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Friday, July 19, 2024

Bristol Palin shells out 172 grand in cash for house


Paperwork shows the recent “Dancing With the Stars” diva and daughter of Sarah Palin is the sole purchaser of the house in the town of Maricopa. She bought it for $172,000 from a North Dakota couple.

It’s not clear if Bristol Palin will be a seasonal visitor or permanent resident at the home, in a development called Cobblestone Farms.

According to real estate websites, the residence is a two-level, brown stucco house with a tile roof, a landscaped front and back yard, and access to a community pool.

The Arizona Republic reports the 3,900-square-foot home was built in 2006 and was bought for a little under $330,000 at the time. It has 2 1/2 baths and a three-car garage.

Bristol Palin: From Playboy cover girl to real estate magnate

Bristol Palin, 20, closed on the home in early December, buying it from Michael and Cynthia Smith, according to paperwork filed with the Pinal County Recorder’s Office.

“I’m not sure why she wanted to buy that home, but we are real happy for her,” Michael Smith told The Republic.

Bristol Palin came to the forefront during her mother’s 2008 vice presidential run when the Palin family announced that the then-17-year-old was pregnant.

Following the birth of her son, Bristol Palin spoke out as a teen pregnancy prevention advocate.

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2 thoughts on “Bristol Palin shells out 172 grand in cash for house”

  1. Good for her: Nice to see Bristol is being responsible with her money and planning for her future. TV shows and lecture circuit income could drop off any time, since they are all fad-related. Hopefully she can get through college there and find a steady career.

  2. Arizona is the center of the Tea Party folks. I found this state difficult to socialize as I am pro-choice in all subjects. I have far more respect for my fellow humans than the Arizona citizens; as they are afraid of everything. I’m heading back to California where I belong…..


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