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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Someone frisked India’s ambassador: Bad idea

Meera Shankar. Ambassador to India (AFP)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced concern Thursday about an incident where India’s ambassador to Washington was frisked at an airport and vowed to try to prevent repeat incidents.

“We obviously are concerned about it,” Clinton told reporters. “We will be looking into it and trying to determine both what happened and what we could do to prevent such incidents in the future.”

But Clinton referred reporters to the Department of Homeland Security for any questions relating to the incident.

Indian officials said their envoy to the United States, Meera Shankar, was last week pulled out of the security line at a Mississippi airport and subjected to a “rigorous pat down,” despite her diplomatic status.

India’s Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna told reporters in New Delhi that India will lodge a diplomatic protest with the United States following the incident.

Clinton spokesman Philip Crowley said he was not aware that the protest had actually been lodged yet.

Clinton promised that the US government will be “not only responding to the Indian foreign minister but also reviewing the policies” surrounding treatment of foreign diplomats.

Crowley said: “There are guidelines that have been published on diplomats. They are subject to basic security. So everyone at the airport goes through a basic screening.”

“And beyond that, I’ll defer to the Department of Homeland Security,” he added.

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6 thoughts on “Someone frisked India’s ambassador: Bad idea”

  1. Now they know what we have to go through every time we take a flight. I love the security that allows a kid to attempt to hitch a ride inside the wheel casing only to fall out as the aircraft is on approach to Fortress Logan. Another way to slip on board. Face it…you want to cause havoc for an aircraft there are plenty of ways without even bothering with the TSA mall cops.

  2. “We obviously are concerned about it,” Clinton told reporters. “We will be looking into it and trying to determine both what happened and what we could do to prevent such incidents in the future.”

    You could start by ending x-ray strip searches and indecent groping by TSA agents.

  3. The Bolsheviks run America now.
    Chertoff sound like an Irish name to anyone? No?

    They are doing to the US what they did to Russia in the early 1900’s.
    The party is just getting started folks.

    Lucky for them, most Americans are a product of the public school system and thus never learned about the Bolshevik Revolution, the Armenian Genocide or the “real” Nazi Germany.

    Your papers comrade.

  4. “We obviously are concerned about it,” Clinton told reporters. “We will be looking into it and trying to determine both what happened and what we could do to prevent such incidents in the future.” …extract from article

    Yep this is the type of statement I’d expect from a ‘flannel mouted’ globalist such as “Billary”. She also deferred questions concerning the incident to ‘Homeland Insecurity’. She, her ‘dear leader’, and Congress itself are the root cause of this nightmare. They are now in the catbird seat; I.E., in almost total control while they rape and pillage this nation of not only its remaining wealth, but dignity as once the land of the free and the home of the brave…no more! : |

    Rest assured if anything is done about this frisking incident it will only be for the benefit of our ‘betters’, but not “We the People”.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. An open letter to Ms. Meera Shankar, Indian Ambassador to the United States follows:


    Dear Ms. Shankar,

    Welcome to the United Police State of America!

    I am indeed sorry you were strip searched at one of our airports, but you must understand, this is the country where even our own citizens (never mind ambassadors from foreign lands!) are absolutely guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors (all falling under the heading of “terrorism”) until they are proven innocent

    Until recently, our citizens (and visitors to our country) were presumed innocent until proven guilty. But that was before President George W. Bush decided to trample on our basic constitutional right of habeas corpus, all in the name of “security”.

    Unfortunately, our current President, Mr. Obama, has continued with that approach where ordinary citizens are considered “terrorists” and routinely put on “watch lists” for obscure reasons that are never divulged to those so anointed. No doubt, your “foreign” sounding name and outward physical appearance singled you out for additional screening.

    Indeed, rather than our government trying to see who might own this “terrorist” problem, they’ve sent their FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security goon squads to tap our phones without a warrant, strip search us at airports, sift through our electronic and other mail at will, monitor our Internet conversations and then throw those of us whom they (or their Homeland Security “thought police”) somehow deem are “against them” into jails near and far, usually without due process (let alone any hope of a fair trial!) and all in the name of “protecting” the rest of us from an enemy that they…and their lies…have helped create.

    Sadly, they keep telling us that we are now safer because of what they’ve done. This, too, is a lie because, the only “mission” they’ve really “accomplished” has been to turn our once proud and free nation into an armed camp…a country that now must be ruthlessly controlled by intimidation and fear using our government’s own 21st Century version of George Orwell’s “Big Brother” in order for them (and their extremist goon squads) to stay in power.

    So, once again, I’m deeply sorry that you were treated as a common criminal during your recent trip to Mississippi. But, you must understand, this is the way life has now become in our once great (but now fiscally and governmentally bankrupt) country. Unfortunately, we are ALL now presumed guilty by our government until proven innocent.



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