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Friday, April 12, 2024

Middle aged men getting grumpy about not getting it on


The U.S. generation that promoted free love in the 1960s has grown old and cranky about sex.

Faced with performance problems, menopause blues and an increased mismatch of expectations between the sexes, middle-aged Americans are the unhappiest people of all when it comes to making love, a new Associated poll shows.

Only 7 percent of people between 45 and 65 describe themselves as extremely satisfied with their sex lives. And nearly a quarter of the middle-aged Americans say they are dissatisfied. Even among seniors, fewer are dissatisfied.

Older people can learn new tricks,” said Ruth Westheimer, the sex therapist better known as Dr. Ruth. Aging men and women need to work on being “sexual literate — to really know what they need, what their partner needs and how to pleasure each other,” she said in an Associated Press interview.

The findings represent a stark turnaround for the group of Americans who spearheaded the sexual revolution, coming of age as birth control became readily available, premarital sex gained wider acceptance and abortion was legalized. The Many of the first victims of the AIDS epidemic were in this group.

Younger and older people report better feelings about their sex lives. Some 24 percent of middle-aged group say they are dissatisfied, compared with only 12 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds, 20 percent of those 30-44 and 17 percent of those over 65.

Perhaps the middle-aged group have given up on experimenting. A surprising number of them feel they have learned just about all there is to know about sex — nearly three in five women and half of men.

But if women are wiser, men are more disgruntled. Twenty-eight percent of men between 45 and 65 are dissatisfied, and more than two in five say their sex lives got worse in the last decade.

Part of the explanation seems to lie in different sexual expectations. Men are often more eager — at least mentally, if not physically — as more women become uninterested. Nearly half of the men say their partners do not want sex often enough, while only 17 percent of women feel similarly let down.

The story is different when it comes to action, as men are the underperformers. The poll finds two in five men between 45 and 65 having problems with sexual functioning. Only 19 percent of women in the same age group say the same. For both genders, less than half received treatment.

Still, a slim majority of boomers say they can have a strong relationship without sex.

The Poll was conducted Oct. 1-10 by Knowledge Networks of Menlo Park, Calif. It involved online interviews with 945 people between 45 and 65, as well as companion interviews with an additional 587 people aged 18-44 and over 65. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points for all adults, 3.9 percentage points for adults 45-65.

The survey was conducted using KnowledgePanel, which uses a probability-based design. Respondents to the survey were first selected randomly for KnowledgePanel using phone or mail survey methods and were later interviewed for this survey online. People selected for KnowledgePanel who didn’t otherwise have access to the Internet were provided with the ability to access the Internet at no cost to them.


AP video journalist Bonnie Ghosh contributed to this report.



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2 thoughts on “Middle aged men getting grumpy about not getting it on”

  1. Men are pro-genealogically predisposed with pro- creation Sandra, and practice it by chance. If we are Gentlemen.
    It, in some weird way until later in life,
    is better than beer.
    I asked my wife if Dr Ruth is giggly, or giddy ?
    She said , who?

  2. I read an article on the subject of men having a problem in bed during their 60s and older. The writer of the article thought it might be the estrogen getting into the men’s body through the drinking water. I do understand the need for estrogen for women when they go through the change, or have their parts surgically removed.

    For a woman it is much better if estrogen is added to their morning vitamins. It is more than just feeling good most of the time, but change in appearance is amazing. The skin fills out and the added hormones make us all look more feminine. It adds weight so dieting is necessary. I went so far as to have a metal pellet inserted in my hip to keep the added estrogen around longer. This is the latest trick to keep the women looking younger in Hollywood. I often refer to my green pill as my happy pill. I am not sexually active but I can still laugh about it.

    I worry about men who have colon cancer. This surgery can stop the male hormones from sexually performing. This can make a man nasty as hell. I had several patients who lost their ability to perform and I was
    shocked at how necessary this action is to even a very old man.

    BTW, I am not a prostitute! I am not a witch! I was a Hospice worker for years. I am not strong enough to work with terminal patients at this time.


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