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Monday, April 22, 2024

Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers


Senate Republicans raised concerns about how to pay for the $7.4 billion bill to provide care for workers.

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2 thoughts on “Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers”

  1. “The bill calls for providing $3.2 billion over the next eight years to monitor and treat injuries stemming from exposure to toxic dust and debris at ground zero. New York City would pay 10 percent of those health costs.” …extract from article

    I know precisely where they can get the money. They need to stop the payment of 2 billion to Pakistan over the next five years for ‘military aid’. Hillary was in on that deal and she’s a Dem to the core. So at least 70% of the needed amount could be kept at home for our folks instead of giving money away to our enemies as ususal.

    Pakistan is not a stalwart ally of the U.S. and as most shakedown artists in third world regions are playing both sides of the conflict equation for their national benefit. Fie on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole lot. There’s others I won’t list that need to have their so-called ‘aid’ pulled too. They aren’t worth one plugged nickel in terms of wasting U.S. tax revenues to save them from whatever. Let the Chinese and Ruskies have them and go broke trying to placate Allah’s children…not! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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