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Sunday, June 23, 2024

The State of The Union response exresss: Who’s next?

Michele Bachma: Anyoe got a lihgt>

Time was when the President of the United States delivered the State of the Union Address, and people cheered or jeered — dependent on their political persusasion then everybody went out and g0t drunk.

Now everyone from the party boss to the janitor gets face time on the tube to pontificate on the state of affairs in the nation.

Barack Obama, of course, delivers the State of the Union next Tuesday. That’s part of his job as the top boss.  The Republican Party gets its change to and down its view on the state of things in the official GOP response, delivered this year by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, new chairman of the House Budget Committee.

But wait. This year there’s a new player in the halls of power.  Re. Michele Bachmann, the mouth that roared ad designated shouter thisyear for the boom box majority,, will broadcast the the “official response” Tea Party Express.

No word yet on whether or no Joe the Plumber will deliver next year’s response for the butt crack maktet.

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5 thoughts on “The State of The Union response exresss: Who’s next?”

  1. That’s some sweet Photoshop work in the photo. It’s almost like they tried…

    Hope I remember to watch the address. It’s become such a charade of feel good partisan standing and cheering and there isn’t much substance in the actual speech. I’ll probably DVR it and fast-forward the standing ovations. It’s not like they are earned.

    We’ll hear some more about how well it’s going in Afghanistan and how victory is just around the corner if we have the will to tough it out. Or how we need to tone the rhetoric in our political debate or else there will be more violence. Bet they even claim the economy is picking up and job growth is also just around the corner while at the same time claiming we’ll need to pay more taxes for austerity or risk a downgrade on treasury credit. And I’m sure they will tout how housing is supposedly picking up, and how they saved that using tax credits and reduced rates for banks.

    ❗ Don’t you believe them! ❗

  2. I am gald that Michelle Bachmann will give her own response, nuch like Barack Obama did when George Bush was President. By the way, Brack was not the official DEM to provide a response. Barack did his very own, outside of the Democrat Party.

    Funny how things come back around doesn;t it?

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