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Friday, March 1, 2024

Palin’s popularity plumments

Sarah Palin: Oh well, there's always Playboy

Sarah Palin’s once-vaunted popularity with Republicans has fallen 18 percent in recent weeks and he one-time tea party centerfold has become so unpopular in her home state that she couldn’t even deliver the annointed tea party candidate against a write-in candidate.

Palin’s once-large crowds have dwindled, he book signings draw handfuls, not crowds and Republicans admit privately that they need a new sexpot to spice up interest in the party.

A new CNN/Opinion Research Poll says:

In the battle for the GOP presidential nomination, the survey suggests Palin may have some work to do if she throws her hat in the ring. Only 49 percent of Republicans say that they are likely to support Sen. John McCain‘s running mate in 2008 for the Republican nomination in 2012.

“That’s a huge 18-point drop since December of 2008, when two-thirds of GOPers said they were likely to support Palin. It also puts her well behind potential rivals Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, and a bit behind Newt Gingrich as well,” adds Holland.

Even worse, polls in Alaska, polls show more and more residents there are fed i[ with the former vice-presidential running mate of John McCain and just want her to shut up.

Palin’s reality TV show is sinking in the ratings and her publisher’s warehouse is overflowing with unsold copies of her latest book.

Palin’s fall from grace could also mean trouble for the ragtag tea party whose newly-elected candidates continue to fumble their way around Washington.

“Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight,” one lone time Washington watcher tells Capitol Hill Blue. “Some of these clowns still can’t find their offices.”

Some predict the crop of tea party winners who invade Capitol Hill for the new session that begins next month will be the more embarassing crop of newcomers to hit town since the flood of GOP winners that came to town with Ronald Reagan’s election sweep over Jimmy Carter in 1980.

About half lasted only one term.

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13 thoughts on “Palin’s popularity plumments”

  1. The old Gray mare,
    she ain’t what she used to be,,,, all together now.

    She’s a political cloud of gnats, invented by lame wordsmiths,
    who will as eagerly send her spiraling down as the water in my hopper.

    Pop said, wary be ye,
    towards all manner of folks,
    speaken Godly from their cloaks ……………..sleeve.

  2. I currently live in a certified bible belt of strong Republicans. I can see the appeal for Governor Palin that rests on her determination to pray us all out of our problems. I have discovered that there is, or should be, a balance between trying to stay out of trouble and debt by using the moral aspect of right over wrong instead of turning all our mistakes over to God in prayer. My years of working disasters proves to me that a little forethought can save many lives. A good firm combination of correction and prayer might be the perfect solution. The Tea Party uses faith over actions and it didn’t work during the Inquisitions and it will not work now.

    Carl, you are correct and Palin is good for a great fight but without a few corrections that is needed in our White House, we need hard-core plans in our fiscal dealings with the rest of the world and with our own citizens. Before I vote Republican again, I want economics the center of our federal government who can work within economic corrections of our states. I will never back any person for any office who wants to degrade our women or homosexuals.

    A practicing Christian will never bring their God into the daily actions of the White House. There is nothing wrong with a separation of church and state.

    I want to morally upgrade our American leaders with plans for the truth, integrity and respect for the individual citizen over the development of wealthy corporations. Without this, America will fail all over the planet.

    There is no agenda within the Republican Party and I would like to work out a plan where equality over profit could be part of the plan. I will be submitting something in writing and hopefully Doug will allow me to submit it here.

    I still think we need two parties for balance with one oversighting the other. Our voters need to be educated in the history of our successes. Our schools do not stress this enough. We can all start with our own family members, our kids and grandkids and then promoting individual freedoms in our newspapers and Internet sites.


  3. I think one of the Alaskan bloggers, Malia LItman says it best,
    and here’s her incisive indictment of Ms Palin:

    We must speak out, and begin NOW making voters aware of the limitations and lies of Sarah Palin. The list is long and impressive:
    1. Palin lacks the education necessary for the office of President. Attending five schools to obtain a degree in broadcast journalism is not the level of preparation necessary to gain a sufficient understanding of any skill or knowledge required of the President, except perhaps the ability to give a speech.
    2. Palin lacks knowledge of world affairs. Her failure to understand that Africa is a continent, not a country, or to talk about our “North Korean allies” are examples that scream to us that to trust her with the nuclear codes would put the United States in unimaginable peril.
    3. Palin is willing to lie any time and as often as she desires. Truth is not important in her world, or even relevant. When her comment about Death Panels was identified as the worst lie of 2009 she seems to be unaffected, lacks any accountability, and is still promoting that lie in 2010. When the Alaskan Legislative Panel found that she acted unethically in the Trooper Gate matter, she declared that she was completely vindicated. In a national interview with Charlie Gibson she said she was opposed to earmarks, even though she has sought and obtained millions of dollars in earmarks for Alaska.
    4. Palin has a history of extremely poor judgments that directly resulted in total waste of tax payer dollars. Examples would include the authorization for the building of the Road to Nowhere and the construction of the hockey center in Wasilla on land she KNEW was not owned by the city.
    5. Palin has demonstrated extremely poor judgment of people. One of the most important jobs of the President is the selection of his/her cabinet and even members of the Supreme Court. Imagine the horror of an appointment by President Palin of Christine O’Donnell or Sharon Angle to the United States Supreme Court. The only reason we can laugh about Christine O’Donnell is because she is not in a position to affect the future of the civil rights of the people in this country.
    6. Palin believes she is above the law. She does not hold any office and yet feels that she is not like the rest of us and has to pay taxes or get hunting and fishing licenses.
    7. Palin believes that God has chosen her to lead the country. She thinks that both God and the Holy Spirit speak to her. Thus if Sarah Palin undertakes any action, it doesn’t have to be well reasoned or based on all available facts. It is God’s will, and thus she believes she is right. While I believe in the power of prayer, I also believe that God expects us to accept responsibility for our actions, and that if there are facts and information available to us, it is incumbent upon us to use the information available to us to make the best decisions possible;… and then pray that we had all the facts. If Sarah Palin truly believes she talks to God, why hasn’t she already fixed the economy? Why didn’t she ask God to protect the Haitians from the earthquake? Why didn’t she pray that the Gulf Oil Spill would never have happened, or once it did, why did it take so long to bring it under control? Perhaps if Sarah Palin has a unique connection to God she belongs in church praying for the country instead of sitting in the oval office. For me when I say my prayers, I pray that Sarah Palin stays in church and far removed from the powerful office of President of the United States.

    • Hi Jason Karov…

      It seems that Malia Litman’s alleged laundry list of Sarah’s ‘failures’ indicate she’s eminently qualified for the presidency where her shortcomings will serve her well as the next “liar in chief’.

      Our ‘dear leaders’ since the Reagan/H.W. Bush era have managed to incrementally move this nation towards the abyss and they all had the necessary formal qualifications that are mentioned as shortcomings in Ms. Palin’s case. I believe George W. Bush thought his Christian god had a hand in putting him in a leadership position too. / : |

      She’s down, but not out and seems to have “moxie”; ie, “the right stuff” for a good fight. I’m not endorsing her, but those that would discount her resilience in politics are fooling themselves.

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. “ragtag tea party whose newly-elected candidates continue to fumble their way around Washington.”

    Now explain to me how that is a bad thing?

  5. The three stooges, Huckabee, Romney, and Gingrich. Is this the best we have for the highest office in the land?

    Oh wait, Palin?!?

    Huckabee the religious radical, Romney the rich Mormon, Gingrich the serial womanizer, and Palin the airhead.

    Where’s that “none of the above” choice when you need it?

    Remember this?

    Who was right and who was wrong and why are the wrongs listed once again as the best candidates for office?

    I’d support a Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket for Republican candidates in 2012, and I believe that ticket could stomp Obama/Biden and any other challengers into dust. That is assuming we have free and fair elections, which we do not.

    • The Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket sounds energizing Woody, but rest assured the MSM, wholly owned by the shadowy globalist powerbrokers aren’t going to let two upstarts like Paul and Ventura upset their many year engineered destruction of the nation state, once known as the United States of America. Kick the stilts from under this nation and their powergrab for the rest of earth will be a piece of cake.

      I don’t know what Jesse’s sentiments are towards Ron Paul. He’s quite cagey and isn’t taken in by many of them no matter how slick their sales pitch might be. I’d vote for such a duo for sure.

      Congressman Paul has a serious problem. His ideas are a solid Rx for this nation, but he’s cursed with a croaky, old guy speaking voice. People are so brainwashed by the slick productions offered to date in politics that these two guys will come off like a square wheeled wagon with rusty axles and bearings as opposed to the MSM support that a reelect Obama/Biden campaign will receive. I have a suspicion that Joe Biden is going to step down as V.P. and it will be an Obama/Hillary Clinton ticket which again will enamour the ‘braindead’ peanut gallery of ill-informed voters moving them further along in our national ‘death spiral’ into the ground.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • I’m afraid you’re all too right about Paul. We enlightened, blessed Americans can’t seem to handle substance over style, as clearly evidenced by the 2008 campaign. We don’t care if a candidate has all the answers or none of them, we just want some one we feel good about seeing on television; not some one necessarily qualified or able, but some one that looks “presidential” (whatever the hell that means) and lies real good.

        But the times they are a changing. He may not be able to woo the majority of the medicated masses, but he sure as hell scared the beejesus out of the Republican Establishment the last go-round. There are still plenty of folks around that will support such a ticket.

        I still have people talking about it when they see my bumper sticker. I was servicing a machine for a customer just last week, a retired man of about 65. While I was changing out his mainboard a friend of his dropped by and commented on my bumper sticker.

        When I was finishing up he asked me to check out his his wireless connection that had been giving him problems. I spent about 45 minutes getting his other machines on the network, and when I was done he asked me how much he owed me (I was there for warranty work). I said nothing. His buddy piped up, “He’s a Ron Paul guy!”

        I”m always surprised at the recognition he gets even now, especially among older folks, albeit after the fact. They always say it’s too bad he didn’t win. Of course I don’t have the desire to ask if they actually voted for him because I already know the answer.

        I also remember so many people, even lifelong Democrats, saying that they wanted to vote for him but didn’t. One such Democrat liked him for his stance on online gambling, another on his stance on the drug war. He couldn’t win, so they weren’t going to “waste” their vote. Duh!? If all the people who didn’t want to “waste” their vote would have actually voted for him, he may have actually stood a chance. But such is the power of the media.

  6. My hunch is that her “reality” TV show on TLC is doing her political polling numbers no favors.

    Maybe that’s because an ever-expanding audience of viewers are now beginning to realize that all of the 2008 campaign rhetoric about her being an “air head” are, in fact, true.

  7. I just got home from a week in Palm Springs, CA. We attended a Christmas Eve Party where some great (rich) people welcomed me to CA. I was asked if I was a tea party member and I explained that maybe in the future, if they could locate some intelligent leaders, I might lean in that direction. I made the right choice of words as I came home with a handfull of cards when I moved.

    I moved to Arizona in 2000 and could find not a single Republican that I could respect and even in Phoenix, the choice of GOP candidates were off the charts for stupidity. I will stick with the Libertarian group and wait for the GOP to catch up. I cannot even consider Doug’s list of McCain, Huckabee, Romney (my 3rd cousin) Newt and never Palin.

    Thanks Chief,


  8. Well it’s about time. Based on your last piece, maybe Mrs. Palin should have found better things to do with her mouth than speak.

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