making cheap crap here. We buy it from them, why not go home grown and keep it in the family ?
    I’ll wager that with our innovative spirit we could out crap them in no time. Hack..

    • Damn Bryan, I forgot Nikita was brandishing his ‘shoe’.

      That was his “Queen of Diamonds” trigger to their compromised ‘Manchurian capitalists’ in the West to finish us off with ill-fitting shoes…no? : ))

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. This article is enough to make me want to retch over the rail!.

    Our criminally disposed U.S. Treasury wants “blue sky pirate capitalism” to expand even moreso as expressed through their euphemism concerning “free trade” with a bunch of third world ‘basket and pottery” makers; i.e, more “cheap labor” markets to exploit at the expense of U.S. workers.

    Several years ago I bought a pair Reebok athletic shoes, black leather, oil-resistant soles. In old fashioned U.S. based shoe industry sizes I wear a 9D. That pair was made in China. I had to to go for a 9 extra wide to fit properly although I do not have a wide foot. If I like a particular shoe, in this case in black leather, I stick with the design. So finding the same style Reebok I immediately grabbed the 9 extra wide from the box and it wouldn’t fit, my big toe curled against the end of the shoe…ouch! I looked inside to verify the sizing and lo and behold instead of being made in China it was made in Vietnam…!? It rather made me feel queazy to say the least because of flashbacks to that debacle in our nation’s history. I just sat there on the stool, staring into space thinking of the past for a bit. I almost walked out, but common sense told me I’ll either go barefoot when my current pair wears out or buy the Vietnamese manufactured pair. Btw, I wasn’t in Walmart, but in an upscale store making this purchase. Evidently the sizing jig or whatever they use to measure shoe sole sizes equates to a 10 extra wide using SE Asian manufacturing guidelines. I never had this problem with shoes manufactured in the U.S. or even Europe for that matter. Most Asians are little people so to them making even a shoe size 9 is like making shoes for Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. Another point. The shoes were priced at $59.95 with $10 off for the sale. The shoes were probably mass-produced using Vietnameses ‘slave labor’ paying them even less than a Chinaman. So our cunning, crafty, every-greedy businessmen are making a nominal 5-600% profit on each pair that probably cost $5 USD per pair to crank out. How many shoes can be shipped in a cargo container that typically costs about $1000 USD to ship from Asia to a West Coast port? I have a friend in the import/export ocean shipping business as was informed as to to how much it cost. During the boom, prior to the bust in 2008 it was even far cheaper. Ain’t “pirate capitalism” great…! / : |

    We need more “free trade” treaties like we need a hole in the head in these desperate times for our nation, but these cunning mattoids that run our government agencies, treaty negotiators et al. have a mission and that is to simply wipe us off the map in terms of our ability to support ourselves as a nation.

    I believe “Timmy Geithner” speaks fluent Mandarin. Bill and Hillary are sweethearts to the “Red Chinese” since Bill gave them a 20 year leap in nuclear weapons and delivery technology with accuracy equal to our missile defense systems. I’m beginning to think the commies have won via a soft business coup. I believe it was Nikita Kruschev that said we (the West) would fall like rotten fruit from the tree and seemingly he was right, the commies knowing that the West’s love for the almighty buck, euro, or shekel is far greater than their love for freedom.

    We’re not only doomed, but seemingly won’t be able to die with at least a comfortable pair of shoes on our feet…no? : (

    Carl Nemo **==

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