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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Zsa Zsa’s husband glues his eye shut

Eyes wide shut (AFP)

The husband of ailing Hollywood socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was hospitalized after accidentally gluing one of his own eyes shut.

Gabor, 93, has been in and out of hospital in recent months. But this time, it was self-proclaimed Prince Frederic Von Anhalt who was rushed to hospital after he mistakenly picked up a bottle of nail glue he mistook for eye drops and sealed his eye shut, according to celebrity website

The colorful 66-year-old German socialite underwent a procedure at a Beverly Hills clinic to unstick his eye. One of his representatives told TMZ he was in good spirits.

Just two months ago, von Anhalt — who says he was adopted as an adult by a German princess — was hospitalized for swallowing a bee while sunbathing in his backyard.

He has claimed to have fathered the daughter of late Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith after her death in February 2007. Earlier this year, he launched a bid to become the next governor of California.

Von Anhalt is Gabor’s ninth husband.

The elderly serial marrier, famous cop slapper and Hollywood star of yore had several health scares this year.

Gabor, who was left partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound after a 2002 car accident, was admitted to hospital last month after suffering painful swelling in her legs.

In July, the Hungarian-born actress and former beauty queen was hospitalized after falling and breaking her hip when she reached for a ringing phone while watching her favorite television show, “Jeopardy.”

She underwent hip replacement surgery but suffered more complications, including a blood clot for which she had more surgery.

During another hospital stay in August, she called in a priest to administer last rites, then left the hospital a day later insisting she wanted to return at home.

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