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Friday, July 19, 2024

Where’s my dead elephant?


A Polish hunter who dreamt of shooting an elephant has sued a German-based travel company after it sent him to a part of Africa where he said there were no elephants to be found, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The company, Jaworski Jagdreisen, which organises hunting expeditions, insists there are elephants in the area of Zimbabwe it sent the hunter, identified only as Waldemar I, the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper said.

“From what I know, (the hunter) should have seen elephant excrement there,” it quoted the company owner as saying.

Even though the company organised a second trip for the luckless hunter during which he managed to kill a male elephant, the man still filed for damages worth $130,000 over his first expedition.

A court is due to rule on his claim on February 15, the paper said.

2 thoughts on “Where’s my dead elephant?”

  1. Was he paying for a hunting expedition, or a “setup slaughter”? Hunting is a sport: Sometimes you don’t see anything. Sometimes the animal you are hunting even wins! (Especially Cape Buffalo.)

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