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Friday, June 14, 2024

W.H. continues copyright crackdown


File-sharing websites are a new target as the administration focuses on movies, music and drugs.

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1 thought on “W.H. continues copyright crackdown”

  1. “The White House’s [ intellectual property czar], Victoria Espinel,…” extract from article my brackets

    Gee, another of our dear leader’s ‘czar’ appointees. Seemingly she should be called the ‘czarina’…no? / : | There’s over thirty of them at this point in time. None of them were vetted by Congress, an example of cronyism at its worst. Why is it that we must suffer the indignity of these pre-revolutionary Ruskie titles. The Czar’s were just as brutal as the commies that replaced them when it came to putting their boot on the collective necks of the serfs that slaved to plump their bottomline. So too Americans have become tax serfs to our smug, statist interlopers that sit in the White House along with their coterie of ‘czars’ and advisers many if not most that can be linked to our national travails to date going back as far as the Reagan/Bush era to present.

    The salient issue; is the administration going to lean heavily on the world’s worst pirates concerning intellectual property; ie, the Chinese? Not a chance as they continue to genuflect and suckup to our financial betters, thanks to our crimpol leadership for creating this now dangerous monolith.

    This entire story is just a bunch of ‘feelgood’ pap for public consumption. Meanwhile we’re still headed to the bottom with this collective of madmen and women on the bridge, none of them cleared to navigate the hazardous waters that our nation finds itself in these times.

    Carl Nemo **==

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