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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Obama Pays Visit to Afghanistan


After a secret overnight flight, President Obama visited at a critical moment in the American-led war.

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15 thoughts on “Obama Pays Visit to Afghanistan”

  1. Is it a single or two pop Deere?
    Streaky let me ride her home from the crick..Later to give better than two gallons of milk.
    Simpler times for another cross section examination of a nations worth along with her peril.
    Never thought night would be this dark…

  2. Okay, I’ll bid one 1955 Oliver 60. 5 x 2 speed two way axle, double reverse. Pulls a three bottom plow all day.
    Pop made me walk to get the cows.

  3. Some say this little blue orb is the last cradle of man, whilst others wander headlong into a sense of , what is there too lose?

  4. If I could envision skepticism I’m quite sure I’d be looking back at myself.
    I’m not sure I’m privy to face either adversity without fear, but I grew up depending on America to cradle me if I cradled her.
    I am remiss.

    That said, critical vs practical takes over and looking for middle ground and somewhere to stand near any politician buzzing out tag lines or spew points dismays me wherein their obvious futility is orchestrated.
    Bad actors get elected, in fact, one of them came from Hollywood.
    The other most recent one, is from Chicago.
    A purported Constitutional scholar and ” critical ” thought master, flipped like the good egg that money can bully.

    If you haven’t seen Charlie Wilson’s War make sure you witness the last scene, Charley , tasking the appropriations committee, post Russian occupation.. LLamraf

  5. Critical, as in… can we deflect their (citizens) attention long enough for them to forget the moment, the election, the new congress, the economy, unemployment, the lies we’ve told them, etc???

  6. It surely has to be an electric fiddle of the type that all political rock stars deploy to drown out the woeful truth of the oboe, or wicked leaks.

    How many more times / years will the rehearsals and the parade of Presidents go on, and how can you possibly get the same crowd fired up for yourself, O blah blah,
    after Dubya has played the same room?

    Reckoning on continuing the wreaking of havoc in the name of our soiled international diplomatic policy, you, Mr President stand before our volunteer youth with empty pockets, sweaty palms, and what is most assuredly not a potato causing the protrusion from the backside of those seersucker pants..

    We know you crapped out the first day in office Sir, so why must you travel on our dime to rub it in the faces of those that continue to serve their sworn duty to country when you Sir have run like crap through a goose from it ?

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