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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Olbermann: Violence has no place in a Democracy


MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, commenting on the tragic shooting in Arizona that took the life of a federal judge, a nine-year-old girl and four others and left a Congressman gravely wounded, says violence has no place in our society.

He’s right and this commentary of his says it best.

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5 thoughts on “Olbermann: Violence has no place in a Democracy”

  1. Yes this is George Orwell think speak. Where is the outrage when you spoke of Bush’s userping of the Constitution? It left the msnbc show when Barry Omama and the fist bumping wife came to Washington. Lets see, ok its ok if my President has unitary power, but not yours! Where is the real outrage Mr. Olbermann? Did you piss your pants when the Zionist masters gave you your marching orders? I used to respect you, however I now consider you a fish-monger.

  2. Yes, indeed, Keith Olbermann was correct and apologetic for his slurs on others. Even I apologized somewhere on CHB for my comments about President Bush 43. I have lived in Arizona since 2000 and have been shocked at the ignorance of the people who live around me. I did a move to Sun City and it took me 8 years to realize I am a social liberal and must go back to California., I have no interest in voting for anyone running in D.C. I’ve written in names since I took a good look at Bush 41.

    I do not get my candidate’s agenda from the Internet or the newspapers and tend to read their own words. Palin’s books scared the itshay out of me.


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