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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Judge to Joe Miller: Give it up. It’s over.

Losing Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller. The fat lady sang (AP)

Another Alaska judge told Tea Party loser Joe Miller to pack it in and admit defeat to Sen. Lisa Murkowski Friday with another rejection of Miller’s “ever say die” lawsuit challenging his loss to a write-in candidate.

But no one is yet sure Miller will recognize the lunacy of his continued battle and admit defeat.

Superior Court Judge William B. Carey said the state acted within the law when it counted votes for Murkowski’s write-in votes even if the write-in did not include both the candidate’s first and last names.

Casey said Miller’s arguments were “unsupported” and said that even if they had been correct it would not have changed the outcome.

“Milller has failed to show there would be a sufficient change to the election results if these claims were true,” the judge wrote in a 34-state opinion.

Miller has until Tuesday to file a challenge.

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