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Friday, April 12, 2024

Feds cover up misbehavior by American mercenaries

A mercenary from XE, formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide (AP)

Mercenaries behaving badly not only cause public relations problems, the boorhish behavior and mistakes can cost lives.

Consider what happened on Sept. 9, 2005, when five security guards from private contractor DynCorp were supposed to be on duty protecting Afghan President Hamid Karzai but — instead — returned to their compound drunk and with a whore in tow.

A few days later, the same guards got tanked again in the VIP lounge of the Kabul airport while waiting for a flight to Thailand.

They had been intoxicated, loud and obnoxious,” an internal company report of the incident said, adding that Afghanistan’s deputy director for elections and a foreign diplomat were also in the lounge.

“Complaints were made regarding the situation,” the report said.

Unfortunately, these incidents are not isolated.

The Associated Press obtained documents under the freedom of information act that showed similar incidents by more than 200 mercenaries working for comapnies like DynCorp, Triple Canopy and Blackwater Worldwide, now known as Xe Services.

The papers document excessive drinking, drug use, sexual misconduct and mishandling of sophisticated weapons.

Although the three DynCorp employees were fired, American officials have been slow to respond to requests for actions against others and American use of contractors continue to increase.

While some of the infractions occurred during the Bush Administration, officials tell Capitol Hill Blue that the Obama White House is “working overtime” to keep reports of misbehavior secret.

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2 thoughts on “Feds cover up misbehavior by American mercenaries”

  1. Yes! We are! Until the anger is gone, the people will continue to take out our frustrations on the government. Many of us tried to warn our fellow citizens when Blackwater began flexing their muscles and weapons. It seems the old Nazi attitude of people-control does not seep too far into the leaders of our “security.” Even going through Security leaving Phoenix and then Palm Springs was a tad off-putting. I know it was necessary and probably always will be.

    The anger I have witnessed came from my own Republican Party. Here in Arizona, I was told to leave the party unless I was a pro-life Christian. I was mad as hell at this action. I bought a home in Palm Springs where the anger level is missing. I’m home again, with my own kind of socially liberal Americans.

    Happy New Year, Carl.


  2. The only mission of the “Fed” in these times is to cover up whatever concerning their now criminally disposed, anti-Constituiontal behavior. Look at the photo of this well-muscled, overpaid, mercenary “thug”.

    Visualize he and his kind on the streets of any city, USA in the future…?!

    Are there any questions people. Our government as gone rogue and we’re in a heap ‘o trouble…no?!

    Carl Nemo **==

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