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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Quesion of the day: What killed all the birds?


At some point, someone in Beebe, Arkansas, had to look around at all the carcases laying on the ground and ask:

“Where he hell did all these dead birds come from?”

Thousands — and we do mean thousands — red-winged blackbirds fell dead from the sky over this central Arkansas town.

It took up to 15 city workers cleaning from Friday to Sunday to pick up the last of he dead birds that fell over a one miles area of Beebe and the U.S. Environmental Services said no other dead birds have been found.

Mike Robertson, Beebe’s mayor, says the experts say they don’t think disease or poisoning was involved because the incident was “so isolated”

“That pretty much rules out an illness or poisoning,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “Quesion of the day: What killed all the birds?”

  1. Maybe they got sucker into that turbine on the Cessna Citation that the governor of Mississippi is using?

    I know one thing and that is our yard looks like the casting call for a remake of “The Birds.” My wife has countless bird feeders that attract all sorts of creatures such as the swarms of rats with bushy tails (Squirrels)who just hang around. This is avian food stamps with squirrels tossed in. Then her cats look to the feeders like the drive thru at McDonald’s.

  2. When I lived in Cambria (near the Hearst Castle) and drove to work in Morro Bay and back again, there were certain times when the blackbirds and red wing black birds would be in a frenzy of breeding. They dive bomb and hit Highway One at full fall. Many of us had windscreen damage but those birds seems to be blind with passion. When the sun went down, the coyotes and mountain lions would clean up the mess. I was there for over twenty years and it happened over and over.


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