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Friday, January 27, 2023

Hey! Guess what? Water is cold in winter

The polar bear rush is on to Coney Island in New York (AP Photo from last year)

The brave — or not so brave — souls whose idea of fun is a dip in the icy Atlantic on the first day of the New Year hit the water today for the annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim in a race to Coney Island in New York.

Those who engage in the practice claim it is healthy. Others aren’t so sure.

“”I don’t know of any definitive medical studies that have been done to measure the health benefits of cold-water swimming,” Dr. Alan Steinman, an expert on hypothermia, told MSNBC.

A lot of people who aren’t experts could have told you that.

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1 thought on “Hey! Guess what? Water is cold in winter”

  1. I took my car in for service on Thursday and hit a snow storm coming home. This is in the NW area of Phoenix and was the first time I drove in it! I’m damn glad I’m moving to Palm Spring in the end of January. Swim in this icy crap? Absolurely not! I will never drive in it again. This morning my entire front yard is covered in white stuff known as I C E….. Global Warming my arse!!!


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