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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Government shutdown threat looms over budget fight


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senior Senate Democrats slammed Republicans on Sunday for a “reckless” threat to shut down the government amid deepening political posturing on both sides over federal spending and the budget deficit.

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6 thoughts on “Government shutdown threat looms over budget fight”

  1. A shut down might mean something if they didn’t give everyone retroactive pay. That makes it a free vacation for government employees destroying any meaningful lesson that might have been learned.

    • It’s hard to figure how idling a couple million [civilian] worker bees for a few days can teach a meaningful lesson to the hive. Were they all making $100K per year (which they don’t) you could lay them all off for a full year and save only $200B, which is of course is only about 12% of next year’s budgeted deficit. How many of those workers are actually needed is another question, but at least a third in the most basic rendition of the current scheme of govt. Without a paycheck their free “vacation” quickly becomes just another unemployed mouth to feed via “compensation”. That lesson will only reinforce the notion that govt is a really, really good thing. Retroactive pay is the least of it, especially given the general lack of culpability for which the worker bees are responsible.

  2. DC shutting down would be a good thing for the Middle Class.
    Carl Nemo and Almandine both are spot on in their comments (as usual).
    Most on this board “know” what’s going on in the different sectors of American Life. Sadly, many Americans are still asleep.

    If these numbers are correct (and they have links) the Middle Class is in deep doodie. I don’t see a government shutdown as a “threat.” Quite the contrary actually.

  3. I’ve been thinking a many week shutdown of the governent is the very best thing that could happen to this nation. It will be interesting to see how many patriots we have, without any forthcoming “check in the mail” or via auto-deposit. Will they have the grit, the understanding necessary to understand the ‘tough’ decisions that our corrupt lawmakers must deal with on a day to day basis? Hmm, I wonder if these ‘decision makers’ get paid or not? Probably so, just as they collect their pensions in the slammer after having been convicted of crimes against “we the people”. They’re in a class by themselves…no?

    It just might be a wakeup for complacent citizens that think everything is well in government, the budget specifically. It will also give them a preview of coming attractions when it will shut down permanently due to its terminal, irresolvable insolvency. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • I think all it would do is make those who would cry the loudest at not getting their checks demand even more. And right now, damnit !

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