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Friday, July 19, 2024

Putin: Russia will build more nukes without START


He says the nation will have to arm itself if the U.S. reveals a “very dumb nature” by failing to ratify.

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2 thoughts on “Putin: Russia will build more nukes without START”

  1. It would be of a “very dumb nature” for the Russian government to spend money to build up their nuclear arsenal. Their economy has leveled out but they still have an infrastructure in desperate need of modernization, a shrinking workforce and their people still live in relative poverty. Yet here we have the strong man of Russia, Vladimir Putin, threatening to build up Russia’s nuke armory if America won’t sign a treaty forbidding Russia from building up it’s nuke armory. And the lame stream media is eating it up.

  2. Vladimir Putin is a “thug”, plain and simple. He’s a former head of the KGB and has killed many men and possibly some women too with his own hands. He’s even admitted as such.

    So “Vlad the Ruskie Thug” is going to build more nukes…say what? Per a Wiki article and the FAS (Federation of American Scientists) they are now sitting on an active stockpile of 4650 warheads with ourselves at 2468. Evidently Vlad doesn’t think that’s enough…say what?

    I’m thinking folks would enjoy reading this 2001 article concerning Vlad and his son taking a float trip down the Colorado River. It will give one insight as to this man’s personal metric. Make no mistake he’s quite bright, fit, and cunning like a Russian wolf and very dangerous to boot all the makings of a solid Ruskie…gangster in chief.

    “Down the River with Vladimir Putin” :

    Carl Nemo **==

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