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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Bush’s Uniform Envy

We get it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend when it comes to Pakistan. In fighting al Qaeda blind adherence to this principle is perilous enough. But when your enemy of your enemy is also the enemy of bedrock principles of democracy, and a despot to boot, you really have to wonder why Bush embraces Pervez Musharraf. Could it be uniform envy?

We get it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend when it comes to Pakistan. In fighting al Qaeda blind adherence to this principle is perilous enough. But when your enemy of your enemy is also the enemy of bedrock principles of democracy, and a despot to boot, you really have to wonder why Bush embraces Pervez Musharraf. Could it be uniform envy?

Bush, who is president is also commander in chief of the world’s largest and most formidable military only gets to don a flight suit or military style jacket for silly publicity stunts.

Our power-lovin leader has to be content with an expensive custom suit for occasions of state and other public appearances except when he’s wearing is Marlboro Man outfit in Crawford.

The suits are hardly a status symbol when his base of multimillionaires all wear thousand-plus dollar suits.

Bush knows that when his eight years of imperial rule end he will be nothing but a former president. As such he’ll be guaranteed an invite to A-list Republican business gatherings and a courtesy seat at the main table at banquets.

He won’t believe the historians who will be judging his presidency.

But he has to know that in the business world he was a minor player, and unlike Vice, a mediocre one. At events, he’ll have to know he’s poorest man in the room.

Bush doesn’t have much time left to bask in the glory of being president. He’s even had his first VETO overridden.

He might be getting the message from the military and the leaders of his own party that military attacks on Iran are off the table. Alas, unless there’s a terror attack here, Bush may not get a chance to strut his stuff in the Situation Room.

Poor Bush must feel a diminution of macho in the waning days of his imperial power.

Then there’s Pervez Musharraf, make that General Pervez Musharraf, who as Army Chief of Staff and President of Pakistan, has two titles and two positions. He seems to choose to wear his general’s uniform most of the time he appears in public.

At least he doesn’t wave firearms around like Saddam Hussein did, but give him time. Like Saddam, despite White House spokeswoman Dana Perino saying it was premature to call him a dictator he doesn’t mind exercising dictatorial authority. Apparently you need a huge body count for the Bush administration to call an ally a dictator.

Suspend the Pakistani Constitution? Fire his Supreme Court when it’s about to rule against him? Arrest pesky lawyers and opposition leaders?

As an imperial president who is fast losing his mojo, Bush has many reasons to envy Musharraf.

But that fearsome uniform, now that got the balls.

28 thoughts on “Bush’s Uniform Envy”

  1. The Bushy/Mushy alliance certainly puts our fearless leader in quite the conundrum! The pot ignores its constitution, while the kettle suspends its own … not so much difference there. Difficult, I’m sure, to justify calling black an associate implement when pot secretly wishes that it could be as black as kettle.

  2. Kent, you may be closer to the truth than you know. Obviously, we have had nothing but adolescent rule the past 7 years. Adolescent irresponsible pubescence behaviour and rebellion has been the story of Bush’s life. He never made it past 16. Like all teenagers he wants the power without having to earn it. Unforunately, he got it. People who gain power without earning it have no respect for their power and do not know how to apply it.

    Probably, he is watching Musharraf closely and taking notes, fantasizing about his day in the uniformed sun strutting at the head of his Blackwater army. Remember that strut of his across the “mission accomlished” flight deck after dismounting from the plane he didn’t fly? The reason for the delay in getting him out of the plane was the little chickenshit pissed his pants on landing and they had to dry him off. The flight suit is waterproof so it did not show thru.

  3. Pathetic ,or prophetic ,uniforms mean ONE person is doing all the contemplation exercises in regards to the well being of…

  4. Bush only wishes he had the cojones of Musharraf. I’d bet he is privately applauding Mushy’s every move. GET them damn lawyers trying to preserve the constitution.

    — Kent Shaw

  5. I see a blatantly arrogant attempt by the U.S. to casually walk the notoriously corrupt politician Benazir Bhutto back into the country to be welcomed by chocolates and flowers from a grateful peasantry, with the idea it could order Musharaff to hold “free elections” with the assumption of a landslide election of Bhutto. Presumably the same electronic voting machines would be used in Pakistan as in the US, and the vote could be successfully controlled by the CIA Middle East Bureau.

    Musharraf is pushing back against its ally the United States, of course, as any self-respecting military dictator would. The U.S. has a long proud history of supporting military dictators like Musharraf as long as they are anti- whatever the US is anti- at the time. Whattya got? Anticommunist military dictator? Welcome to the fold. Antiterrorist military dictator? Welcome to the fold. We’ll even install our own military dictators along with their secret police in countries like Iraq and Iran that seem to think their oil resources actually belong to the people that live there. We even “police” multi-sided civil wars atop those oceans of “cheap” oil. All well and good I suppose. We’ll see how nuclear armed Pakistan plays out. Maybe “the good guys” will wind up with control of the nukes. Pick a side and place your bets NOW.

    I wonder if the U.S. will demand Pakistan disarm its nuclear WMDs. Will the U.S. invade Pakistan in order to install “democracy”? Will there be more chocolates and flowers? This militarist interventionist foreign policy of the U.S. has been in place in the Middle East since the early 1950s. Why not stick to a plan that works as long as it only costs a million lives here, a million there?

    And now that we’ve discovered a prolonged military conflict can drive the price of oil from $22 to $96 dollars in five years, a nice 436% gain, a third of which occurred in the last couple months, we see that Pakistan has the potential to drive oil to $125 by the middle of this winter. Record profits should accrue, again, to Exxon/Mobil in the coming quarters, thanks to constant warfare.

    Exxon, the sign of the double cross.

    One thing continues to bother me though.

    Why do they hate us?

    — Kent Shaw

  6. Musharraf has arrested opposition leaders and charged them with treason. He is now ruling pakistan as a terrorist to his own people. Basically saying “Oppose me and you will be shot”.

    I dont know what Bush is getting out of the deal, but I cant think of a damn thing Musharraf is good for that is good for America.

  7. I have two words for you – spoken in a rather pathetic speech on board an aircraft carrier while the chimp in charge was in uniform …

    “mission accomplished” –

    yep – he has been just as brave and effective in the “war on terror” as he was in Vietnam …



  8. The primary opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto, would of course be as tough or tougher against the Taliban and al Qaeda as Musharraf. But she’s a (gasp) woman who just may not be as much of a Bush worshipper as Condi, Karen Hughes, etc.

  9. I dont believe that Musharraff is our only friend in Pakistan. Surely any other candidate would also side with us against terrorism? There must be some other reason why we are supporting him over the rule of law and free elections.

  10. For what it’s worth,smirks costume has the S reversed and he uses the cape for a bib to catch the crap that spews from his mouth.

  11. Judy – that is a riot. It would be too much to hope that somebody did take a picture (the politcally savvy parents perhaps) and either sent it to the media or put it on YouTube.

    I googled bush halloween costume medals uniform darth cheney to take a stab at finding it and was pleasantly surprised to find that a column I wrote in February, “Bush’s Hero Complex” came up as number three on the first page with the quote “I’d bet Dubya keeps a Superman costume in the Oval Office closet.”

    You gotta love Google.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I didn’t have a camera or believe me, I would have taken a picture and sent it to the Media..I get about 350/400 kids every year trick–or treating at my door, and nothing has ever made me laugh so hard.

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