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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

The 2012 Presidential circus is here


Let’s face it. The Twilight Zone has definitely taken over the 2012 Presidential circus.

And circus is a good way to describe the hilarious scramble by hapless Republicans who send out the usual suspects — along with a surprise or two — before the gaggle of right-wing dreamers at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (C-PAC).

It wasn’t enough of a circus with Sarah Palin. No, let’s bring in Donald Trump (“America…you’re fired) and then talk about he upstaged everyone, including Mitt Romney, Pon Paul and the rest of the three-ring circus.

Do we have this right? Mr. Combover himself thinks he can be President?  They would have to assign a secret service agent just to keep “The Donald’s” hair in place on windy days.

Trump babbled a lot — mostly about himself — but the one piece of truth that came out of his mouth was the statement that Ron Paul will never be President.

Paul won the C-PAC straw poll — of course — because that’s about the only thing that Ron Paul ever wins besides his Congressional seat.  But that won’t stop the Paulites from trumpeting everything the man says as gospel and screaming that this will be THE YEAR.

They all claimed the same crap four years ago, flooding my mailbox and comments section with predictions of a sweeping and surprising Paul victory.  Paul did raise a lot of money from personal donations but what he didn’t win were primaries and delegates.  Now some people are wondering where the money went.  It didn’t buy a lot of campaign-related stuff but the Pauls do live pretty well.

Sarah Palin? Enough said.

Haley Barbour? Larry the Cable Guy makes more sense.

Mitt Romney? Probably smart enough to be President which means he’s too smart for voters to seriously consider.

Welcome back our friends to the show that never ends.

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34 thoughts on “The 2012 Presidential circus is here”

  1. I want to add one more point to this silly fight that has developed here…..

    Most of the people I know do not read books on the current issues and would rather watch the media like Fox, MSNBC and CNN. They hit lightly on most subjects and never get into the cultural background that drives the stories. My TV is seldom on and if I hear of a subject that needs some attention, I will head to CSPAN and then to I get no news from the tea party or any of the television evangelicals. I get the information from the writers research. I know much more about Nixon, Reagan and certainly the Bush families,. I have been an addicted reader all my life and had my first TV in 1982. I do not understand your language and the reference to cartoons is from another planet. I gave up Reader Rant due to the strange sounds that come from the You tube music. My interests are based on politics and individual freedoms. I had hoped for years that CHB might attract others of this interest.

    I seriously regret that I ever got involved in politics but when I was a kid my grandfather was a politician and we worked on his elections for years. These are exciting times for political debate and I won’t live long enough for CHB to get out of the Romper Room attitude.

  2. I was raped at the age of 12. I did not get pregnant but what if I had? Yes, I went home one night at 8 pm instead of my grandmother’s home and my step father beat and raped me. This was long before Roe v Wade and I was not allowed to tell anyone of the aftack because “Christian girls do not get raped.”

    Yes, I believe CHB has turned into a group of uneducated, bigoted selfish fools. I do not come here everyday but when I read of the actions coming from the Dakotas about a ban on all abortions, I figured someone here might find this shocking. I was wrong again and again. If you want the federal government to run your personal lives, you have plenty of opportunities to vote Republican.

    My home state includes millions of working women; many of whom who are the full supporters of their family. Many have husbands who are insulted by the thought of tending to any of the children. This is the new American culture that many here seem to think makes them more manly. Women will look out for themselves and will not act like brainless brood mares.

    I am used to you and Carl and several others who are insulted every time I post anything. You seem to forget that we have new members when ever news breaks (or at least we use to) You guys run off anyone who dares to think as individuals. When I was the age of your wife, my friends had to fly to the south of France for abortions. Many drove to Mexico where a large number bled to death within the week. We want safe and clean abortions and no number of spoiled children calling themselves men will have anything to say in the matter.

    Maybe if you read more books on the social culture of America, you might learn something. The Greek women knew how to handle their men and in a play cslled Lysistrata, the women refused to have sex with their husbands until they grew up. Another great book out is called “Sex and War” which points out the spoils of war were often the women of the losers.

    You denegrate yourselves with your silly opinions about punishing women for having sex. Because you don’t care enough to learn about how terminally ill people are forced into living with great pain and cost; the idea of a dignified death isof no interest. Maybe if Disney made a film on the subject you guys might understand.

    The issues of individual freedoms must be addressed as political issues whether you like it or not.

  3. Woody, over the years. I have seen some really intelligent and eager members who, like myself, are looking for action groups to improve the rights of all Americans. Many here want to use raising an unwanted baby as punishment for doing wrong actions. I have never asked or demanded that the federal government pay for abortions. The Hyde Amendment cleared this up many years ago. To work against unwanted pregnancies cannot stop the procedures when too many ignorant men would rather use babies as punishment.

    The Schaivo case of forcing that poor women to live as a vegetable is a good example of another way to make people pay for their end of life choices. The social issues are the only agenda items to be found within the RNC. It forces the federal government to legislate our personal and private choices. When the Catholic church took over the legislation in Spain, France, Italy it turned the government into a gestapo where many citizens turned their own friends and family members over to the Inquisitions for punishment. I guess expecting any man to understand the horrors of the 1950’s when a rape caused many unwanted babies to be raised by women who were thrown out of their own homes for doing something bad.

    During President Clinton’s terms, many caring members began to discuss the hell of the Salem trials and even some old geezers like me began to think that this fabulous site could be a place to educate others. Instead the RR turned into a war arena hating everything action and talk that came out of the white house. The combination of Weyrich, Robertson and the evangelicals began the same actions we have seen in those early days of Europe during the crusades. Maybe if you had been around here during the time when Doug was gone and the forum was run by evangelicals, you might have understood the transformation that nearly destroyed CHB.

    As far as death with dignity goes, I can never understand anyone who never had io tend to a terminally ill person suffering with great pain and high medical expenses with no place to go for relief. We are going from state to state to make people aware of this tragedy that can hit more families than anyone can ever know.

    CHB is not the same place it was in the early years. There are still many of us who give a damn about others who suffer from intolerance, bigotry and racism. I know the solutions to the problems that many face. It is education, patience, a deep caring for other Americans and family pride that should stop homophobia, a different color skin and who speak a different language.

    The History channel had a couple of shows discussing the attempts of humans trying to survive when some were cro-mags and other neanderthals. It was like reading CHB. The solution is obvious but the intolerance will never be controlled so that we can survive as an acceptable culture.

    I have much more respect for Doug and CHB than you do. I have seen what the Huffington Post can do with the good writers and an agenda of accomplishments. I am patient and have located several great actions groups. That win in Montana was worth all the cost, time and money we put into it. The groups growing within the Gay Communities are growing in other states and even the political groups are beginning to see the advantage of treating gays as equals.

    You are right, and CHB is only a news rag with uneducated discussions.


    • Punishment for wrong actions? That’s a pretty twisted view. But then again, taking responsibility for one’s actions also means accepting the consequences of those actions. One of the consequences of having sex is the possibility of getting pregnant.

      And again, I don’t see where any one is trying to ban abortions. If you can point one out for us all, it would be greatly appreciated. One example, please.

      If you wish to pursue those endeavors, that is your right. But to come here every day and denigrate other people, out of the blue and off-topic, for not giving much of a shit about it or not wanting to join in your crusade is flat out disgusting, as is your presentation.

      By the way, when I was seventeen my sixteen-year-old girlfriend, who later became my wife, got pregnant. We scraped up the four hundred dollars and got an abortion. We took responsibility for our actions. Some years later we punished ourselves by having our only son. A precious blessing on our lives.

      So please Sandy, by all means, leave us uneducated, bigoted, racist, misogynist homophobes to our own devices, if we disgust you so much. For good, huh?

  4. Well Carl. I had hoped that the new restrictions against abortions might just trigger a response from CHB. I am an optimist when it comes to individual rights. Many other groups are demanding equal rights for all Americans. CHB has always been behind the times which has made it impossible to follow the trend. My Compassion and Choices just won a large victory on assisted suicide in Montana. It took a lot of work to get this done. Even after 14 plus years, there is still no action plans for CHB. You focus only on the negative posts which never accomplished anything.

    There are many organizations here in the California desert that are eager for workers to assist in freeing millions of Americans from selfish folks like you. You apparently watch too much television to ever think outside your own small box. You are exactly what I had feared for my own kids when they were growing up. I dumped the television and we spent their first 15 years talking about the advantages of individual rights. None of them waste their time on these silly forums.

    Doug sets the rules as he should. In my world he wastes time and money on constant complaining and ignoring any possible action for improvement. How far will American values have to fall before somebody wakes the hell up?


    • What restrictions are those Sandy? If you believe so strongly in individual rights and personal responsibility, why do you insist that tax dollars go toward paying for some one else’s bad judgement? That’s the argument. I haven’t seen any one at all propose to ban abortions. It’s about who pays for it.

      I am opposed to federal funding for abortions. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with forcing morality on any one. I could care less who aborts what. That’s a personal choice. But I refuse to pay for it.

      If some one wants the freedom to make bad decisions or be irresponsible, then they should damn well be free to pay for it themselves or purchase private insurance that would cover it.

      And I suppose your idea of American values is taxpayer funding for killing babies?

    • “There are many organizations here in the California desert that are eager for workers to assist in freeing millions of Americans from selfish folks like you.” …extract from post

      There you go again, categorizing me and others on this site by your seemingly skewed benchmark for activism.

      I also suggest you read this site’s mission statement as outlined under FAQ’s. Nowhere do I detect this news based forum as to be utilized for anyone’s specific political agenda. All we do is express our opionions and beg to differ at times in a civilized fashion.

      We’ve had only a few renegades over time that became distasteful in short order without listing their handles, but since you are in the limelight with this post of yours, you seem to be one of them.

      You keep raving about the progressive spirits with which you find kinship in southern California. I suggest you read the content of the supplied link above titled “Good Bye California …How the Progressives Ruined the State” by By Victor Davis Hansen, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, dtd 2-15-11

      Too much liberalism encourages parasitism on the host organism; ie., productive citizens and will eventually kill the host as well as the parasites.

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Honestly Sandy what does any of this have to do with the Presidential circus other than you are constantly distracted by hot-button issues that are used to divide us against each other?

      For instance, would people that believe strongly in individualism and self-reliance be impressed with an assisted suicide victory?

      No, how hard is it to kill yourself? Thousands of teens do it every year. Yeah, this is cold, but I have no sympathy for suicides. For me it’s an immoral waste, but I won’t try to stop you from doing it because it’s your life to waste any way you want. But if you aren’t willed enough to do it yourself then maybe you should consider continuing to live until you are sure and can do it yourself. They say half of jumpers regret it on the way down…

      CHB isn’t a think tank or political party so don’t look here for solutions. It is one of the only places where honest discussion of the real issues and news stories actually is allowed to take place. So discuss the stories and feel free to share ideas, but stay on topic. If you are looking to join a movement, you might try or another organizing site. CHB isn’t what you are looking for and isn’t trying to be anything but a news rag with some reader discussion.

  5. Fox News has been caught manipulating the CPAC announcement to portray Ron Paul in a more negative light. So is Ron Paul unelectable because he’s for the Constitution, or is it because those already in power won’t give him a fair chance?

    Fox News also did not invite Ron Paul to their debate in 2008 even though Ron Paul was the leading campaign via campaign donations at the time. They invited Fred Thompson instead. They also didn’t include his name in a poll earlier this week, although included Thune and Huntsman.

    • “So is Ron Paul unelectable because he’s for the Constitution, or is it because those already in power won’t give him a fair chance?” …extract from post

      That’s precisely the reason Woody. Do you think the shadowy oligarchs that are making a perennial killing via their MIC, oil and other big government related enterprises want a guy like Paul at the helm. Here’s a guy that’s talking about disassembling “Empire Americanus”. The answer is not only no, but hell no…!

      In politics there’s no such thing as fair and as I’ve outlined in my post above, Dr. Paul needs to hook up with a dynamic campaign strategist with a proven track record rather than fumbling around with amateurs. Ron Paul is spot-on concerning his message, but has no sound political “war plan” in place to win.

      Carl Nemo **==

  6. Yes, the circus has come to town. Jon Kyl, AZ, #2 in the Senate, just announced he won’t run again in 2012. That’s a serious shake-up in the AZ Republican party. We here in the desert will now put up with 1½ years of local Republicans shouting at each other and stabbing each other in the backs, in a desperate struggle for the nomination in the 2012 primary.

    Which is either 1½ years of total crap, or 1½ years of free publicity and opportunity, depending on how you look at it. In the Libertarian Party we look at it as opportunity. Right now I’m trying to line up a good LBT candidate who will take advantage of the 1½ years of free media coverage to comment on the Republican shenanigans. But, who in their right mind wants to put up with 1½ years of the BS? Thorny cactus.

    This circus has no ringmaster. It’s flying blind, all the time.

  7. I finally settled in Palm Desert and am getting caught up in the news in D.C. If anyone remembers my comments on the current GOP group who would without taking a single breath, mount the ultimate war against women. No more abortions, no more family planning and no insurance accepted for abortions no matter if the mother dies during delivery.

    I am not and have never been a brood mare at the mercy of any sperm delivery system and no member of the GOP will ever get my vote again. My old group of Californians for Choice has now gone national and I will support their actions above all other groups. I’ve known most of these gals for 40 plus years and will join them as a Democrat. Many of my old California pals from the old Conservative group are now proudly Democrats. The GOP is insulting to my American values.

    CHB has never focused on individual rights so I have no reason to ever return to this site.

    Sandy Price

    • “CHB has never focused on individual rights so I have no reason to ever return to this site.” …extract from post

      So why did you return today simply to post another of your snide remarks to the site? CHB forum participants for the most part have treated with far more dignity than you deserve at times. I’ve noticed you have the same M.O. on RR too.

      Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  8. Strange things happen on the way to the forum at times. I started to think, who’s Ron Paul’s campaign manager? Me thinking, possibly the problem is that his manager and the staff don’t have “the right stuff”. In the process I discovered that his campaign was managed by Kent Snyder up until mid 2008 who then succumbed to pneumonia at age 49.–Ron-Pa-by-Rob-Kall-080705-175.html

    Obama, the gifted ‘orator’ managed to surround himself with a bunch of zeolots managed by David Plouffe a professional political campaign strategist who had worked on other successful campaigns with David Axelrod. Upon reading Plouffe’s biography, I picked up on his key strategy for a initial momentum for Obama and that was by insuring a win in the Iowa caucus against Hillary Clinton rather focusing on further down the road “Super Tuesday” success. In addition: “Plouffe also maintained discipline over communications in the campaign, including controlling leaks and releasing information about the campaign on its terms. Averse to publicity himself, Plouffe’s control over the internal workings of the Obama campaign successfully avoided the publicly aired squabbles that frequently trouble other campaigns.” extract from Wiki

    On the other hand Dr. Paul enlisted the aid of Kent Snyder a “former staff member” who encouraged him to run again for President with Ron then tasking him to put out feelers and to proceed from there. Kent was an educated, introspective, sensitive person from what I both read and perceive from the supplied link interview.

    The reason I was pursuing this question of who ran a very successful campaign vs. an unsuccessful one regardless of the nomination factor or not was to determine what is the difference between a winner vs. a loser during the nomination process? Unfortunately Kent Snyder died of complications from pneumonia in the summer of 2008 which left candidate Paul somewhat flapping in the breeze prior to the upcoming elections. So he gets a pass concerning this misfortune.

    On the other hand David Plouffe in addition to being professional strategist seems to be one of those rare wunderkind within this genre’ of advertising.

    Listening to Kent Snyder’s interview led me to believe that this was great spirit motivated by lofty ideals in government as well within the domestic realm, but I didn’t detect any “fire in the belly” to win attitude. At times strategists can be too well-schooled concerning textbook principles of the discpline, but lack the spark of genius that seeks the necessary variation of such textbook strategies to win the day. I’ve supplied links concerning Ken Snyder both in life and the commemoration of his passing so folks can possibly detect of what I’m discussing.

    I then researched who was Ron Paul’s current or at least last election campaign manager. His name is Lew Moore. When I did further research about the man on Google all I found was a bunch of unhappy campers in terms of Paul supporters concerning Moore a nab with a rather unstellar background concerning his experience for such a campaign. There was no Wiki bio concerning his background and accomplishments either.

    My point is that winning has much to do with the subordinates with whom you surround yourself and their abilities not simply as good strategists, but as being superb to world class. Possibly this is the root cause for candidate Paul’s lack of success is not having a world class strategist to manage the campaign, the press, including voting irregularities if need be which seemingly Mr. Moore did not challenge in New Hamphire.

    I thought I’d supply an account of Ron Paul’s exclusion from an Iowa gathering of Republican candidates as relayed by Kent Snyder (deceased) campaign manager. The story surround the exclusion Ron Paul from a discussional sponsored by the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowans for Tax Relief as co-sponsors for a Republican candidates’ forum for June 30, 2007. The event featured Mitt Romney, Tommy Thompson, Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, and Tom Tancredo.

    What stunned me most about this inquiry is the passivity with which it was accepted no differently than the questionable vote count in New Hampshire under Lew Moore. To a good strategist this would have been the opportunity to cry foul bigtime along with Dr. Paul having the cajones to show up for the event even if a donnybrook had broken out which would have demonstrated to the American electorate that they are voting in a crooked casino with rigged political outcomes including ultimate candidate selection within the same party.

    The bottom line is that candidate Paul needs to spend the bucks and get a high order, alpha male campaign strategist with a set of cajones. To me the message from Dr. Paul is spot-on, but it’s the selling of this message to an advertising conscious America that will possibly get him elected. He has to be marketed as a palatable product which includes running mates, style of dress and how to loosen up when talking to the public and to “project” more efficiently.

    So my thoughts are that Ron Paul needs some coaching along with a top flight strategist who doesn’t take prisoners and then, just then, he might pull off victory from the seeming jaws of serial defeat.

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. CWHI ,
    Eve, I’m not quite sure your grouping is a winner.
    Are we, the EHNW’s on the outside looking in ?

    Horkheimer should have been telling us to look around I confess,
    but looking up is the real test.
    Just have to smokem out… tengard

  10. As I recall, the current WH idiot in chief promised just such a thing.

    All politicians have promised many things but being the politicians, have never delivered on their promises. Neither have “the people” kept up their end of the bargain and seen to it that they’ve kept the promises they made to “the people.”

    When you can lie without consequences, why stop lying?

  11. I’m voting for Slinky and Waldo, because when I hit the bottom step,
    I’ll have had lots of fun, while knowing the game is rigged.

    P.s. Ron does sound like the starter on a slant six Dodge,
    but at least he’s half right.

      • Pop bought a brand new,
        64 – slant 6, 4door – rubber floor – 3 on the tree Dodge, w/o posi. My brother and I were hoping for a SS something GM..

        She once did 110 for over 5 miles,( his name is Michael ) and started in cold Iowa winters without fail.
        Pop was one proud cookie and never bowed when uncle Mac pulled up on his annual visit with Aunt Luva in a Chrysler 300 with a cross ram dual 4bbl – 392 black and chrome electric windowed sled.
        He was just happy to see his brother. llamraf..

  12. While the guy’s got moxie, I don’t see Ventura as being anywhere near mainstream enough to be seriously electable.

    • I was thinking of Ventura being his V.P. selection Almandine, not the front runner. Ventura was once the governor of Minnesota and that should stand for something in terms of his experience with government, both the up and downside. I’d surely vote for this pair than any of the establishment clowns proferred by the Republican or Democratic parties.

      Carl Nemo **==

  13. Woody, do you think that Ron Paul being associated with the Republicans is to his detriment? I realize he’s run as an Independent in the past; but its this foul party association along with the influential MSM, both controlled by the same shadowy corporatist oligarchs that will insure Paul never gets the nomination. I’m sure they’ll push Jeb Bush down our collective throats as the prospective nominee for 2012. I’m hoping for an asteroid incoming as opposed to anymore Bushistas in office.

    If Paul kicked his party affiliation at the right moment and teamed up with an outpspoken personality such as Jesse Ventura; ie., if he would be interested in such an association then they just might have a chance at getting on the ballot nationwide. Ventura is definitely a fighter and not one to hold his tongue concerning the criminality we must suffer from those in high places.

    Congressman Paul’s problem is his rather weak, croaky speaking voice. His ideas on many of the issues that plague this nation are spot-on, but he just doesn’t have the ability to instill “fire in the belly” enthusiasm among the non-believers. Many if not most Americans are still running around with buckets on their heads not realizing the depth to which they are being screwed over daily by our crimpols in Congress and the White House. Maybe not people that frequent CHB and other savvy web based watering holes for shared ideas; but the average John and Mary Q. Citizen who’s eyes glaze over when you move into political discussions of any complexity. I know so first hand.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • The Republicans used to stand for much of what Paul stands for. As he pointed out in one of the 2008 debates, maybe the rest of the Republicans are in the wrong party. I would agree with that.

      Running as a Republican was a calculated risk. He wouldn’t have gotten the exposure he did had he run on an independent ticket. He, as well as most of his supporters, knew full well that the Establishment would cut him off at some point. They did.

      But the ideas got out. and they took hold.

      The weaknesses you point out can not be argued. As for the fire-in-the-belly? Look what Obama’s fire-in-the-belly did for us. Nothing. It was all bullshit. I get fired up not over pablum and platitudes, slogans and slander, but truth and honesty, sincerity and values, intelligence and ideals.

      Most people do glaze over because they need every thing simplified. The problems we face are not simple, nor are the solutions. They won’t be solved over night or even in a single term.

      But we need to start changing direction. We need to start changing the dialog. We need to start looking at these policies from a different angle. An angle, by the way, that this country was founded on not very long ago.

      A Republic, if we can keep it. It’s right in the name. Republican. The rest are in the wrong party.

      It’s too bad more Americans don’t go for substance over style. We might not be in the mess we’re in right now.

      So Paul will trudge along, against all odds, as he’s done for over thirty years. Not because he really wants to, but because he must. And those that believe in these same things will continue to trudge along as well. Because we must.

      • Well put Griff , by loosely placing a label on the obvious, the crack becomes a chasm between weakness and power thus threatening to engulf that which it was designed to protect.

        I would venture we are already barf, soon to be hurl.
        This was about the time I’ll bet the founders decided to give it a whirl.
        All caution to the wind,
        from this we nay bend,
        a republic it shall be in the end….spinrut

    • Carl, I don’t always agree with Paul’s strategy. I wished he would have broken off and gone Independent, but he has said he’s a Republican and he will stay a Republican so I can respect that. He’s no (Benedict) Arlen Specter. 😀

      I’m angry they put Trump on stage and he goes and attacks Ron Paul. What’s the point of that? Start discrediting Ron Paul early?

      We could point out “The Don” has had to declare bankruptcy three times. We could point out “The Don” has never held an elected position. We could point out “The Don” is on his third wife. What’s conservative about Donald Trump? Why was he given the stage other than he is popular with that crowd and he would attack Ron Paul?

      I get angry that people now let Romney stand in front of them and claim he will protect the Constitution, when every chance he’s had to actually do so he’s failed and spectacularly so. It was pointed out the only difference between ObamaCare and RomneyCare is that RomneyCare wasn’t national in scope. So giving this guy second place by so called conservatives is a joke because the same people will cry out that we need to repeal ObamaCare.

      Even Doug seems to like Romney best. Don’t people remember what Romney stood for last election? What’s wrong with folks long term memory?

  14. Ron Paul also received the most donations from current military personnel, those people sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. As if the media didn’t have anything to do with Ron Paul not having a chance.

    Turns out Ron Paul was right about the collapse, while Giuliani, Romney, and McCain all laughed and said it wasn’t going to happen. Turns out Ron Paul was right about Iraq and Afghanistan, while the others all supported never ending wars abroad. Turns out Ron Paul was right about the PATRIOT Act, while the others all supported giving up freedoms if it meant security, which we know we aren’t any more secure.

    Maybe Ron Paul can’t win. But that means we are certain to continue down the same path to destruction.

  15. Just witnessing Trump’s histrionics via the supplied photo along with your collective indictment of these a*sclown wananabe’s depresses me.

    Maybe a novel idea would be to disengage from commentary on this upcoming ritual in “select a pol’ to putting it totally on ignore.

    In the mind’s eye they all blend together into a very unpalatable “political mush”.

    Seemingly our societal engineers have managed to render politics into the zone of banality. We’re doomed unless we should have the fortune of an “El Cid” arriving on the scene with a committment to drive globalist shills from Congress. Presidential candidates are a mere distraction while the aforementioned one’s rob the castle’s keep.

    We’ve become an “Idiocracy” for sure. : (

    Carl Nemo **==

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