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Friday, January 27, 2023

Cables Depict Afghan Graft, Starting at Top


American officials trying to build support for the Afghan government are dispirited by its corruption.

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1 thought on “Cables Depict Afghan Graft, Starting at Top”

  1. Surprise…surprise…to no surprise at all! We’ve been hearing about Afghani corruption for at least 30 years going back to the Russian incursion into Afghanistan and actually goes back for a very long period before that, how about 1400 years plus.

    That’s how these neolithic tribal types operate and survive.

    The West; it’s values are as oil and water to these regions who are steeped in Islam and it’s belief system illusions relative to their God and prophets such as Muhammed, the afterlife etc. / : |

    I’m glad this issue concerning corruption in Afghanistan has been outed. Rest assured it’s is occurring in Iraq too and this article will be forgotten within less than 24 hours of its posting on the web.

    Carl Nemo **==

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