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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Democrats could lose public relations battle in Wisconsin

Supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker demonstrate during a rally outside the Wisconsin State Capitol on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011 in Madison. A few dozen police officers stood between supporters of GOP Gov. Scott Walker on the muddy east lawn of the Capitol and the much larger group of pro-labor demonstrators who surrounded them. The protest was peaceful as both sides exchanged chants of “Pass the bill! Pass the bill!” and “Kill the bill! Kill the bill!” (AP Photo/Wisconsin State Journal, Steve Apps)

Eventually, the stalemate in Wisconsin will end and Democrats in Wisconsin will have to face what could easily be a  public relations loss in the battle that brought thousands upon thousands of enthusiastic demonstrators to the state capital in Madison.

Even Democratic analysts say the tactic is hightailing it out of the state and hiding out in Illinois was a risky tactic at besdt.

“This is seen as an extreme action you can interpret in two ways,” Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told Reuters.

“Wither they are trying to unfairly deny the peoples vote in November or they feel that things are so inequitable that they have been forced to use these tactics. In doing so, Democrats might end up losing a giant public relations battle in addition to this legislative stand off.”

New GOP governor Scott Walker, one of the Tea Party faithful, kicked off the controversy by wanting to require state union workers to pay more for their benefits and also demanded other changes in contracts and negotiations.

The changes kicked off a national debate over whether or not state employees have it better than many other workers in these economically-stressed times.

Walker’s actions come at a time when public approval of unions is low in many polls.

In a touchy political environment, stalemating the government of a state over something with limited public approval could play right into Walker’s — and ultimately the GOP’s — grand plan to add more wins to their power past in 2012.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats could lose public relations battle in Wisconsin”

  1. The MSM in AMERICA is owned TOTALLY by Wealthy Old White Jewish Males with a sole objective being to perpetuate their WEALTH & CONTROL at the expense of ALL other Americans. This is a well-known fact oing back to their financing of the African Slave Trade in the then Dutch New Amsterdam.

    If American Democracy is to survive after 2011, it will be because Americans FOUGHT & WON the BATTLE AGAINST AMERICAN FASCISM mascarading as THE SO-CALLED ‘HITLERIAN’ REPUBLICAN PARTY. Take back America NOW or LOSE IT FOREVER to the Wealthiest 5,000 OLD WHITE MEN…

    • What!. This bruhaha is the white college educated middle class public worker versus the rest of the middle class. It has nothing to do with any ideology, rather it is individuals fighting over pay. This protest is masquerading as some greater social wrong but it is not. Public sector workers aren’t joisting with “robber baron” for a share of the profits or a safer workplace. The essence of this battle is political power to extort more from their neighbors, even if it means raising taxes to do so. There is no glory to bestow on this mess and no greater good motive.

  2. Check out Wisconsin State Representative Gordon Hintz and his speech about why people matter. Gone viral .
    Three minutes and they would have been out the back door.

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