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Monday, January 30, 2023

Jeb says he’d run on Bush legacy


If Jeb Bush were to run for president, he says he would be ‘proud” to run on his family name.

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Read the rest of the story from Politico.

6 thoughts on “Jeb says he’d run on Bush legacy”

  1. Damn! And Papa said George was the dumb one! I guess there’s still enough boot-licking “conservatives” kicking around that are stupid enough to support another Bushie at the helm of the Empire.

    Of course, nowadays it really doesn’t matter who’s at the helm. String dancers, one and all.

  2. Weirder than you think we thunk.
    Lets imagine Our divides of instantaneous worship were to collide with festering intolerance ?.
    One nor many, what will it be we ask,
    did you bring any ?

    How about the hall, excuse me,
    Haul is closed, hush the bank they be a robbbin..

  3. This doesn’t surprise me. Obama & Co. are so bad, that they’ll use his four years of inept fumbling as a comparative attaboy reco for H.W., G.W. Bush and kin making for a ‘triple’ to the White House. So it seems that ol’ H.W. Bush, ‘Mr. CIA’ has established a ‘Bush Dynasty’. Between a Diebold override and a compromised Supreme Court, it’ll no doubt be a slamdunk for ‘Jebbie’…no? Yikes…! / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Once told, most want to be royals look for diversion outwardly,
    skipping the mug mirrored coiffed hairdo of excess and it’s perverse privileged thinking, that, style is what you make it,
    push on,
    if in name only, Arrghhh !

    What can be said of this names history,
    but dark and bellicose ?

  5. The family name being what,
    inbred war criminals ?
    Half ass half asses ?
    Puppet boys ?
    Sock puppet dicktaters ?
    Cheney’s dog, rexalot ?
    Bohemian queens grove tenders ?

    Note to Jeb, you have to get permission from
    momma Grizzzzzz..Sorry..

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