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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Obama still vague on Gitmo’s future


Basking in a series of end-of-the-year victories, President Barack Obama is showing no interest in discussing one of his biggest unmet promises: the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Obama: Still no answers on Gitmo (AP)

The White House has acknowledged it is working on an executive order that would set up a legal process for detainees who are being held there indefinitely.

It was a tacit acknowledgment that the U.S. naval prison in Cuba will be open for the foreseeable future. Though many in his liberal base adamantly oppose indefinite detention, Obama said Wednesday that his team is trying to figure out what to do with people who can’t be prosecuted but are too dangerous to be released.

They can’t be prosecuted sometimes because the evidence against them came from harsh interrogation.

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2 thoughts on “Obama still vague on Gitmo’s future”

  1. Damn that’s rich! The Omnipotent One, savior of the universe, defender of freedom, this puke-inducing Populist Pied Piper, is working on yet another executive order (the very use of such he campaigned heavily against) to follow up on the one he issued almost two years ago which, if we all remember, was supposed to close Gitmo down in a year’s time.

    What was his campaign theme song again? Send In The Clowns?

    But now that I’m reminded, let’s take a look at how many executive orders Mr. I Would Never Use Executive Orders to Circumvent the Political Process has issued…76 to date.

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