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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Obama in Afghanistan, says troops making progress


BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (Reuters) – President Barack Obama praised American troops for “important progress” against militants in Afghanistan, during an unannounced visit to a U.S. airbase outside the capital on Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Obama in Afghanistan, says troops making progress”

  1. This trip is just another publicity stunt on the part of this president. Notice too his ever-grinning pitch man “General Betrayus” at his side. Damn, I swear the general looks like “Gomer Pyle”, my apologies Gomer. No doubt they had CIA ‘bag men’ onboard the Presidential flight loaded to the gunnels with c-notes to hand off to Karzai & Co.; another installment to further our now failed attempt at establishing “Empire Americanus”. In that part of the world you win support by ‘greasing palms’. It’s a time-honored practice. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Progress means opium production has stabilized, contractors are fully funded and free to supply tribal chiefs with young boys for pleasure, and Hamid Karzai will be able to easily rig the next election.

    Mothers and their children will still be slaves to the whims of religious debauchery as well as stoning and public mutilation.

    U.S. taxpayer funds will also continue to pour in this bottomless pit to shore up a decadent and immoral society, for what we are told will be the greater good for all because the Taliban / Al Kiddin aside factions have perfected underwater Camel warfare that at this very moment lurks below the depths just beyond the twelve mile limits of NYC.

    Witness not the making of great meaningful history, but of the reversal that takes place when power is centralized amongst the few. Woe, we are past ye, and alas can no longer be relevant.

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