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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Barack Obama completes his sell-out


President Barack Obama: What do you want now massa? (AP)

Barack Obama’s metamorphosis from symbol of change in Washington to puppet of a system still dominated by the Republican Party is complete.  The great black hope of progressives is gone, replaced by a new “yes sir” servant for the mostly-white elite that have run things for so long.

Ignoring the Democratic and Independent base that gave him the highest job in the land, Obama announced agreement with Republicans Monday night, extending the Bush-era tax cuts that helped drive America into the greatest recession of modern times while depending on unspecified and largely-unidentified loans from foreign governments to finance an extension of jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed along with a one-year reduction in Social Security taxes.

Progressives and others who bought into the Obama drama during the 2008 election feel rightly betrayed while Republicans once again savor a victory over a political novice who proves over and over that he has neither the capacity for governing nor the backbone for leadership.

Obala’s capitulation is a massive reversal of his long-standing promise from 2008 that tax cuts should only go up to $200,000 for individuals and$250,000 for couples. Now he says he still opposes the move on a “permanent” basis and supports “only” a “temporary” two-year extension of cuts at all income levels.

Few Democrats and even fewer independent buy the President‘s shell game.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is so pissed he issued a statement through spokesman Jim Maloney, saying saying “now that the President has outlined his proposal, Senator Reid plans on discussing it with his caucus tomorrow.”

Senate sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that the caucus meeting will be “anything but cordial” and some Democrats are “on the verge of mutiny” over Obama’s capitulations.

“The President sold out,” said one senior hill aide. “He sold out his party and he sold out the American people.”

Republicans, of course, offer praise for Obama, characterizing the President’s change of heart the way plantation owners might treat a once-rebellious slave who became a tool for the ruling class and helped put down a rebellion.

“I am optimistic that Democrats in Congress will show the same openness to prevening tax hikes the administration has already shown,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

That optimism may the short-lived. Democrats feel backed into a corner right now but they may, in the long run, tune out to be less spineless than their leader.  And Obama must one day realize that his opposition still considers the color of his skin as a reason to dismiss all dreams of his Presidency — even the good ones.

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19 thoughts on “Barack Obama completes his sell-out”

  1. Setting aside your replies to various articles; I like your ‘moxie” dear lady! Thanks for gracing this site with your presence. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Two-hundred thirty-six years is all it took to turn a nation of freedom-loving, independent, self-sufficient, resourceful innovators in to the sniveling, cowardly, dependent, mindless, pauper debt slaves that we are today.

    Well said griff. Well said.

    But who cares, we still gots da cable, Budlight, and there’s a game on TV!

  3. It was my unfortunate bad luck to actually see part of His press conference today. F**king customers and their damned televisions!

    The recurring theme throughout was how much we Americans need help as this “recovery” strengthens. From the same people, of course, that caused all these problems to begin with. Duh?!

    That’s right, folks. Two-hundred thirty-six years is all it took to turn a nation of freedom-loving, independent, self-sufficient, resourceful innovators in to the snivelling, cowardly, dependent, mindless, pauper debt slaves that we are today. Oh, I left out beggars.

    I really liked when he tipped his hat to the Federal Reserve for rescuing the economy from the brink of a disaster that itself had engineered. My hero! Thanks Fed, for living up to your mandate “to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.” To borrow a line from Lord Bush, Heckuva job, Bennie!

    I’ll be looking for that helicopter over my house so I can buy that loaf of bread I’ve been eyeballing at the grocery store. Unless, of course, I’m lucky enough to lose my job and enjoy 99 weeks of poverty-level “benefits” in lieu of actually managing to become gainfully employed again. According to our Messiah-in-Chief, that’s all that’s required to jump-start the economy again – all of America on unemployment.

  4. Doug, with all due respect, I disagree with the word “completed” as used here. President Obama still has two more years to show how super-intelligent he is while simultaneously proving that stupid is everywhere.

    I feel like I contracted a guy to negotiate a house purchase for me. The asking price was $95,000 (I live in the rural South so that figure is not out of whack). So this guy goes to the realtor and first thing proclaims that his client will go at least to $115,000. The realtor is shocked, but does his duty and reports it all to his client. My super-intelligent representative finds out that the price is now $125,000.

    And that is Obama. Either he is totally clueless, or is satisfying a hidden agenda that no one knows about. I’m not ready to concede Carl Nemo’s point about Obama being a tool of the CIA, for my experience with intelligence types leads me to believe they are incapable of ortganizing ANYTHING that works.

    I voted for Harry Truman; the nation badly needs one. Instead I got Harry Potter, waving a magic wand that only he can see. I would borrow a phrase from the rural community and advise President Obama not to be stepping in the stuff he is trying to sell us.

    If there are those who object to Doug’s usage of terms that might be considered racist, let me remind them that Mr. Obama & co. are not racist in the slightest. They really aren’t. They are, however, extremely sensitive to the class they now belong to, and that little club excludes about 99.9% of the population. In 1995 Michael Lind wrote a piece about “The Overclass,” and Obama fits it to a tee.

    There is always room on the lifeboats for those on the upper deck. Welcome to the Titanic. It’s a long, long swim for the great unwashed.

  5. The Democrats in Congress should block this compromise? Don’t you think that is a bit naive? The Democrats in the Senate couldn’t get enough votes together to pass the bill the President really wanted last Saturday. I don’t think you can blame Obama for not getting the legislation he wants: He doesn’t get to write bills and force Congress to pass them! All he could do is play a game of chicken with his veto stamp, and that does nothing constructive for the country.

    If you want to blame somebody for thwarting Obama’s promise of change, blame the DINOs (AKA Blue Dogs) who refuse to vote for their party’s bills. As long as wealthy donors play such a major role in politics, it will be highly unlikely tax rates will rise.

  6. Doug , you hit this one out of the park. The big O has become the ultimate ‘Oreo Cookie’ and Uncle Tom. Any self respecting Chicago pol is rolling on the floor with laughter. Hopefully our Allies and Enemies don’t pay attention to domestic politics.
    How can anyone respect a “leader” who folds before the hand is dealt. As Kevin Bacon said in ‘Animal House’…” Please Sir one more wack.”
    The Dems left in Congress should say NO and let the chips fall. To think they passed on Hillary for this fraud. Imagine her in this situation, even a “Momma Grizzly” would cringe.

  7. Bryan, it is no secret that the majority of Americans are fixated on an equal redistribution of wealth. With the loss and closure of so many American Corporations, money is even more difficult to make by individuals. Any subject on wealth in America no longer mentions using integrity to gather wealth. This is no long a subject of interest with the voters. Even the meekest among us want to change the rules of financing the elections. We are heading for a government-run set of campaigns. Until this One World Global mess, it was quite possible to trade freely and make money through our own talents. Now our money is limited and there is just so much to go around. We have morphed into emotional socialists. Orwell had it right and we will have to wait our turn for wealth.

    The agenda of the Conservatives is based on faith in God, faith in Greed and how to use the system until it is gone. It is gone! America is too stupid to see what was lost. There is no way any voter will give up anything to save the nation. They pray, The government will stop us from growing our own food just as they stopped us from smoking. I do not blame President Obama as he is learning daily and hopefully correcting his mistakes. His single act of fixing the trade agreement with South Korea is the light in the closet. How can we fix the other unfair trade agreements? How can we allow our American products to make a profit for America in America?

    • “I do not blame President Obama as he is learning daily and hopefully correcting his mistakes.” …extract from post

      Umm, Ms. Price! Hello?! Barack Obama is no dummy and knows exactly what he’s doing. He cut his teeth in Chicago interfacing with the likes of Tony Rezco et al. of the same persuasion.

      He’s a synthesized ‘judas goat’ that made his way to the top through slick advertising and a blackout as to his questionable past including connections to the CIA. His records are sealed and for the most part whatever path investigators have taken they run into a dead end concerning verification of his bonafides.

      As CEO of the United States he has a ‘veto pen’ and the ability to steer Congress his way by simply creating strong guidelines as to what he will or will not accept on his desk for signature.

      He could have said: Ok guys I’m for letting the tax cuts expire for everyone if you don’t play ball my way. Any legislation coming to my desk that doesn’t meet my criteria will be vetoed…period! So by using such a tactic he would have put the “rethugs” in a bind in that this session of Congress is winding down and they best play ball or their wealthy sponsors would take it in the shorts so to speak while they would gain the ire of the middle class for screwing them over as usual too. Instead he conveniently rolls over like a puppy eager to have his tummy scratched and calls it a ‘compromise’. Meanwhile Rome burns financially speaking. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Yes he did roll the dice Sandra, but he knew they were loaded for snake eyes and this last episode proves it because we have seen him conveniently dropped like a 5 cent token into the conservatives Trillion dollar slot machine.

      Sure he makes noises that unemployment benefits will be extended and other sectors of the jobs debacle will be addressed, but only the most naive think that the incoming majority of the House hasn’t already come up with a scheme to repeal any and all good that could possibly come from his deal making.

      It stinks when someone of my limited education can see through the smoke and then have to stand by while the so called smartest people in the room dismantle every last vestige of fairness and equality that this nation is founded upon.

      His capitulation is fanfare for a silent death knell, because the Liberty Bell has been melted down for scrap.

  8. Race baiting, eh Doug?

    Why did he “change” direction? Maybe the midterm results? Afraid of bigger losses in 2012? Republicans convinced him he could raise his reputation and maybe even his future electability by “saving” the country from near certain bankruptcy – using their prescriptions?

    It seems to me – and apparently now to him, as well – that the message the majority of midterm voters was sending is “enough is enough”. Cut spending, reduce taxes, slash useless programs… whatever is necessary to restore national solvency.

    Now it’s clear that that job is bigger and much more rapacious than most of that voting majority understands, but even having said that, what is the alternative for a country that wants to maintain its super status?

    Clearly, it isn’t where he was headed before.

    • I think I have to agree with you on this one almandine. Sure he has mellowed out a bit as he won’t be electable again if he doesn’t. The last election proved this, the nation does not want to go down that path, it just took him a while to see/hear what the people said.

  9. The Democrats are pissed ? That’s hoot..
    Their new Shaft turned out to be nothing more than a flaccid Mandingo.
    Goodbye prosperity, so long America..

    • Obama is a sell out… he did nothing for the unemployed… the 99er’s… got nothing!!! the 13 month extension is what they had before this deal… there are 17 million unemployed… and they will at some time..all reach 99 weeks… and that’s it… they extended the tax cut for the rich from 2001 and 2003.they get 9 years . so why not extend the 99er’s more weeks… for the people who need help… with mortgages and small kids singles moms etc.. they are the one who will hurt… and eventually all unemployed if they do not find a low paying job will reach 99 weeks… then what… Obama turned his back to the people that need the most help… and I am extremely sick and tired of Obama and the rest of the politicians saying… “”and God bless America””” give me a break… you just damned 17 million Americans.. like one of the progressive news reporters said…. this will ensure that Obama gets a strong challenge in the democratic primaries… Good!!! I will vote for who ever that is… Obama needs to be a one term president… what a sell out….

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