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Monday, April 22, 2024

Barbie’s boobs come with an FBI warning

Barbie and her boob cam

Uh oh. A new Barbie doll sports a cleavage (and not a bad one for a 12-inch-high superstar) but the toy’s mammaries come with an FBI warning.

Barbie’s boobs have always been a source of controversy since they first hit the scene in 1950 but the newest Barbie is a true boob tube. That’s right. Her hooters have a camera and the FBI has issued as warning that the camera may be used by pedophiles.

According to the Seattle Post-Intellinger, Barbie’s boob cam can capture up to 30 minutes of video footage which can then be downloaded and edited.  The Feds are worried that sexual predators will use the Barbie Boob Cam to film children and then use them for some nefarious purpose.

Times have indeed changed. Even Barbie is a pervert.

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13 thoughts on “Barbie’s boobs come with an FBI warning”

  1. Tip # 99, paper doesn’t melt in the nuker, but will be combustible on the grill. Foil seems to be in vogue where all else fails if Captain caveman gets his way.
    Docs a youngin, strong – n – true, I’ve plenty of time to grizzle him up since he’s got a head start.
    Oughta take all of the blink of an eye if he stops playing soccer in the house.

  2. Are we Hardy or Laurel, or The Stree Thooghes ?
    Slapstick is fast becoming taboo..

    If your children are this high tech, can they do the dishes ?
    Will you find at a later time their formative years didn’t quite go along with,
    your rhymes and wishes ?

    • Shirley, you jest. Dishes…? You must mean those styrofoam plates we throw away, no?

      So Doc never challenged the old man’s hierarchy?

  3. Yeah, every high school senior boy with a junior girl friend would be labeled as such. Tis a stupid place we’ve come to Ollie…

  4. I have always wondered at the presumption that a corpse is a stiff.
    Clad in five figure suits, on a lonely street corner, one percent doles out it’s obtuse power in hindsight…Hack.

    Man lives, man dies, and it’s all vanity. CAKE..

  5. “Onset Pedophilia” describes a 17 year old boy’s interest in his 16 year old classmate’s body? Then I guess every straight high school boy I knew was an “Onset Pedophile”! It’s a shame we let the most screwed-up idiots in our culture have authority over our young people.

    We really need some common sense reforms regarding the whole Child Porn frenzy. In many states the age of consent is 16, but a 17 year old married woman can be charged with production of child pornography for taking a sexy boudoir picture of herself for her husband!

    • The subject of sex mixed with sexually repressed legislators ‘at work’ is like mixing gasoline with fire. This nation has loads of whacked out laws on the books from the dawn of the Republic to present demonstrating what happens when sexually unfulfilled, deranged ‘do-gooders’ stick their noses into our bedrooms and society as a whole.

      I’m supplying a “College Times” link with a partial dipstick sampling of laws hatched by the so-called ‘good people’ over time.

      They’re still out there and working feverisly on laws such as the one’s found in Texas and other states that have now gone “over the top” concerning pedophilia etc. Give pols and prosecutors an inch and they’ll surely take a mile…period! : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  6. And folks in Texas seem outraged when some 17 year old boy has shots in his possession taken with a camera phone of a 16 year old girl and school associate, evidently accusing him of ‘onset’ pedophilia. / : |

    Our entire society is whacked to say the least and it’s a good dipstick indicator as to where this nation is headed; ie, to the bottom!

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Jesus H Christ! Hahahaha. Where do you insert the memory card, I wonder? Couldn’t they just give us a Glass Eye Barbie? Oh no, that’s another joke entirely.

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