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Friday, July 19, 2024

Is Obama even worth saving?

President Barack Obama leaves after making a statement to reporters after his meeting with Democratic congressional leaders on a year-end bipartisan agreement to extend expiring tax cuts, at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, part of the White House complex, in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Barack Obama today stands alone — a President without a party that supports him, an electorate that no longer trusts him and and destroyed coalition of independents that feel abandoned and betrayed.

It will take more than slick politics to save Obama’s President. It will take more than an unifying national tragedy. It will take a miracle — the kind of miracle that just doesn’t happen in today’s volatile political environment.

Ironically, the man credited just two years ago with all but destroying the Republican Party is now blamed by Democrats and independents with bringing that party back from near death to the new majority in the House and one poised to recapture the Senate and White House in 2012.  Democratic senior advisers privately tell Capitol Hill Blue that Obama should consider bowing out in 2012.

How it happened is a case study of people theory versus reality while the rise of a volatile, activist electorate with no firm political allegiance means candidates of diverse views can win elections as long as they run primarily against the status quo.

Conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats — driven by tapping the same voter anger against the “corruption in Washington” unseated incumbents or beat the hand-picked heir apparent of standard party leadership.  And while the influx of newcomers from the Tea Party is mostly part of the Republican Party, the anger that brought them to Washington is philosophical, not political, and a new crop of Tea Party hopefuls in 2012 could well fun against the GOP.

And a unifying factor for the right and the left, the conservative and the liberal or the Democrat and the Republican will be one man: Barack Obama — he progressie who wasn’t, the leader who isn’t and the President who ain”t.

Obama has managed to alienate more factions than Jimmy Carter and generates more animosity than George W. Bush.  He is a President without portfolio, a leader without followers and a head of state of a state that many consider a headlesss horseman galloping headlong towards disaster.

Mark Halperin, writing in Time, notes:

The coalition that got Barack Obama elected President just two years ago has been shattered. Gaming out the trajectory of the next two years can be done any number of ways, but Obama’s efforts to rebuild a politically robust alliance will be the most telling. It may be the biggest challenge of his career – and he will need happenstance along with skill if he is going to get it done.

A survey of the political landscape shows that many groups who were part of the 2008-09 Obama coalition have turned on him. Liberals believe he is an overcompromising wimp. The business community considers Obama ignorant about markets at best, a socialist at worst (O.K., some business people entertain an even harsher assessment). The media, after aiding and abetting his ride to the White House, now see the President as incompetent and overwhelmed. The independents and Republicans who backed him for office currently feel he is too liberal and too weak to do the job. These trends are all worse in Washington and among opinion leaders than they are in the country at large, but the views of elites are clearly shaping how the President is perceived by the nation in general.

It’s not often that one sees an American President without a country but it not appears we have one.

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10 thoughts on “Is Obama even worth saving?”

  1. I believed Obama to be “all hat and no cattle” as they say. I was a Hillary supporter, not because I was a Hillary fan, but felt strongly she would do a better job than McCain or the community organizer.
    He had a fluffed up paper thin resume’ and that silly slogan that seemed to stick.
    I don’t blame anyone for voting for Obama. The alternative wasn’t so hot either.
    As for me, I am probably not going to vote in another national election.
    When the choice is between a cup of sewer and a cup of sewer, well, I will just take a pass.

  2. Not in all of history have we witnessed such as was the conflagration of calculated, manipulated, confabulation, and overall directed ineptitude we were made to suffer to the degree of the last Bush presidency.

    Alienate is a big word Robert, why drag the bunny assassin into it?

  3. Is Obama a cause or a symptom? By now it’s obvious that candidate Obama never crossed the bridge to President Obama. His whining at his latest press conference confirms for me that this individual is the most egocentric self-absorbed person to ever occupy the White House. I think this is the result of the systme we now have, and Obama is just the latest sampling of very expensive mediocrity.

    Doug Thompson has on more than one occasion expressed his opinion about how corrupt our system is. While not a trained historian, my lifelong interest in it leads me to believe that some watershed event is going to be the catalyst that blows the roof off the house. I don’t know how or in what fashion, but looking back at presidents, senates, and congresses over the decades of my life, the quality keeps eroding. When it gets to the point that the American voter is given a choice between shinola or shyte, they can’t rightly be blamed for making the “wrong choice’ because there never was one in the first place.

    I have a good friend, going back over 40 years. Being a disabled veteran is no bowl of cherries, but my friend wound up in Vietnam and the consequences were horrendous. We talk politics a lot, and we both voted for Obama out of hope. And faith. We feel betrayed by Obama’s actions, and wonder what is going to happen next. I DO know that people like us, despite a love for our nation and having walked the walk, are not even on the radar of our “leaders.”

    So, if President Obama is miffed at our sense of outrage and disappointment, then I guess he can label me an ingrate. Keep reassuring me as you have been doing sir, and I can guarantee you that I won’t meet you at the polls in 2012.

  4. The GOP is no longer a reliable point of view. The agenda is lost in a search for an American Idol. The Republican National Committee has no valid agenda except the words of Limbaugh. Listening to Fox and Limbaugh has captured the minds of the weakest among us. 18 years of watching television has mesmerized the working brains of people.

    Years ago I read a series of historical novels on the men behind the Inquisition. They worked through the individual churches and managed to empower the people of England, France and Spain into following the orders within the bible. I can think of no better example of hatred between human beings. Many Americans today often refer to “Raymond’s Mother’ which is a character from The Manchurian Candidate.” The movie passed quickly over the actual brainwashing that was used on Raymond and his fellow prisoners.

    I watch an ultra liberal cable news channel knowing that I know the difference between right and wrong. What I cannot tolerate is the essence of taxing Americans a la Robin Hood. Life is not fair; people like Elizabeth had to bury her first son and then ended up marrying a wimp and adulteror.

    The redistribution of wealth has died under a Liberal President. Get over it!


  5. Yeah. He’ll be a one-term president, if we’re lucky.

    After Bush (GW) and Obama, I don’t have a lot of confidence that the American electorate will do better the next time. They’ll vote for whoever the media’s infatuated with at the time. And that will be whoever the media corporations are told that they will be infatuated with. And on it goes.

    Yes. God Bless America.


  6. Obama’s biggest problem is that he came into office thinking his victory made him the KING. He could make everything his way or the highway. He could appoint executive branch Czars to do his bidding outside the constitutional order. He could force his opinions of what Americans should want into law… or maybe better, his policy. In a word, he could IGNORE what anyone wanted besides himself. At this juncture he has shown that even his supporters… his coalilition… need no heed.

    Now, none of this would necessarily be bad, if the people were of the same mind, but the problem is that he’s got an entire world view that is at odds with who we are as a people and a country. We’ll be much better off when he’s gone.

    God Bless America.

  7. It’s my personal assessment that Barack Obama doesn’t like the job of President and will be quite satisfied with a single term. He’s set for life with a nominal 4.5 million per annum retirement along with SS protection etc. He’ll make a fortune on the speaking circuit no different than Bill Clinton and no doubt will start a foundation too.

    Bill Clinton’s foundation has grown to over a half billion dollars. His wife as Secretary of State is endlessly making business contacts along with Bill’s connections and no doubt will continue bring up the bottom line for both of them post holding office. So life is good for ‘retired’ preesidents even it only a single term.

    Barack Obama’s presidency has served a purpose as simply a synthesized candidate ready to be activated and used when necessary on the part of the Republicans who are the flagship party of the wealthy elite. He’s demonstating he’s definitely a friend of the wealthy class to date. His ‘compromise’ on this issue was a fait accompli from the beginning; ie, him rolling over and not allowing the tax cuts to expire and rest assured they’ll be extended again unless national insolvency comes home to roost prior to 2012. Besides whatever tax revenues to be derived from taxing the wealthy class are coming far too late and won’t make a dent in paying down any public debt. When you are dealing in trillions of dollars, the debt has moved into the astronomical numbers zone. There is to be no redemption for this nation with the likes of this president et al. before him along with our now totally corrupt Congressional contingent.

    Carl Nemo **==

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