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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Competing Wisconsin protests draw thousands


MADISON, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Supporters of legislation to reduce public employee union bargaining power and benefits in Wisconsin were far outnumbered by opponents on Saturday, as the two sides shouted competing slogans but did not clash.

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13 thoughts on “Competing Wisconsin protests draw thousands”

  1. Hey, they’re one giant exclusive jockstrap,
    and we’re not crazy enough to be that nuts.
    If caught funds deter penance for the maestro.
    Quorum -vs- Choir.
    We are much more easily gathered around tubes of forlorn,
    and know well the frequency..
    The odds on favorites go with the house.

    Crazy, defined.
    Think you can take this country, if our tubes are cold.

  2. They always leave out that Obama’s Organizing for America and the AFL-CIO have supported the opposing groups.

  3. Best not to watch Dick,
    step on his paranoia,
    whilst keeping close order drill,
    on ones own swinging triad.
    Eh Al ?

    • “Not turning about? Hide and watch”…extract from reply

      If I were into ‘hiding’ then I surely wouldn’t be posting on CHB. I’m sure myself, Doug Thompson, you Almandine and a host of other people on this site as well as RR are slated for the roundups if the balloon goes up.

      No one is hiding here my friend in thought…! : )

      Carl Nemo **==

      • “Hide and watch” is an old saying back home which merely means “stay tuned” in a more modern turn of the phrase. The point of course is that one might get fooled based on his assumptions.

    • I honestly believe the creation credit cards and easy credit among the populace created an environment for personal abuse of such with little thought given to paying back that which has been borrowed.

      In my early early years you had to put 10-25% down on a home and the same for household appliances. Credit cards were in their infancy and had not moved into the easy money abuse zone of today…period!

      In my parents and grandparents time you had to pay cash outright or put down a substantial amount to buy a car, refrigerator, range or whatever on credit. It forced people to risk some of their own capital to make a purchase therefore making them a stakeholder in the intial debt process forcing them think twice concerning default on the debt. You rarely heard of anyone declaring bankruptcy, the same for divorce. / : |

      The rest is history with CC abuse rampant along with personal bankruptcies, then on to corporations doing the same and now witnessing in these end times; states and the Federal government facing the same. In fact there’s a move to pass legislation in Congress that will allow the state’s to declare bankruptcy which they cannot do at present under any authorized legal process.

      I’ve watched youngsters as well as adults abuse credit. They “want” something, they swipe the card and leave the store with little thought that they aren’t using money to purchase the item, but simply incurred “debt”. The cost of the goods or service means nothing because the price is simply an abstraction with little linkage to the “sweat equity” it will take to pay back the debt incurred for the purchase. Instant gratification equates to a road to ruin as a function of unpayble debts. It’s simple as that and there’s no turning about.

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. The November elections in Wisconsin clearly showed the direction that folks wanted the government to go in. They have a huge deficit and taxes are not the answer. The state is broke. They need a balanced budget so go after the big cost – labor. Labor happens to be public service unions so it is either address the benefits or cut folks.

    Now Connecticut has taken a different approach with 1.5B in new taxes to address a 3.5B budget shortfall.

    • Increasing taxes so people keep jobs along with pruning future benefits to reasonable levels while the government simultaneously curbs spending and cuts superfluous programs is the answer with some balance being achieved. Everyone has to pitch in and sacrifice to save the ship of state, whether at the Federal, state, county or city level from sinking.

      It’s beyond me how Americans have sat on their duffs for the past 50 years watching first the Feds, then state and local government engage in deficit spending not realizing that it’s no different than if they run their CC balances through the roof with inadequate income to service such debt. Now the Fed has engaged in massive ‘counterfeiting’ to hopefully inflate their way out of the fix an impossible endeavor which only delays the imminent Armageddon facing our currency and the nation as a whole with sovereign default; ie., stiffing the bankers and citizens and relegating the U.S. to the status of a “banana republic’ ; ie, a pariah among responsible, solvent nations of which there aren’t many on the planet at this time.

      The last time the U.S. Government had a balanced budget with no deficit was during the Eisenhower administration in 1956-57. It’s claimed that Clinton did the same, but like everything else associated with ‘Slick Willy’ is that it was smoke and mirrors with his administrastion, taking money from other federal programs in the short term to make it appear there was a balance to a surplus. Check it out on Google for those that think I’m Clinton bashing.

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. The story is,
    how soon will it be that the corporate directed media takes the Governors side and turns against those seeking fairness and honest representation of their plight.

    Chapter two will be when the corporate union busting thugs roll into town and turn the peace upside down.

    Chapter three will be the Governors press conference lauding all the jobs created to clean up after the riots.

    Chapter four, in the aftermath, the death knell of blue collar America will be accompanied by the sound of high fives echoing down Wall street way.

    Chapter five, Addendum,
    a sovereign nations death in 100 words or less. BA-WOOSH..

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