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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

U.S. to boost naval forces as China develops carrier: admiral


HONG KONG (Reuters) – The U.S. navy will continue to upgrade its military capabilities in the Pacific given its steadfast commitment to the region, a U.S. vice admiral said on Monday, while urging China’s growing navy to avoid provocation.

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2 thoughts on “U.S. to boost naval forces as China develops carrier: admiral”

  1. The number one “polluter” of CO2 is the US military. So get to work EPA and stop those emissions!

    All jokes aside, it does seem TPTB are going to provoke a war between the United States and a Sino-Russian alliance including China, North Korea, Iran, and the Russian Federation. This is the big one I’m worried about as I’ve heard they want a war so bloody and violent that it quenches man’s blood-thirst for at least a thousand years.

    God save us everyone,
    Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns,
    For the sins of our hand,
    The sins of our tongue,
    The sins of our father,
    The sins of our young ,
    God bless us everyone,
    We’re a broken people living under loaded gun,
    And it can’t be outfought,
    It can’t be outdone,
    It can’t be outmatched,
    It can’t be outrun,
    Lift me up…
    Let me go…
    -Linkin Park, “The Catalyst” from the album “A Thousand Suns”

  2. The good admiral seems to be p*ssing from the bow on this one. We can’t afford diddly squat in terms of spending more money for ships of war. Besides we’ve already got enough. The U.S. now has ten aircraft carriers in service. The USS KittyHawk was retired from service in 2008. China has none. China has developed an anti-carrier/ship missile the Dong Feng 21d. It also has nuclear capabilities to deliver a 300kt payload on a battle group which definitely destabilizes the presence of our carriers in the region. A lot of money is risked with one vessel regardless of its firepower. Besides we’ll have to borrow money from the Chinese to do so. Is everything ‘nuts’ or what in these seeming end times for humanity? / : |

    I do question the Chinese wasting their money on such an endeavor. It’s like all nation’s though as they move out of many centuries of poverty and deprivation their success is reflected in the height of their skyscrapers and the size of their military. Not too smart, but it seems to be a phenomena concerning the evolution of great powers to superpower status.

    They have more to fear from land wars initiated by their not so good buddies the Russians or even India to the south in time. All three have nuclear capabilities too. As far as any fear of the U.S. attacking them there’s no need, besides they already have MIRV’d ballistic missiles targeting every major city in the U.S. thanks to Bill Clinton (Mr. multi-polarity) and his “Chinagate” compromise of our nuclear weapons and delivery technology all for a few campaign bucks more.

    The U.S. just like the former Soviet Union is crumbling under its own weight of fiscal irresponsibility and profligacy concerning endless engineered wars and outlays for “killtoys” we don’t need or ever will. The MIC’s ravenous appetite for taxpayer dollars is never satisfied or ever will be until they’ve destroyed the host they’ve been parasitizing since the end of WWII, then it’s curtains for them too.

    Carl Nemo **==

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