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Friday, February 23, 2024

Doug Thompson: Taking America back

Just waiting to take back America

It’s a familiar refrain heard often during the midterm election and uttered several times during most campaign speeches.

“It’s time,” the refrain goes, “for us to take back America.:

Stirring words to be sure. It has a suggestion of revolution sprinkled with just enough populism to ensure sound bites on the evening news.

But the refrain, for all its curb appeal, ignores a few tempering realities:

  • Did we, as Americans, ever really have a country to “take back,’ or;
  • Assuming we can take it back, what will we have when he take possession?

    Consider the realities of the myths of American creation.

    We base our rampant patriotism on the stated belief that “all men are created equal.”

    At the time, the Founder Fathers (and note that there was not a single “Founding Mother”) considered free men to be white, land-owning men of means.

    Women had no place in the newly-produced America. They couldn’t vote or attend anything more than a finishing school  to they could at least act like demure lady while laying flat on their back while “servicing” them.

    Which lead Oscar Wilde to once describe the perfect wife as a “lady in public, a slave at home and a whore in bed.”

    Of course we evolved over the years. Women got the vote, went to school, got out of the kitchen and even became governor of Alaska. Blacks won their freedom – through one of the bloodiest wars in history — also won the right to vote, took over the NBA and NFL and even became President.

    We’ve come so far and now we’re ready to “take back our government.”

    But who is it out there standing at the gates, ready to seize the reins and ride the horse called America into the future?

    Is it the GOP, with its homophobic, 18th-century agenda and stereotyped view that all black women are baby making machines who want only to produce more recipients of welfare checks?

    Or it is the Democrats who see government as the grand caretaker of us all — protectors from cradle to the grave — no matter what the cost?

    Or maybe it’s the faux patriotism-spouting Tea Party nation, talking about fencing in the nation, night sticking the colored folk and practicing their Second Amendment Rights on anyone who doesn’t look or talk like them just as soon as they can locate that legally-concealed weapon buried beneath all that beer belly fat?

    Yep. They’re all out there waiting to take America back.

    God help America…and us all.

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    82 thoughts on “Doug Thompson: Taking America back”

    1. Another approach would be to recreate your community now, to the greatest extent possible (even though you will have to bear the constant onslaught of your betters calling you “socialist pig” and “communist”).

      You know, spend the treasury proactively on health and productivity instead of on militarization and defense of a miserable existence.

      Jeez, I think that notion could apply to us as a Nation now? (speaker smacks forehead and expletes “doh”!)

    2. Another approach would be to recreate your community now, to the greatest extent possible (even though you will have to bear the constant onslaught of your betters calling you “socialist pig” and “communist”).

      You know, spend the treasury proactively on health and productivity instead of on militarization and defense of a miserable existence.

      Jeez, I think that notion could apply to us as a Nation now? (speaker slaps forehead and expletes “doh”!)

      • Here is another man’s opinion about the matter;

        “Leaders symbolize what the country stands for. As corruption becomes routine in Washington in both parties, it trickles down as a corrupting influence in everyone’s lives… Democracy is the ultimate casualty, and the sapping of democratic life is the most serious contribution of corporate ascendancy to our spiritual decline. As democracy ebbs, Americans retreat into private cocoons, feeling helpless to make a difference… In a democracy, civic participation and the belief in one’s ability to contribute to the common good is the most important guarantor of public morality. When that belief fades, so too does the vision of the common good itself.”– Charles Derber, Corporation Nation

    3. People need to realize that gold and silver will not be fungible in the event the balloon goes up and martial law is declared. They will surely outlaw such exchanges and I’m sure confiscation of such assets will be ordered especially by a broke butt, corrupt government.

      I’ve been involved with gold and silver since the mid 70’s. The problem is that you can’t go into a bank or store in America and use such for transactions. Instead you have to hook up with coin dealers, pawn brokers or web based ‘entities’. Americans have long since been weaned away from having anything of true value in their pockets. Prior to 1964 our coinage was still silver and the penny still pure copper. In the 30’s FDR stripped Americans of their gold and they foolishly turned it in. They needed to rebel in the 30’s, but starving, jobless people are desperate for government fixes. So unless you can hook up with a buyer in the times post collapse you are stuck with a useless asset. Gold and silver will come into play once the smoke and ash settles so to speak and things return to some semblance of normalcy. It could be years if ever in our lifetimes. So all that will leave is negotiating with potential desperados on the “black market. You best be armed and have a backup covering you if you start flashing gold or silver.

      What will be of value are those items that make life easier in tough times?; e.g., whiskey in plastic pints stored by the case, generic cigarettes and boxed cigars that have been vacuum sealed with a commercial sealer, true-breeding seeds stockpiled in depth for planting gardens, canned coffee, sugar, jellies (sweets), equipment for producing potable drinking water such as the British Berkey that works simply on gravity and can produce up to 30 gallons per day of safe drinkable water from local streams, ponds etc. Having multiple units stored along with replacement filters would be worth a fortune in trade. Ammunition in .22 rimfire, .38 special, 9 mm, .45, .223, .308 calibers. Prophylactics, first aid kits, long burning candles, oil lanterns and various and sundry drugs such as insulin test strips, meters, insulin, antidepressants, plain old aspirin, ibuprofen etc. Of course I could go on, but the point I’m making is having a decent store of useful items to barter will put one in a far better position than simply the gold and silver angle. Also have a reasonable supply of the existent currency on hand along with the pot metal slugs they issue as coins for operating vending machines etc.

      Also one has to make up their mind if their domicile is worth defending and dying for or should they plan on exiting the area. In that case you need to create “go bag” for each family member for basically surviving on the run. You also have to have a plan as to where you will go so maps and compass are useful. Don’t rely on GPS. It’s a gadget and the system could be shut down or your device fails. Probably the best place to head is Canada and southward back to Mexico for Hispanic peoples. It will be ugly for everyone so it might be necessary to exit the U.S. to ultimately survive. Just as Jews escaped into Switzerland and to the U.S. prior to serious Nazi pogroms concerning their eradication.

      Also have a plan to rendezvous that is to meet at some date and time in the future in the event family members get separated or to have common place where they can secrete a message as a drop and the other members can check it from time to time hopefully to hook up with members again.

      If you plan to defend you home, then you need to create secret cache’s away from the house to store secondary, duplicate supplies etc. Blackout material for the windows along with a manual stapler. The best best is to have a good supply of manual hand tools. Power could be interrupted and in fact the authorities could intentionlly disrupt power distribution to a home, neighborhood etc. for the purpose of flushing out those they wish to roundup.

      Generators although nice to have will get one killed if not set up properly The best combo is to use a generator in a limited fashion to charge deep cycle batteries arranged in parallel or series parallel configuration then to use an inverter to power key house hold items on a rotational basis. Also consider making a sound proof dog house for the generator. You can make a double wall arrangement and pour common sand between the walls or use the sand bag idea against the external walls of the structure. Also decouple the generator the ground by by mounting it on a non-metal platform supported by heavy duty truck springs. A diesel generator is better than gasoline due to the fact storing the fuel is safer. Ideas and evermore ideas! The main trouble is that all of these ideas revolve around maintaining one’s old lifestyle and the illusion of hanging on to ‘stuff”. So what’s your life worth?

      No modern stick-build home can defend itself from military and police grade weaponry. So one has to study their floor plan and come up with the best position in the house or even external to the house and then create a hardened structure with triple rows of sand bags with gun ports available to all points from within. Why sandbags? It’s the time honored way to stop small arms fire and it’s cheap although labor intensive. So the bags could be placed within a structure below window levels to provide protection . Get it in your head that you’ll be taken out if you are simply hiding behind a 2×4 or 2×6 studwall with insulation batts between the outside and inside walls.

      Obviously if they decide to take out your position with serious ordnance then the only countermeasure will be reincarnation. / : |

      The majority of homes in the U.S. are not defendable, nor should they be because most people don’t own them anyway. So you’ll simply die on principle to become a post ‘civil war’ statistic in some future history book.

      Keep your mouth shut to friends and neighbors about your provisioning etc. Rest assured the unprepared will predate on even their best friends if it comes to survival. In these times “trust no one”…!


      To be forewarned is to be forearmed…Cervantes


      Being prepared is even better… : )

      Carl Nemo **==

        • Thanks Almandine for the link. This is innovative for sure, but the premium at 5% is a bit steep. Smart purchasers try to keep the premium down to 2-3%, but of course they are paying for the convenience using the machine for a purchase. What I’d like to see is some innovative banks in this country having a ‘gold window’ for people to both buy and sell their gold bullion coins. That would build genuine, very convenient liquidity for the metals. Of course they’d have to stick with the standard coins and denominations. There are tungsten cored, gold plated counterfeits circulating in the market, mostly in gold bars. Silver Eagles are probably the best bet for people in these times. Gold has gotten so expensive. You could buy almost 50 ounces of silver bullion coins for the equivalent of one ounce of gold. I haven’t purchased gold in a number years with my average acquisition price about $300 per ounce and silver in the $3.00 ounce range.

          I also have an ETF position in the metal via I-Shares, symbol GLD from the $400 range. There’s also a silver ETF I-Shares, symbol SLV for those with brokerage accounts. Only buy on pullbacks to the 50 day moving average and to set your buy stop on a breakout; ie., buy a show of strength and keep your sell stop just below two swing lows back to give a little room for action. Never fall in love with your position though. Gold is highly volatile and can kill one’s portfolio. Right now it’s a screaming bull market for the metal, but it could change quickly. Stocks can fall three times faster than they rise; ie., called a waterfall decline.

          Those folks that purchase gold coins should be very careful and learn the specifications of the coin; it’s weight in grams, thickness and diameter. Also purchase a small digital pocket scale that can weigh in hundredths of a gram along with micrometer for measuriing thickness and diameter. If these three parameters come together based on specs, then you ‘ll know you have a genuine coin. Also hold the coin vertically to a glass surface and let it drop over and listen to the ring as it oscillates to a stop. If it’s genuine it will have a musical, higher pitched ring, if it has a base metal, or an exotic core like tungsten then it will sound lower in pitch; ie, flat.

          Carl Nemo **==

          • I love the sound of real money ringing out.

            I carry two 1885 silver Morgans with me. In my Monday night darts league last week I used one for the pre-match coin flip. Every one stopped what they were doing wondering what the hell it was that I flipped that made that sound.

            One guy said, “what are you flipping, trash can lids?” Ha.

      • I wouldn’t go taking any drives in a convertible any time soon, Strat.

        Since this is the holiday season, I thought I would offer a quote from one of my favorite Christmas classics, as sung by Frosty the Snowman in “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer…”

        “Silver and gold, silver and gold.”

        • That’s Burl Ives singing and playing the snowman. 🙂 They cut the second verse from the movie so it became much more materialistic then the original song lyrics.

          Silver and gold
          Sliver and gold
          Wise men brought gifts
          To the mange I’m told
          Mary was humble to see
          Shepherds and kings
          There on bended knees
          It’s silver and gold
          Silver and gold
          Feeling the world
          With their lives
          Silver and gold
          How they shimmer
          On ev’ry Christmas night
          On ev’ry Christmas night

          • Thanks Woody for the Burl Ives tune. To me, his voice has a very calming, soporific effect. It’s like musical valium. 😀

            Silver and gold…silver and gold… neither can you eat… / : |

            Carl Nemo **==

    4. Names of Fed owners as of 1913:
      * Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin (Rothschild and world economy)
      * Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
      * Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
      * Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
      * Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
      * Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
      * Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
      * Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Controlled By the Rockefeller)

      This is why they (congress) pass “free trade” bills which benefit the “elite” global rich and impoverish the “wage earner.”

      Congress can constitutionally abolish the Fed, but they choose not to do so.
      They could implement the start of this procedure as soon as they wish, yet they focus on important things like gay rights.

      It’s good to see they have their priorities in order.
      Free trade, gay rights etc…

    5. Stratocaster and Griff are right on regarding money and the Fed and how Woodrow Wilson gave away the store to a cartel protected by government. Nothing will be done of consequence unless the Fed is killed off, a notion Congress nor the President have the guts to do due to the fact these fools depend on banks and corporations monies to get reelected.

      Welcome to America, the land of the broke and violated.

      • JFK had the guts to kill the Fed, and unfortunately, the Fed had the guts to kill JFK six months later. Mercenarys and covert operations also work for money. As you have often heard, money is evil.

        • The primary function of the Secret Service is to protect the integrity of the nations currency. Its secondary function is to protect our leaders. How do you attack the source of our nations currency when the same people that are protecting it are responsible for protecting our leaders and their families? The Fed is the controlling arm of the people runnung the dog and pony show.

    6. You can not take control of a country without taking control of its currency, and our currency is presently being comtrolled by a privately owned special interest group known as ghe Federal Reserve Bank. We give them all of our money and they won’t give it back unless we pay interest on it. People just can’t figure out what the problem is. Well, DUH!

      • Excerpt from Andrew Jackson’s farewell address, 1837…

        “Recent events have proved that the paper money system of this country may be used as an engine to undermine your free institutions; and that those who desire to engross all power in the hands of the few and to govern by corruption or force are aware of its power and prepared to employ it. Your banks now furnish your only circulating medium, and money is plenty or scarce according to the quantity of notes issued by them. While they have capitals not greatly disproportioned to each other, they are competitors in business, and no one of them can exercise dominion over the rest. And although, in the present state of the currency, these banks may and do operate injuriously upon the habits of business, the pecuniary concerns, and the moral tone of society, yet, from their number and dispersed situation, they cannot combine for the purpose of political influence; and whatever may be the dispositions of some of them their power of mischief must necessarily be confined to a narrow space and felt only in their immediate neighborhoods.

        But when the charter of the Bank of the United States was obtained from Congress, it perfected the schemes of the paper system and gave its advocates the position they have struggled to obtain from the commencement of the federal government down to the present hour. The immense capital and peculiar privileges bestowed upon it enabled it to exercise despotic sway over the other banks in every part of the country. From its superior strength it could seriously injure, if not destroy, the business of any one of them which might incur its resentment; and it openly claimed for itself the power of regulating the currency throughout the United States. In other words, it asserted (and it undoubtedly possessed) the power to make money plenty or scarce, at its pleasure, at any time, and in any quarter of the Union, by controlling the issues of other banks and permitting an expansion or compelling a general contraction of the circulating medium according to its own will.

        The other banking institutions were sensible of its strength, and they soon generally became its obedient instruments, ready at all times to execute its mandates; and with the banks necessarily went, also, that numerous class of persons in our commercial cities who depend altogether on bank credits for their solvency and means of business; and who are, therefore, obliged for their own safety to propitiate the favor of the money power by distinguished zeal and devotion in its service.

        The result of the ill-advised legislation which established this great monopoly was to concentrate the whole money power of the Union, with its boundless means of corruption and its numerous dependents, under the direction and command of one acknowledged head; thus organizing this particular interest as one body and securing to it unity and concert of action throughout the United States and enabling it to bring forward, upon any occasion, its entire and undivided strength to support or defeat any measure of the government. In the hands of this formidable power, thus perfectly organized, was also placed unlimited dominion over the amount of the circulating medium, giving it the power to regulate the value of property and the fruits of labor in every quarter of the Union and to bestow prosperity or bring ruin upon any city or section of the country as might best comport with its own interest or policy.

        We are not left to conjecture how the moneyed power, thus organized and with such a weapon in its hands, would be likely to use it. The distress and alarm which pervaded and agitated the whole country when the Bank of the United States waged war upon the people in order to compel them to submit to its demands cannot yet be forgotten. The ruthless and unsparing temper with which whole cities and communities were oppressed, individuals impoverished and ruined, and a scene of cheerful prosperity suddenly changed into one of gloom and despondency ought to be indelibly impressed on the memory of the people of the United States.”

    7. I just heard that the current tax bill they are trying to pass contanis a provision to drop payroll taxes on social security. How do you cut social security taxes without making cuts in social security? More voters should really carry firearms. Enough is enough. The currency of the United States belongs to the people of the United States, and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve has no right to tell therm what to do with it.

      • Our legislators are either insane or evil with an agenda for “We the people” and seemingly, it ain’t good for sure…no? I’ll go for the latter theory myself.

        Btw, I’m sure they have other clandestine provisions that will surely curtail freedom in some irritating to dangerous way.

        Unfortunately the basically unconstitutional “Federal Reserve Act of 1913” gives them the power and us the “illusion” that they are in control.

        Where’s the rope, tar, feathers and many sharp-edged rails to take care of this problem relative to ‘vermin in high places’…no?!

        Carl Nemo **==

          • I wished it were simply an illusion logtroll, but for anyone who’s been unemployed for a long time and can no longer pay their mortgage, CC bills and feed their families adequately it’s a harsh reality that our government has failed them mightily by facilitating the destabilisation our manufacturing base with the relentless offshoring of jobs while allowing others to come into this country on H1-b visas for the purpose of taking jobs away from our college graduates and qualified personnel in the professional and tech sectors.

            Our mind-boggling trade deficit attests to the fact that we’ve become a nation of gross consumers while having little to sell other than the weapons of war, raw materials and ag products which doesn’t help the unemployed masses that once were instrumental in producing goods and services for this nation. Maybe we should all think about ending so-called free-trade. Lincoln was deadset against it. Only the South was for free-trade.


            “I do not know much about the tariff, but I know this much, when we buy manufactured goods abroad, we get the goods and the foreigner gets the money. When we buy the manufactured goods at home, we get both the goods and the money.” — Abraham Lincoln


            Carl Nemo **==

            • Cap’n,

              Methinks thou once pooh-poohed a “home-economics” benefit/cost paper that demonstrated the tremendous advantage of local production and markets. It gladdens my heart that thou hast become a convert. Welcome aboard!

      • Yup, it drops the employer contribution by like 20%. It’s been the modus operandi of the Federal Government to bankrupt the nation in order to force the dissolution of the United States social programs and make our joining their World government easier. This was accelerated under President Junior and is increasing exponentially now. Won’t be long until America’s Dark Age is upon us. The only thing preventing that now is Asian faith in the Federal Reserve Note.

        • I believe you will find that it drops the employee contribution by almost a third (2%). Some think the employer contribution will be increased by 2% next year to make up for it. Given Obama’s assault on business, that sounds about right.
          In any case, the bill is said to have the reduced amount paid out of the general fund to keep SS afloat.

      • Unfortunately, Strato, our currency is printed with the words “Federal Reserve Note” right on the face. That’s because of the 1913 law that formed the Fed and gave it dominion over the currency. And as you clearly imply, THAT’s most of the problem.

    8. But in the true spirit of taking America Back, perhaps we can focus on the “real” problem, i.e., the crimpols of whom Carl so often speaks. A very timely article has appeared, one that paints broadly of those whom your words, Strato, are probably most aimed at… the politicians and globalist slavemasters that even Doug’s slogan on the CHB masthead warns about. I guess it still holds as motto, eh Doug?

      PS: Don’t take it as satire.

      • Thanks Almandine for the superb Mike Stathis article. I highlly recommend fellow readers to take time and peruse the article. It pretty well wraps up most of our collective complaints about ‘dear leader’. As I’ve mentioned in the past, both my wife and I voted for him, but prior to his inauguration I knew we’d been had and that treachery was afoot with the appointment of so many retreads from past administrations, many linked to the very problems that Obama promised to clean up. The rest is history. He’s turned out to be biggest, in our face elected ‘dud’ in presidential history. In fact he’s anathema to everything that was once good about America while he and his henchmen advisers along with a complicit and compliant Congress are working feverishly to issue the coup de grace to “Lady Liberty” and that which for which she stands; ie., Freedom, Justice, and Domestic Tranquility for all citizens.

        I’m supplying a link to my “Rain on the Parade…!” blogpost of January 20, 2009 about my reservations concerning Mr. Obama on inauguration day. My guts were churning then and moreso now. I fear for our nation daily with scheming mattoids like he and his adivsory ‘brethren’ as they work feverishly to trowel in the remaining bricks to our “New World Order” internment camp, once known as the United States of America the former land of the free and home of the brave… / : |

        Carl Nemo **==

        • Carl: Thanks for the link about the FIRE economy. I admit to some ignorance of things during a certain time frame. I was living abroad from the late 70’s to the late 80’s. I remember feeling upon my return that SOMETHING was very wrong (economically).

          I got to thinking about someone during the Civil War comparing the Confederate economy to a sugar cube dipped in water. It retained its original shape, but had no structural integrity whatsoever. That is our “economy” to me. Also, if the FIRE thesis on economics is currently the policy of all the “serious people,” then I wonder what Stalin could have thought of in the 1950’s that would have done more damage to the U.S. than this bright-bulb scheme.

          Almandine’s link is a hoot and well worth reading. It’s like I KNOW the guy I hired has a drug problem, but I had no idea his addiction was this bad. In another life I blogged regularly, and once referred to “globalization” as a plantation economy. That is exactly what it is, with the fruits going to a tiny minority and chaff left for the masses of disgarded peasantry.

          An old French saying: “The castle is safe as long as the cottage is happy.”

          • Thanks Fivebyfives for the superb “Old French” saying…how true? Seemingly the arrogant, corrupt dunderheads we have in office either don’t care about cottage life or are truly more dense than we can possibly imagine. I go for the former myself.

            Soon they’ll realize their inattention to ‘cottage life’ and the associated happiness thereof was a “deadly” blunder. / : |

            Carl Nemo **==

          • Hardly a hoot… and lacking the easily found financial evidence of all the collusion and monetary subterfuge. It’s a travesty… bare minimum. And until those responsible for our plight go straight to jail, there will be no recovery for America.

    9. Now, come on guys. I just realized that I don’t have the money to pay for my chicken wings or tip the bitch that gave them to me.
      This is getting to be some real serious shit. How stupid is the concept that only the rich should have money?

      • Nobody said or even implied that. But, it IS the rich who have money, most likely because they worked to get it. MOST of them, anyway.

        Yeah, I know… crooked, lyin, thievin…

    10. How soon they forget?

      As I recall, it was just a few years ago that Doug Thompson was beating the drum for his own ‘Take Back America’ campaign, with pledges of funding, energy, etc. But after some months of evoking little or no enthusiasm, you pulled the plug.

      Given that history, I’m afraid today’s comment looks a lot like ‘sour grapes’.

    11. As Andy Hamilton said on the BBC Radio 4 programme The News Quiz, “take America back” should really be *our* slogan. Or the Native Americans’.

    12. “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”

      This is a quote from Abraham Lincoln, a commie for sure I suppose. The best analogy these days for a corporation is a vision of Viking raiders. They are in a group, plunder, pillage, and then move on to fresh fields of conquest.

      Capitalism is great. I believe in it wholeheartedly. But what exists now is not capitalism, but a global raiding party. The only time the American nationality counts the most is when it’s time to fill uniforms to fight wars as an extension of what is corporate power. One of the reasons the “American Middle Class” exploded onto the scene post-World War II is that employers were forced to share the gains in productivity.

      That has been reversed for over 30 years, and the great experts keeping blabbing on about “Americans finally opening their wallets.” Newsflash here;..the wallets are EMPTY.

      Sorry to be grumpy Doug, I haven’t tasted a steak in months and in my part of North Carolina the standard pickup line is “what a lovely tooth you have.” So Hooters is a waste of time. 🙂

      • Nicely stated Fivebyfives concerning your analogy to modern era ‘capitalists’ having devolved into “Viking raiders”. How true! I often refer to them as “pirate capitalists”.

        This phenomenon evolved during the days of Reagan/Bush with Ronnie waxing poetically about “trickle down” economics whereas his sidekick and controller H.W. Bush referred to it as ‘voodoo economics’ in a disparaging sense, later to embrace the same during his single term presidency since the illusion thereof seemed to wash with the ‘natives’.

        This economic paradigm has a name its called the “FIRE Economy”; ie., finance, insurance and real estate with labor not in the picture relative to the U.S. since the intention was to offshore our broader consumer goods related manufacturing base to China, India, Malaysia and anywhere else “cheap labor” markets could be exploited which is all in line with their greater globalist goals of creating their solely owned “plantation planet” with “We the people” as their unwitting, now unwilling ‘cotton pickers’.

        I’ve supplied a link and it will explain each of the factors in the economy and also how labor fits into the scheme of things.

        Carl Nemo **==

      • Don’t worry about being grumpy. At my age, all I can do is leer at these sweet young things (and I’m a professional when it comes to leering).

        With everything getting so serious and the outlook continuing to look worse and worse, I just wanted to try and add some levity to the conversation. I know it’s hard given the mood of the country and it drives me crazy from time to time as well.

    13. So who was it that said something like,if it were not for the taverns (hooters) there would be a revolution every Tuesday. To hell with freedom, prosperity, and equality, give us booze and broads. Toga! Toga! Toga!

    14. I believe in the legality of Lobbyists. I do not believe in the transfer of money to the Congress to pay for their votes. Lobbyists are legal and important to many who are involved in working for federal decisions.

      I do not hate great wealth and I often ask others why put pressure on the Corporations? Labor Unions do not sign pay checks. Corruption within our Congress causes more distress than any Lobbyists. So CHB wants not only a redistribution of wealth but control over all Americans who donate or invest in our corporations?

      I will now return your monitor to you so boobs, guns and pretty girls can control the action.

      • “I do not hate great wealth and I often ask others why put pressure on the Corporations? Labor Unions do not sign pay checks. Corruption within our Congress causes more distress than any Lobbyists. [So CHB wants not only a redistribution of wealth but control over all Americans who donate or invest in our corporations?”] …extract from post my brackets

        Seemingly you are up to your old schtick again in categorizing CHB and its members as having an agenda. You must be joking or are highly confused. So too, you indicate from your writings over time, you have a love/hate relationship with this site always in the ending with bitter hatefulness then leaving in a huff only to crawl back through the door few months later.

        You best get your priorities straight in that corporations through their lobbyists are influencing politicians mightily in our times and can be directly linked as the root cause of our national plight and ultimate demise as a free nation. These, shadowy, wealthy mattoids have managed to offshore the majority of blue collar jobs to China, India and Malaysia all with the blessings of our criminally disposed Congressional contingent. Even the high tech tech and professional sectors are threatened by the issuing of H1-B visas in excess of their authorized annual quotas which threaten our higher paying job sectors too.

        At times you seem quite confused to say the least. / : |


        Behind every great fortune there’s a crime…Balzac


        Carl Nemo **==

        • Carl, you make it sound as if I am the only one here who appreciates laissez fair capitalism. I have no hatred for anyone here but I get shocked with so many who hate and despise wealth.

          Abusing wealth is another subject. For any government to take from the profits of the rich and then turn around and take even more when this person dies must be, in my world, a great crime. I believe you and I agree on our government taxing the rich and giving it to the poor; is wrong!

          I have yet to understand why my opinions are wrong and you end up making it personal. It seems that my words are wrong but it might be that I remember living and learning the art of Capitalism without the interference of the government.

          Investing in American manufacturing corporations is the only way one can make money without having to start a business. I remember following a few new corporations who paid stock options instead of high wages. It was a great way to hire good people without putting the corporation in debt. At the end of the Korean war, we had a number of good corporations who left the defense companies and started up on their own. Many engineers, writers and Administrators left Hughes knowing the contracts were declining. Many went out on their own and gathered up some good people to meet and start up with new products that were missing at that time. Most of us had Top Secret clearances and good reputations for working with others.

          We knew that America would always be at war with some nation and we knew what would be needed to win those cold/hot wars. A dozen new companies started up and we knew the difficulty of bidding on the defense jobs. I was invited to a party and several of us went just to hear some good music. There were many there who knew their own jobs would soon close and our discussions turned to keep us all employed. The subject of data gathering and how to categorize the information for quick retrieval turned into several hours of learning the art of what would become computers. One fellow worked at Caltech and was working on perfecting decision-making through the machines.

          Designing the new products would have an advantage if we knew others would not be bidding against us. There were 6 people who began to meet just for the purpose of discovering what was needed and designing the needed programs without the government issued funding.

          We hired several lobbyist representatives to keep an eye on what was being discussed in the Congress. It was perfectly legal and we did this information search by the book. We learned what was needed and who was involved and several very successful companies were started and are still in production today. I don’t think anyone was making a lot of money but our stock options paid us off well, when needed.

          I did not go on to College and my income came from my investments in the labors of others. I began to buy up cabins in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was a fairly dingy place to live but the way that part of California was beginning to grow and any piece of property could never be a bad investment.

          Carl, you needn’t lecture me on priorities. I got everything I wanted and then some. It didn’t take long before our elected officials began to gather money simply by taking money from corporations in their home districts and then notifying their investors on large contracts being issued. This is perfectly legal but ethical? When it comes to money few people care about ethics.

          Americans take no time searching for ethics. I’m not certain they ever did. This whole operation is now dealing in prostitution, drug pay offs, hiring young people for their sexual servicing. For many of us, it got too dirty and backstabbing. The whole mess developed when Americans began to use money and sexual hand outs.

          What would be a better system of trying to operate a corporation around the corruption from Washington D.C?

          • “So CHB wants not only a redistribution of wealth but control over all Americans who donate or invest in our corporations?
            I will now return your monitor to you so boobs, guns and pretty girls can control the action.” …extract from Dec 14, 2010 11:48 AM post


            “I have yet to understand why my opinions are wrong and you end up making it personal.” …extract from current reply Dec 16, 2010 4:31PM

            Dear Ms. Price,

            The thread was going along fine until your post of Dec 14 as extracted above when you accused CHB’rs of wanting the redistribution of wealth and control over all Americans, then proceeded to make a snide remark concerning the few pleasures in life that a man might enjoy; ie., boobs, guns and attractive women.

            I then proceeded to jump your case in defense of our loyal participants. All we have are shared opinions on this site. Nobody ‘wins’ per se since this is not an excercise in the art of debate. It’s simply diverse opinions posted by the many participants. We can read them and move on or reply to them. Your opinions are fine although I don’t agree with many if any of them since you seem to be all over the map from paragraph to paragraph at times. Again, it’s simply my opinion, but I’m sure some other readers would agree or possibly disagree with me.

            I’ve complimented you on a few of your posts in the past and you, so to me. All I can ask is that you don’t integrate accusatory language towards CHB members in general. We have a bunch of good folks here and a tolerant site host
            I make it a point to compliment posters on occasion and lock horns with a few others not with malice, but simply to defend a position but hold no malice towards them because they disagree. Also I know when to apologize for a blunder as I did yesterday concerning a post about the mechanism of foreclosures, interest rates etc. which was then challenged by Guardhouse Lawyer. I didn’t use due diligence and hammered out an unresearched, poorly written post. I apologized, but by damn I’m not going to commit ritual seppuku on this site to placate someone’s ego.

            Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, but don’t put words in our collective mouths or think that you know what any of us are truly thinking.

            Peace…! : )

            Carl Nemo **==

    15. Not really Almandine. We have various food franchises in our area and it never ceases to amaze me the variation in terms of food quality and service although sharing the same corporate logo. Seemingly the one Doug visits has managed to kick the ‘fun factor’ up a notch. : D

      Carl Nemo **==

    16. Actually, I’m a charter member of the Great Buffalo Wings Conspiracy. We meet weekly at our local Hooters and ponder important issues and questions like “Do you think those are real?” and “Is she wearing panties or a thong?”

      When you consider such important issues, mundane topics like recession, taxes, unemployment and war seem so trivial.

      • Careful, Doug… between your other focus on Barbie’s boobs, the link to the Nude Facebook stalker, and this post, some might think your “satire” is more than just hillbillies having fun.

        • Not only do we have a Hooters (just down the road in Roanoke), they even have biker nights and bikini bike washes. Life here in the sticks ain’t all that bad.

          • I hear that’s Geraldo Rivera’s favorite watering hole too.

            All I can say is the eye-candy brings up the bottomline whereas the food sucks bigtime and at my age the food quality is more important than the visuals. Evidently your SW Virginia franchise has managed to kick things up a notch. : )

            Carl Nemo **==

    17. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s all about having a little fun with some satire just to see how many people take themselves so seriously that they miss the irony of it all — the irony that there might not be an America to take back because the one envisioned by our forefathers never existed and all the special interest groups that now speak so boldly of “taking America back” have no idea what America is or what it could be.

      Bet a buddy in DC a steak dinner at the Palm that this would be the reaction. I take my steaks medium rare. 🙂

      • There’s a distinct difference between what the average joe thinks of the term and what our Political Class thinks of it. Surely the Republicans think of it in terms of taking it back from the Democrats, as I’m sure do a lot of mindless partisans.

        It’s no different than the sloganeering and fake populist rhetoric that catapulted his Oneness to the White House and his fellow travelers to take the Congress back. As we’ve witnessed, it was all for us.

        There is a difference this time. We have some new blood that will hopefully challenge the status quo. It remains to be seen if this will actually happen.

        But you are right, it is pretty silly when you think about it. Unfortunately.

        • Whoever has the audacity to make it honestly, of course. After that, they’ll go after those pesky rich folks, too. Not the really rich ones, though. Just the ones not rich enough to have armies of lawyers and accountants poring over the mammoth tax code, seeking any and every available shelter and loophole conveniently provided by our concerned conservative and liberal politicians alike.

    18. Carl, it always comes back to the dirty lobbyists. .

      It was developed as a watch dog for many of our businesses.It isn’t the lobbyists who are bad but the congress critters who take money for their votes.

      In many cases, huge contracts are waiting to be signed by the corporations. This new deficit group could cancel any contracts if they decide there are enough cars, trucks, trains, airlines and the investors need to know in advance if their investments could be wiped out for any reason.

      I’m missing your point on the statement above. Do you expect money to be free just to start a payroll? Whether one invests in a business or a home, there is always a chance it would fail. There is no guarantee…..One can spend a weekend in Las Vegas, one can also lose every dime he took for the trip. The good part is that this is done by choice. If you resent having to pay a percentage for your home mortgage, then don’t get a loan.

      We got spent too thin, when the federal government allowed our loans to be sold off. Nobody is checking credit on the buyers of the homes, and everyone fails when a job is lost. Spend one night watching television and count the number of loan sellers there are. Do not look into asking a loan company to take over your home loan and turn over the deed as well as part of the house paid for. It is a scam!

      This got out of hand when all parties of these scams were taken. I get up to several hundred emails and maybe 4 are honest concerns.


      • “It was developed as a watch dog for many of our businesses.It isn’t the lobbyists who are bad but the congress critters who take money for their votes. ” …extract from post

        It’s true Ms. Price that the lobbyists are looking out for the interests of the corporate sectors they represent. You then blame the politicians for taking whatever monies are passed their way. Come on, the flesh is weak and money has been a powerful incentive throughout history for corrupting process. It’s said that nothing corrupts more absolutely than absolute power, but rest assured money is the lubricant for facilitating such an evil paradigm.

        So unless the mechanisms for facilitating influence on the part of lobbyists and PAC’s are reigned in mightily we are seemingly doomed as I’ve inferred from my post. The common people stand zero chance of getting anything legislated in their favor. Just about every piece cranked out by Congress is flawed or corrupt in some way, always having corporatist or unconstitutional bias to our collective detriment.

        Money is a powerful tool and just like fire it can be a valued servant or a deadly master.


        Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder…George Washington


        Carl Nemo **==

    19. I think those who want to “take America back” mean in a time sense. To GO back to an idyllic Tir na nOg fairyland whereby America is a place that suits a fantasy. It never was, and never will be, what all of us want it to be. There are too many variables in concepts and intentions.

      Not to pick a bone with Sandune, but Douglas MacArthur was NOT humble. In fact, as a child, a visitor to his father was quoted as saying, “I always thought Aruther MacArthur (the father) was the most arrogant man I’ve ever met in my life. And then I met his son.” It is one thing for a politician to seek constant approval from the public; it’s like some kind of weird therapy they need. But to do so with total disregard to the viability of the republic is not only selfish but extremely dangerous. I’ve seen this in my lifetime with LBJ, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

      When Dwight Eisenhower was getting married, he told his bride-to-be that his nation came first, even before their marriage. Whether one agrees with such an impromptu pre-nup, it is extraordinary to imagine most of Eisenhower’s successors to express such a belief.

      America is seriously out of whack. It is an historical certainty that any great change in a society is accomplished by a rather small percentage of the populace. I may not live to see it, but something has to give, and it won’t occur under the pleasant facade of “politics.” It will be a tectonic shift that creates a great deal of uncertainty and flux. It will upset the comfortable rythms of peoples’ lives. It frightens me as the end result is not predictable at all. I do agree with those historians that if FDR had turned out to be another Hoover, America in the 1930’s would have either gone totally socialist or a military junta-run government.

      Unfortunately, our current president is a great believer in the conventional wisdom, and actually makes Hoover look like a liberal.

      The America that so many want to take back won’t be like anything they anticipate. No one knows until the meatgrinder is turned off.

    20. America is about equality. America can only be taken back by everyone being equal. No one has been equal in Smrerics since the banks took over. Jefferson realized this. America has been lost for a very long time. The bankers have whatever they want, and the rest of us are reduced to wage slaves.. No government is better than its economic model and the economic model for America is that of a giant ponzi scheme. The other day Bill Clinton made the statement that there is more than enough money in the private sector to get us out of the econ0omic slump we are in. Well, if the only way to get the mkoney out of the private sector is through loans and those loans must be paid back with interest, there will never be enough money to get us out of the slump we are in. America is not about equality, it is the land of the bankert and the home of the wage slave.

      • That would be equality of opportunity… everybody has a pretty equal opportunity these days… not equality of outcomes. If you work harder and smarter than I, you deserve a better outcome. If I work longer and harder than you, ditto for me. If you want to be a banker, go for it. Opportunity abounds for you to get there… if you take advantage of it. If you want to work for wages… fruits of your physical labor, go for it. Opportunity abounds. What you can’t do is whine your way to success.

        • It also means equality under the law.

          It means that if you can’t grope some one in a shopping mall, you can’t grope some one in an airport (government sanctioned).

          It means that if you can’t rob some one on the street, you can’t rob some one on Wall Street (government sanctioned).

          It means that if you can’t take some one’s property by force, then you can’t take it through Eminent Domain (government sanctioned).

          It means that if you can’t poison some one, then you can’t do it through the food and water supply (government sanctioned).

          It means that if you can’t force some one to do some thing they’re opposed to doing, in which no harm is done to any one else, then you can’t do it through government sanctioned programs either (ObamaCare).

          It means that if you can’t murder some one simply because you don’t like them, then you can’t do the same through immoral wars, assassination, torture, and the various other forms of government sanctioned works of death.

          • It also means you can’t expect the govt to do it for you, just cause you don’t have the gumption to get on with life.

    21. There’s no going back…period! Probably a better way to express ourselves concerning the “taking back of America” would be from in our face corporate interests and their running dogs in Congress.

      If lobbying was severely curtailed and/or controlled along with the dissolution of PAC’s then the people’s vote would again mean something since they would be calling the shots or at least having the influence they should via the ballot box.

      Now with the Supreme Court giving personhood to corporations, seemingly we are doomed. A corporation has as many ‘votes’ that are expressed by their ‘contributions’ to politicians whereas John and Mary Q. Citizen have only a single vote and nowadays even those aren’t counted properly from local to federal level. They’ve managed to corral up America into their corporatist box canyon.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Interestingly, Carl, the application of personhood to corporations is not a recent phenomenon. The first such ruling occurred in 1819, pertaining to the rights of corporations to enter into contracts, followed by extensions to that ruling in 1886, 1978, and then this year. All told, those rulings enshrined First, Fifth, and Fourteenth amendment protections to corporations… the latest ruling, of course, further defines the First Amendment rights of corporations to exercise free speech (political donations). Many less-expansive cases have also been fought at the Supreme Court related to states’ abilities to govern corporations; many of those debates were couched in terms of federal vs state rights.

        While attacking those rights as in need of repeal or control is probably not in our best interests, I think you have hit the nail squarely regarding election funding. Exclusive public financing of elections, for which each candidate gets a certain, equal amount and no more, to be spent – say – within the 6 months immediately prior to the election being held, would level the political playing field and seriously reduce the graft, corruption, and quid-pro-quo’s that PACs and lobbyists engender.

    22. You describe our predicament very well. Exposing the problem is step one. Apparently it comes down to a culture of citizens who have no future in America without the federal government telling them all what not to do.

      I live in a senior development where the women think twice about going home where their nasty rude husbands are working on a paranoidal list of problems they have daily. These folks have never taken an interest in their neighbors and consider the subject of politics is like talking to Satan.

      The men who live here were blue collar workers and their wives were teachers. At this time in their retirement years, the women seem easily twice as smart as their husbands. The problem is that not even the women of Sun City can fill out a ballot as the words are too complicated.

      The latest rant about life in America is due to the fact that we are not humble enough. It is a virtue to shut down opinions of possible improvements to their lives. A big problem here are the grandchildren. They can spend only 48 hours and then they must leave. The grandparents have no control over their grand kids.

      Bumper stickers reading “Palin in 2012” are on many cars here and I am puzzled that so few of these seniors cannot see through Governor Palin’s actions.

      For years Chief, I have also stated that I want my government back. I now want the voters to learn a little more about the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

      One very irate woman in her 70s demanded that our White House must be humble. I mentioned the fine leaders in WW2/Korea and Vietnam, like Gens Patton, MacArthur and now Powell who have been very courageous leaders and the woman did not who they were. “THEY WERE NOT HUMBLE”

      I don’t know how to mandate intelligence into our voters but something should be done. I remember suggesting to you about doing a radio show where the political issues would be discussed. Americans must help themselves first and foremost.

    23. Such a broad and all-inclusive brush we paint with these days. I guess it ‘s just easier that way.

      From all I’ve read on the subject, many of the Founders were deeply divided and conflicted concerning slavery at the time. Many saw the irony in this as it pertains to our founding documents.

      Those that wanted to see these “unhappy people” emancipated thought it best to fight that battle another day, lest they allow that fight to undermine the progress of an already heated and tenuous debate.

      As we saw with the Civil War, I think it was the right decision at the time. This country might not even exist today if that battle was fought at that time.

      As far as women were concerned, that was just the way it was back then, I’m sorry to say. Many already considered our founding principles to be radical for the time without throwing abolishing slavery and equal rights for women into the debate.

      Some fights are best left for another day. The overall goal of the Revolution was to be free of the British Empire and embark on a new age of liberal freedom, not to solve all the inequities of humanity in one fell swoop. They knew at the time that this was just the begining of that journey, not the end.

      As we see with the passage of time, these things have been resolved in their due course. Much is yet to be done, but it was because of the Founders that we’ve gotten as far as we have.

      Furthermore, the fact that women had no official public say in these matters doesn’t necessarily mean that they had no influence or input with their men.

      • How funny, indeed tragic, that in such a short time, these ideals are once again considered radical and extreme by the standards of the intellectuals in both the government and the press. Talk about coming full circle.

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