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Thursday, June 13, 2024

U.S. seen taking harder Libya line after evacuation


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States was preparing to evacuate Americans from Libya on Wednesday and a former U.S. diplomat said Washington would likely criticize the crackdown against protests more sharply once they are safe.

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5 thoughts on “U.S. seen taking harder Libya line after evacuation”

  1. Evidently Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t enough ‘action’ for our “action junkies’ sitting on the NSC (National Security Council) Besides Libya has oil, lotsa “sweet crude”…yum yum…! / : |

    I thought I’d supply a ‘reprint’ of an article I posted to the web in 2007 concerning Libya and our obsession with that country.


    Operation El Dorado Canyon…1986

    Reagan, the first of the the spendthrift NWO Republicans along with his scheming V.P. H.W. Bush, Mr. CIA, launched their first “war on terror” operation in 1986 against Libya. Libya was truly a “slam-dunk” op because the was the equivalent of the a 250 lb corner bully picking on a 75 pound girlscout. Yep they really showed ol’ Gaddafi, America’s, CIA sponsored gunboat diplomacy at it’s best.
    I thought I’d supply a fascinating link to “Third World Traveler” laying out eight years worth of Ronnie and H.W.’s nightmarish CIA sponsored meddling. Pappy Bush was the brains behind the operation while he made sure Ronnie had a steady supply of gourmet jelly-beans and keepin’ him worked up about our enemies everywhere and anywhere.

    H.W. Bush brought us Gulf War I while on his watch. The following link will demonstrate how Saddam was “green-lighted” into attacking Kuwait, then Pappy Bush cried “foul”…!

    George W. Bush brought “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to the American people and the world courtesy of the “cooked” intelligence via the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline. Recent hearings, IG investigations and disclosure via George Tenet and those associated with Colin Powell have affirmed this act of cooking the intelligence product. The players are still currently in office and “we the people” ’s elected reps have done nothing to rectify this situation by stopping our involvement in this war and summarily impeaching the players in this criminally inspired debacle.

    So Gadaffi although not a “good guy” per se was just one of many to end up in the “Evil Empire” ’s crosshairs. If I recall that’s what Reagan called the Soviet Union 20 years ago. They were the left-wing commie version and we are now the extreme right-wing NWO, corporatist, statist version of the same type of empire…no?! I guess world hegemony is an example of pendulum swinging to it’s extremes. It would be nice if the clock simply unwound and the pendulum stopped at the middle of it’s arc for several thousand years or so. The peoples of the world have had a bellyful of “ism’s” of any type and need a rest…!


    Carl Nemo **==

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