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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sports: All the scandals who’s fit to print

Brett Favre: Dirty words and nudge photos on phones

While 2010 saw plenty of sporting success on the field, once again there was no shortage of stars making headlines off field for all the wrong reasons.

Players from a diverse range of sports including football, AFL, NRL, American football – not to mention golf – got into a variety of sticky situations this year, with some having past exploits in their personal lives aired for the very first time.

Once these dodgy dalliances bubbled to the surface, it became messy, very messy. Marriages were shattered, lucrative endorsement deals were flushed down the toilet and clubs could no longer hold onto players who had stuffed up in very big ways.

Leading the pack was champion golfer Tiger Woods, who hit the spotlight for reasons other than winning yet another tournament late last year. The ongoing saga of his dalliances with more than 100 women kept newspapers selling and mouses clicking well into this year.

Some superstars couldn’t keep their fingers to themselves as texting became all the rage for athletes looking for a bit of extra-curricular activity outside the family mansion.

And football stars messing with teammates or ex-teammates missuses? C’mon, have they never heard of a bloke called Wayne Carey?

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