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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Obama the butt of jokes, anger from his own party

Barack Obama: Just can't get no respect

Poor Barack Obama. His critics say he’s the new Ronald Reagan. They joke about him at caucus meetings and call him names openly in front of colleagues. They say he is an embarassment to liberals, a sell-out to his supporters and the biggest Democratic joke since Jimmy Carter.

And all this is coming from Democrats.

Lately, Obama is garnering more praise from Republicans, conservatives and even a right-wing radio host or two.

Democrats? They wonder just h0w in the hell this guy got in the door.

“Obama is easily the biggest embarassment to the party since Jimmy Carter went on national TV and talked about malaise,” one senior Democratic adviser, who asked not to be identified, told Capitol Hill Blue. “I don’t know what the hell he is but it’s not a Democrat.”

Some Democrats say liberals brought it on themselves, expecting Obama to be an extreme left-winger when he promised in the election to be a coalition builder.

Writes Jonathan Allen on Politico:

Two years ago, liberals saw President Barack Obama as the second coming of FDR.

Now they’re accusing him of practicing Reaganomics, taunting him at caucus meetings and trying to get him to renege on his first bipartisan deal since Republicans won the mid-term elections.

At best, House Democrats’ rage at the Obama tax bill is a principled last gasp on behalf of liberal ideals. At worst, they’re whining, kicking and screaming their way to the margins as Obama turns them into the foil for his newfound centrism.

Either way, Republicans and even some Democrats say, the need to act out reveals that liberals are in a state of denial.

“We are allowing the liberal wing of the Democratic Caucus to hold these critically needed tax cuts hostage,” Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.) told POLITICO. “It is long past time to get this deal done and get our economy moving again. Unfortunately, my colleagues are either not listening to what the voters are saying, or they are not interested in doing what is best for the American economy.”

It’s easy to understand why liberals are feeling a bit whiplashed. In the blink of an eye, they went from advancing the most progressive agenda since the Great Society to defending against a tax-cut bill that they say provides a windfall for the wealthiest Americans at the expense of everyone else.

In part, they are disillusioned by the contortion of a president who said he would let taxes rates rise on high-end income. But there’s an extra measure of anger that arises from their frustration at being isolated, cut out of the negotiations and told by the vice president that they can take it or leave it.

Long-time hill Democrats tell Capitol Hill Blue that Obama doesn’t believe in being a team player because he doesn’t feel a need to schmooze his own party members and usually sends in the acerbic Joe Biden to deal with upset Democrats.

This brings another comparison with Jimmy Carter, whose Chief of Staff, Hannibal Jordan, once pissed off then Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill when the Speaker called to complain about the location of his sets at the Presidential inauguration.

Jordon told O’Neill to send the tickets back and he’d give them to “someone who would appreciate being a the event.”  He didn’t offer any replacements.

From that day forward, O’Neill referred to Jordon as “Hannibal Jerkin.”

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9 thoughts on “Obama the butt of jokes, anger from his own party”

  1. Harry Truman liked to recall a local politician in Independence, Mo. when he was a kid. He liked to say, “Damn eyewitnesses anyway, they always ruin a good story.”

    Today there are millions of eyewitnesses and Mr. Obama is quite discomfited by that fact. He’s quickly becoming a joke, albeit a not-funny one. As Woody points out in some examples, Obama is either going totally off the map, or can no longer disguise an agenda that is totally at odds with his campaign. And remember, he spent YEARS telling Americans what he wanted to do.

    No one expects a politician to accomplish all their promises. They do, though, expect them to TRY. Obama is off the charts on this one. For many of those who voted for him, he keeps getting the ball and running backwards into his own endzone, if not outright handing the ball to the opposing defense.

    Some people can look ahead…years ahead…to gain an historical perspective on the present. Though difficult it can be done, and IS being done by a number of people. Obama seems stuck on “his” narrative, rather than leading a nation. The nation apparently is stuck with having to lead its own leader. And that is simply not possible.

    History will not be kind to Mr. Obama, nor to his advisors or anyone in Washington. That is, of course, assuming there will BE a history.

  2. I think for many of his supporters this last flip-flop was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    He was going to close Guantanamo. It’s still open, indefinitely.
    He was going to end the war in the Middle East. He’s expanded it. There is no end in sight, ever. We’ve now been in Afghanistan longer than the Soviet Union was. It bankrupted them. It’s doing the same to us. The terrorists have won.
    He was going to have accountability and transparency. No one is accountable. They hide behind national defense for everything from TARP loans to global warming.
    He was going to hold banks accountable. Banks are still gambling on the Wall Street casino and handing out billions in bonuses while screwing local and state governments. The Federal Reserve is bailing out banks all around the world with your kids tax money. No one has been charged with the fraud that is this mortgage debacle.
    He was going to have a clean administration with no lobbyists, then he kept on Junior’s appointees and brought back Clinton’s cabinet.
    He was going to restore our rights and our Constitution, then he took more rights away and started assassinating people.
    He was going to make health care affordable, then he made insurance mandatory and rates still increased.
    Finally, he was going to tax those families making more than $250,000 per year to help lower the deficit, then he didn’t instead calling for increased taxes on gas, removing the home mortgage interest credit, taxing employee health care benefits as income, lowered payments from Social Security, and reduced Medicare.
    Now people are upset, and rightly so. Eight waffles on major platform points will have that effect. It’s obvious the man cannot be trusted and his word is as worthless as our Federal Reserve Notes.

  3. Are liberals racsits now? Making jokes about Obama? That was a crime punishable by death – or at least threats of banishment from the forums – just a couple of short years ago.

    Makes me wonder how One can fall from grace so quickly. Oh, that’s right – it’s American politics, circa 2010.

    To his credit, Obama at least seems able to read the writing on the wall. Not so for his rabid followers, sans the rose-colored glasses of socialistic dementia.

  4. “Democrats? They wonder just how in the hell this guy got in the door.” …extract from article

    I’ll give them an answer. Barack Obama is a synthesized presidential ‘plant’, a product of the CIA and a shill for the flagship party of the wealthy; ie., the Republicans. He’s now receiving kudos from Republicans because he’s acting more like them. He’s their political “Manchurian Candidate” little realizing he’s a creation of Bush & Co’s totally controlled CIA. Barack is simply a ‘holding’ president between “rethug” presidential incumbencies. His personal records indicate involvement with the CIA. He’s a “company man” to the core and his handlers are well pleased with his development and success concerning the op.

    Carl Nemo **==

      • The bottomline to this post WWII ever-evolving plot is to establish a dynasty of MIC friendly pols. The Bush family represents the “sine qua non” of shadowy usurpers who’ve wormed their way to the top or our nation’s intel functions, then morphed them into a successful RICO enterprise following their “Skull and Bones” directives.

        The Clinton’s and Obama’s are nothing but holding presidencies between evermore draconian one’s offered by the “rethugs”. The result is an endless succession of NWO, “thousand points of light”, globalist friendly usurpers in the White House that will enable the shadowy oligarchs’ skewed schemes for ultimate planetary control of all resources and serfs. We’re witnessing corporate feudalism on the rise. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

  5. “I don’t know what the hell he is but it’s not a Democrat.”

    I think that’s code for “he seems like he’s not willing to steal from the producers anymore in order to keep us moochers afloat!”

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