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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Cops probe link between Loughner, white supremacists

Jared Loughner

An official familiar with the Arizona shooting investigation said Sunday that local authorities are looking at a possible connection between accused gunman Jared Loughner and an online group known for white supremacist, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation, said local authorities were examining the American Renaissance website for possible motives for Saturday’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz.

American Renaissance is connected to the white supremacist New Century Foundation, according to an analysis by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based group that tracks hate crimes. New Century Foundation founder Jared Taylor has called racial, ethnic and religious diversity “one of the most divisive forces on the planet,” according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Taylor on Sunday denied any connection to the accused gunman. “No one by the name of Loughner has ever been a subscriber to American Renaissance or has ever registered for an American Renaissance conference,” Taylor wrote on the website.

“American Renaissance condemns violence in the strongest possible terms,” Taylor wrote.

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11 thoughts on “Cops probe link between Loughner, white supremacists”

  1. Peeps…confidantes…hanger-on..flacks ….BFF…..beholding to one…..supporters….fellow travelers….on and on. Common term among gossip columnist.

  2. Woody188, very good question.
    There is a definite agenda at work here.

    Every sitcom on TV has the white male as an idiot-loser who is a wimp when it comes to being a man.

    Who writes these sitcoms?
    Who produces these sitcoms?
    Who owns the television stations which air these sitcoms?
    Lastly, why do American men pay money for this trash to be shown in their home?

    Answer these questions and the world begins to appear in a different light (if you’re a white male).

    I doubt highly this nutjob is/was affiliated with any white supremacist organization, and the media can make you believe he was even if he wasn’t.

    • Talking about media with an agenda, I’m thinking everyone would enjoy film clips for the movie “Network” a 1976 production, screenplay by Paddy Chavesky.

      Folks need to get into their heads that programming, advertising and everything to do with the “media” is presented with an underlying plan for us in mind.

      We need to quit kvetching about this and realize it’s here…it’s NOW!


      Kill your television…!


      Carl Nemo **==

      • “Blow up yer tv,
        Throw away yer paper,
        Go into the country,
        Build you a home.

        Plant a little garden,
        Grow a lotta peaches,
        An’ try an’ find Jesus,
        On yer own.”

        John Prine

  3. Making up dots for connective purposes,
    Anyone smell a Rupert technique wafting from the Renaissance outhouse ?

  4. After Dupnick jumped the gun and ran his gums when this first happened he and his peeps are probably looking for some type of face saving connection. Loughner was a whack job who was so far out he was on his way back in.

  5. All I can say is Loughner looks as nutty as a sh*t house rat in the photo; ie., the Charlie Manson look…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. This article was run January 9th, days after the shooting and I thought was dismissed for lack of evidence?

    Why is the AP trying to turn this into a hate/racial/antisemitism crime?

    • Same reason as for Tim McVeigh, et al. Got to find that terrorist link to promote the police state. ZEIG HEIL !

      • I knew a few skinheads in North Idaho, they had many similarities to this crazy boy.

        Funny thing, they were known as neo-nazis and they actually used the sieg heil salute.

        Now I learn from Woody and Al that the AP has been taken over by the neo-nazis, and they are looking for links between themselves and Loughner?

        Incredible job, AP, of journalistic integrity and objectivity! A hearty Sieg Heil coming your way!

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