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Monday, June 17, 2024

House Backs Legal Status for Many Young Immigrants


The vote supporting the Dream Act gave President Obama an unexpected although largely symbolic victory in the final days of Democratic control of Congress.

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2 thoughts on “House Backs Legal Status for Many Young Immigrants”

  1. That’s a glib and uniformed look at an important bill. This is to help people who are already in the country and are being ghettoized by racist attitudes like yours. Most undocumented citizens are paying into social security and taxes, even though they will receive no benefits. They work hard in low paying jobs *(if they can find one) while being denied the right to drive or access to health care. Any nuanced look at the impact on the economy shows that granting citizenship to this group of immigrants would have a positive overall effect. (There was an article in the NY Times which summarized this with great lucidity.) To hear Senators who have committed much more serious crimes pontificate on the illegality of someone who crossed a border when they were a child is the height of hypocrisy. This isn’t about the economy or national security. It’s pure racism.

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