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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Someone tried to do in Kucinich with an olive pit (they missed)


Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio is suing a congressional cafeteria for dental damage he says he suffered after biting into an olive pit in a sandwich wrap he bought there.

Kucinich’s attorney, Andrew Young, declined to comment Wednesday on the lawsuit seeking $150,000 in damages from companies involved with the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria. A spokesman in Kucinich’s congressional office also declined to comment.

The civil suit filed earlier this month in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia said the wrap “contained dangerous substances, namely an olive pit,” that a consumer would not reasonably expect to find in the product served. The suit said that Kucinich suffered “serious and permanent” dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures.

Kucinich’s lawsuit said the Ohio Democrat bought the sandwich on or about April 17, 2008. He is seeking damages for “past and future medical and dental expenses, compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment and other damages.”

The liberal congressman made an unsuccessful bid for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Two of the companies named in the suit, Compass Group USA Inc. and Performance Food Group Co., declined comment through spokespersons.

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2 thoughts on “Someone tried to do in Kucinich with an olive pit (they missed)”

  1. All I got was high colesterol. This is the pits! Maybe it was the space aliens.
    Why is there a congressional cafeteria anyway or a gym or a whole lot of things? If these leeches took longer for lunch because they had to go out then maybe they wouldn’t have as much time to damage the republic

  2. His seat is one they are looking at removing due to the last census and Kasich re-districting Ohio. Think maybe he is worried about losing his trophy wife when he loses his job?

    The magic 8-ball says, “All signs point to yes.”

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