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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

John (Pravda) “Pat” Philbin – A Team Bush Hero

In what world would fake news masquerade as fact? Where else would a guy get caught making shit up, in public, in the midst of a regional, if not a national emergency, and GET A PROMOTION?

In what world would fake news masquerade as fact? Where else would a guy get caught making shit up, in public, in the midst of a regional, if not a national emergency, and GET A PROMOTION?

I spent some quality time in Ye Ole USSR in 1976. I learned soviet history, language, culture, social studies, and my personal fave, American History. I did not know that the wrong side won our not very Civil War, nor that slave compounds were pre-communistic living accommodations. But I did learn that every release of news from PRAVDA was 90% (or more) pure spin. Five Year Plans were famously reached, most often by a judicious rewrite of the original goals. Often the plans were simply scrapped, the mission was declared accomplished, and a totally different plan was created. In a world where copy machines were considered a danger to society, facts were fluid things. Sound familiar?

With “Pravda” Philbin, our administration has truly outdone itself. When FEMA wanted to pat itself on the back, and very much wanting to avoid any questions that centered on how the IraqNam quagmire harmed our firefighting efforts, it had Philbin hold a Faux Gnus Conference, except that not even Faux Gnus was invited. Instead, several FEMA workers posed as journalists (like Mr. Gannon of White House fame), asked incredibly supportive and friendly questions, then lobbed soft-balls like it was a photo op at the special olympics. Real newsies were banned, although they could listen in on the phone. However, no questions were permitted.

“Pravda” Philbin saw nothing wrong with this spin control, not at first. In fact, it was probably considered standard behavior for a White House that has pushed form over function since it first “took” office.

Luckily, today’s MSM is finally getting tired of being compared unfavorably to a festering, maggot-covered, worm-filled, dead cat, and even they took exception to FEMA’s actions.

In a move that astounded even the most cynical Bush watcher, what happened next can only be described as truly inspired. Obviously a man like “Pravda” could not stay in his position at FEMA. Wasting talent is almost a crime, especially when you have the likes of Monica “Are You Republican/Religious enough?” Goodling setting the standard for hiring and promotion. So, “Pravda Philbin” left his job and was immediately promoted to a much more sensitive and powerful position.

“Pravda” Philbin’s new job? To run the public information shop at the Office of National Intelligence Director headed by Mike McConnell.

What better place to stick a confirmed liar? After all, we were told last week that the NIEs that used to be shared with Congress (and eventually the public) would no longer be given to Congress, EVEN THOUGH THE LAW REQUIRES IT.

Can you imagine the show and tell that will spew forth from the National Intel Director with “Pravda” Philbin in charge?
“Iraq? No, that mission was accomplished. All those 160,000 troops are simply conducting war games.”
“Iran? No, there is no connection to the mobilization orders for 20 nuke armed B-52s, nor the entire fleet of B-2s. Trust us. Would we lie to you?”

For years, the Bush administration bribed journalists, made up fake news releases, even filmed fake reporters pushing forward propaganda on Iraq, Social Security, and many other issues. They tilled the soil, fertilized it, and seeded it with the likes of Judith Miller. In fact, Libby, Rove, Bolton, and other top staffers from Bush, Cheney, Rummie, and Condi Rice were so good at cultivating the brains and ethics of the Main Stream Media, that Judith Miller was quoted as saying her job was NOT to question WH reports, but to promote them.

So, by Bush Standards (if there is such a thing) “Pravda” Philbin’s career advancement should have been obvious. If it becomes final, then there is no depth to which these criminals won’t strive to reach.

– – – – – ON EDIT – – – –

Breaking news: WASHINGTON – The man who staged a fake Federal Emergency Management Agency new conference has lost a chance to be National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell’s top public information officer.

Amazing what a little light under the covers can do. Could it be that we are seeing the Main Stream Media wake up? Or much like the DOJ firings, does it continue to take the intertubes’ questions to make things happen?

– – – – – On EDIT, Part II- – – – –

Rumors are swirling that Philbin will be picked up by a defense contractor on a temp basis, until the heat is off, whereupon he will return to the new position as Nat. Intel. Public Info officer.

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