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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Romney’s warning: Don’t trust a ‘changed’ Obama

Mitt Romney (AP)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says conservatives shouldn’t buy President Barack Obama’s change in tone.

Romney told a large meeting of conservatives Friday that Obama’s White House has tried to project an appearance of change and cooperation with Republicans. But he says Obama’s underlying liberalism remains and he’s still reliant on Chicago insiders and academics.

Romney, who also tried for the White House in 2008, is preparing for another run. In a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Romney called Obama weak on foreign policy and out of touch with the economy.

Romney says the world was rightly confused when Obama announced his plans for a withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Romney says “the cause of liberty” cannot withstand a second Obama term.

5 thoughts on “Romney’s warning: Don’t trust a ‘changed’ Obama”

  1. Woody’s warning: Don’t trust failed candidates that supported the War on Terror, the PATRIOT Act, TARP and “too big to fail” and come at you saying meaningless Newspeak catch phrases like “the cause of liberty.” Next thing you know he’ll be claiming they “hate us for our freedoms” so we’ll have to go through naked body scanners to go to the mall, attend high school football games, or cross state lines.

  2. Romney says “the cause of liberty” cannot withstand a second Obama term.

    I guess Massachusetts – under Romney – couldn’t stand individual health care liberty either.

  3. I venture Mitt can’t explain our nessesity in Afghanistan,
    or find his ass with both hands,
    anymore than Dubya can land in Switzerland.

    Alas, all our balls are in Spain.

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