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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bill Clinton: WikiLeaks will cost lives


He makes his first public comments on the issue that has embroiled his wife’s State Department.

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1 thought on “Bill Clinton: WikiLeaks will cost lives”

  1. Hillary Clinton has said that WikiLeaks’ acts are illegal and the former president echoed that view, saying that the site’s founder and editor Julian Assange knows he did something criminal. “That doesn’t mean that he did succeed in evading the reach of American law,” Bill Clinton said, …extract from Politico article

    It’s amazing that this former arch “Criminal in Chief” has the hubris to make any comment about law and order and the administration of justice. He’s no longer licensed to practicie law and his wife is no better when it comes to ethics and respect for the law. These two are experts at pulling the wool over “We the People’s”s eyes all for a ‘buck or two more”.

    I’ve supplied the link to the Chinagate scandal. This man sold us all down the river and put our nation at grave risk by giving the “Red Chinese” a nominal 20 year leap in nuclear weapons and delivery technology back in the 90’s due to his love affair with the flawed theory of “multi-polarity”; ie., no nation should have a decisive military advantage over another. If that’s the case then his Mrs. should quit bitching about Iran getting nuclear weps…no?

    In addition within this article he makes comments about cleaning up Wall Street and to get banks lending again. He must be suffering onset memory dysfunction because he was the ‘evil clown’ that signed off on Gramm-Leach-Bliley casting aside Glass-Steagall that had protected this nation against the type of nightmare that unfolded within ten years of him stepping down from office.

    Everything associated with the Clintons from their involvement with Iran/Contra with then ‘governor’ Bill allowing an illegal CIA base in Mena, Arkansas to their endless intrigues and shenanigans while in office to placing our nation at high risk of a successful nuclear attack on behalf of the Chinese would warrant him getting life in prison without parole, no different then Jonathan Pollard, Israel’s premier spy who compromised our entire SIGINT library.

    He and his wife represent two of the most evil entities that could have ever made it to our highest office, shy of the “Dick and George” show with us now all suffering the presence of an interim “cutout” for a president between “rethug” regimes.

    Thank the gods that there are the Julian Assange’s of this world regardless of his motives otherwise the average planetary citizen/dolt will continue to think their government is looking out for their best interests; instead they are selling us all out daily to foreign nationals using the U.S. Treasury as their personal piggybank along with all the crooked business connections they are making along the way so they can get even richer post holding office. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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