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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Matthews on Matthews: “I’m the best.”


Ronald Reagan used to urged his GOP faithful to “never speak ill” of other Republicans. The Gipper is probably pounding the inside of his casket these days.

Now Chris Matthews of Hardball says he doesn’t believe journalists should talk about other journalists. He did so, of course, after speaking about a number of others in his profession.

Matthew’s view, of course, is obviously not shared by MSNBC stablemate Keith Olbermann who, after exhausting his sILY brags about his own ratings (usually inflated), embarks on a daily trashing of all who don’t agree with the former sportscasters (and that list, as movie producers used to say, is a cast of thousands).

But back to Matthews, who recently told Politico’s Patrick Gavin that “”I am not a media critic.”

Then he offered a few media criticisms of his own, selecting David Ignatius, David Brooks, John Heiilemann, Mark Halperin, Chuck Todd, Helene Cooper, Andrea Mitchell, Howard Fineman and Norah O’Donnelll as his picks for “smartest” journalists.

The best in the business?  Himself, of course.

“Absolutely,” he says. I have to deal with facts every night. I have to cover the news every night.”

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1 thought on “Matthews on Matthews: “I’m the best.””

  1. Recently we were joking about Chris Matthew’s “Leave it to Beaver” style haircut. Our neighbors claim he wears a hair piece, while my wife and I say it’s just a bad comb over.

    Which is it???

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