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Friday, August 19, 2022

Bad boys, bad girls, what’d you gonna do when rehab comes for you?

Demi Lovoto gets racy with friends

Add this to the list of things that you probably figured would happen:

Legendary bad boy Charlie Sheen is in rehab again, this time for beating up his latest significant othert and trashing a hottel room.

CBS confirms that filming of Sheen’s hit sitom “Two and a Half Men” is on suspension while Sheen tries to get his act together…again.’

Also in the rehab front is the latest Disney teen queen turned bad girl — Demi Lovato — star of “Sonny with a Chance. In pure Miley Cyrus style, some racy photos of Lovato turned up on the Intenert and the 18 year old hottie is thing to explain her way out of them.

Ah, the excesses of the young.

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1 thought on “Bad boys, bad girls, what’d you gonna do when rehab comes for you?”

  1. I can see why so many Disney stars go nuts when they turn 18. Being a teenager working for Disney must be like living in a straight-jacket. You can’t do anything normal, for fear the press will get hold of it and get you fired.

    So, Demi Lovoto, welcome to the free world!

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