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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Food-safety overhaul rides on funding bill


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The biggest overhaul of the U.S. food safety system in decades took a major step toward becoming law on Wednesday when House Democratic leaders folded it into a must-pass bill to fund the U.S. government.

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4 thoughts on “Food-safety overhaul rides on funding bill”

  1. Well, the government isn’t going to shut down, so that is a silly remark, Mr Woody. As far as Mr. Nemo’s comments go, I am really disappointed. Carl, you used to be a lot better at seeing the big picture, and not letting normal politics get in the way.

    What bothers me about food legislation is that this plan is reactive, not intelligently thought out and really, without including meats and fish, worthless. The government is reacting to some twit in some spinach processing plant who went to defecate and did not wash his hands. I worked at a dairy in Northern Virginia and was appalled at the number of truck drivers and in-plant workers who failed to wash their hands after going to the toilet. I said something to management, and was floored by the remark: “What is Coli?” That came from the sales manager, who seemed to be mildly retarded, but still should have known what coliform bacteria are and what they do.

    Seems to be endemic. I remember sitting at a dinner table during the time when someone died from drinking milk from Jewel Food Stores’ Dairy. A Chicago Board of Health Inspector said that the solution was to shorten the dating on milk. This was a totally stupid remark and fortunately his boss knew better and quietly corrected him. Subsequently it was learned that a plant worker turned a valve the wrong way and mixed unpasteurized milk into milk waiting to be bottled. Strangely that valve was misdirected again a few weeks later, and the dairy was shut down permanently–a move the company had tried to do for over a year but could not because of Union issues. Even the Union couldn’t stand up against the fact that two people had died from drinking Jewel’s milk.

    Our legislators are as ignorant of food safety requirements as that health department inspector in Chicago. They have no business legislating rules when they have no idea of whether the measures will work or are the proper course of action. Again we are stuck with politicians who graduated from law school and think they know everything about everything, or have been there so long that they think that Almighty G-d is subservient to them. We need to clean House and Senate, and all we did is bring back a bunch of babies who want to do the opposite of what the other party does, regardless of whether it is the right thing for the American People.

    I am tired of all the political fighting. These people are supposed to be adults. Instead, they sound and act like a bunch of kindergarten babies fighting. How embarrassing. How disgusting. How pathetic.

    • Hi Bill,

      “As far as Mr. Nemo’s comments go, I am really disappointed. Carl, you used to be a lot better at seeing the big picture, and not letting normal politics get in the way.” …extract from post

      There’s no problem with your criticism Bill, but I wish you’d specify particulars concerning myself not seeing the “big picture” good buddy. / : |

      I have no idea if you’ve researched the depth of this bill on Google and its impact on food producers nationwide at all levels. I’m also in touch with ranchers and farmers who produce for the markets and they too are highly concerned and against the possibility of more “red tape” associated with their business. Anyway I did my part, wrote both Senators “snail mail” letters, certified return receipt requested, which I always do even when I send in my tax return. In these times “trust no one”, not even they’ll admit to receiving your correspondence unless you have some proof that it was received. Of my two Senators only Maria Cantwell saw fit to reply concerning this food production issue. I’m not surprised concerning Senator Murray since she’s known as “The Queen of Pork” in D.C. I didn’t vote for her and feel badly that Dino Rossi finally didn’t get a chance in the Senate, so we have to suffer six more years of Patty’s treachery when it comes to doing the wrong, “very expensive” thing for “We the People”.

      Best regards,

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. It’s this type of tactic that best demonstrates what a bunch of ‘slimeballs’ we have representing us.

    The ‘Food Safety” bill SB510 along with the house version has much opposition from small to intermediate producers in the food supply chain. I wrote letters to my Senators and did receive a reply from Senator Maria Cantwell-Dem, WA. It wasn’t a form letter and she assured me that there’s amendments within the bill to protect the small producers, organic truck gardeners, home seedsavers and gardeners too. Hopefully so, but I have my doubts now learning earlier today that the “Food Safety” bill was being added to the vote for funding. / : |

    When they have trouble shoving legislation down our collective throats due to opposition then they’ll attach it to a bill who’s non passage has grave consequences to our nation, therefore they get passage of one of their engineered pieces of globalist friendly crap as a function of the main act.

    They are not only devious, but seemingly terminally dangerous to our nation’s well-being and survival. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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