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Friday, April 12, 2024

Rand Paul compared Obama to Hitler


Rand Paul: Another stupid statement

Rand Paul, the GOP Senator-elect from Kentucky, in a 2009 interview, compared President Barack Obama‘s rise to power to Adolph Hitler‘s ascension to control of Nazi Germany.

The comparison, not unusual for the shoot-from-the-lip Paul, came during an interview with conspiracy propagandist Alex Jones.

According to blogger Tanya Somanader, Paul said:

You know, Rahm Emanuel, who’s chief adviser to President Obama, said “let no good crisis go past without allowing government to grow.”

And it’s happened before. When you have severe crisis, that’s when sometimes strong leaders arise. You had the money destroyed in Germany in 1923 and out of that chaos came Hitler who promised that these awful people were the ones doing this to you and we need to round them up and put them in camps.

In the interview, Paul also suggested Obama supporters should wear “brown shirts” and predicted the health care reform legislation could lead to martial law.

Noted writer Sahil Kapur on Raw Story:

The comparison of Obama to one of history’s most despised monsters is gratuitous and lacking in substance, but this view and similarly controversial rhetoric has been an often-expressed view on placards and posters at Tea Party rallies.

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