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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Obama plays Annie: ‘The sun will come out tomorrow’

A Thanksgiving ritural: Pardoning the turkey (Reuters)

Saying America has a history of doing what it takes to make a better tomorrow, President Barack Obama is calling on a country climbing out of its worst economic slump in decades to summon that spirit again this holiday season.

“This is not the hardest Thanksgiving America has ever faced. But as long as many members of our American family are hurting, we’ve got to look out for one another,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address, released for Thanksgiving.

“As long as many of our sons and daughters and husbands and wives are at war, we’ve got to support their mission and honor their service,” Obama added. “And as long as many of our friends and neighbors are looking for work, we’ve got to do everything we can to accelerate this recovery and keep our economy moving forward.”

In the weekly Republican message, Georgia Rep.-elect Austin Scott characterized the 85-member incoming freshman class as a “new breed of leaders for a new majority and a new Congress” and said they stand ready to turn around the country.

The GOP won control of the House in elections earlier this month and will take over in January.

“As much as we have to be thankful for, too many Georgians and too many Americans have been out of work for far too long,” Scott said. “Our new Republican majority is ready to focus on creating jobs and putting a stop to the runaway spending in Washington, D.C.

Mindful of the new political reality taking shape in Washington, a new order in which Democrats no longer will rule both the White House and Congress, Obama wove another call for bipartisanship into his holiday message.

He said one political party won’t be able to solve all the country’s problems.

“We’ve got to do it as one people,” the president said. “And in the coming weeks and months, I hope that we can work together, Democrats and Republicans and independents alike, to make progress on these and other issues.” He cited jobs and economic recovery among the issues.

Obama is to meet at the White House on Tuesday with congressional leaders from both parties, a session originally announced for Nov. 18 but was delayed a week and a half after Republicans said they couldn’t accommodate the president.

Obama was spending Thanksgiving at the White House with family and friends.

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13 thoughts on “Obama plays Annie: ‘The sun will come out tomorrow’”

  1. Drop the the ‘m’ from Nemo and you have…? 😀

    Take the red pill if you too want to be set free. Quick now! Here comes Agent Smith along with his NWO enforcement goons. : ))

    Neo **==

  2. “So maybe it was capitalistically imposed communism that caused the problem.” …extract from reply

    That’s precisely the crux of the link material provided by Griff and it also seems that’s where this nation and the world at large is headed; ie, capitalist controllers morphed into fascists managing a population that will settle for statist enforced communism. They, the corporatist/fascists, steal control of everything within our field of vision ‘legally’ while leaving the masses to live under a “nanny state” condition of communist slavery with the necessaries of life being rationed.

    In agronomy, this phenomonenon as a function of cross-breeding is called “hybrid vigor” which is bad for a healthy society, but very good for the shadowy oligarchs who are now in the process of carving up planet earth into simply enterprise zones for the purpose of husbanding a burgeoning population of human cattle as a function of their elitist world viewpoint.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Yes, there was a movie made about our reality… The Matrix.

      Cool coats and sunglasses and dodging bullets in slow motion, as long as you didn’t wake up. It’s entertainining to have parlor debates about socialism and capitalism, economies and politics — but the fact is we are all tapped and supplying our life energy to the corporate Matrix machine, “Hello, Mr. Smith!”.

      Help me out here, I forget, do I take the blue one or the red one?

    • I am procrastinating this morning and so went to the link posted above. Sorry to report that my limited mental acuity has prevented me from deriving any actionable lesson from the article. Actually, there didn’t appear to be a lesson at all, unless the unequivocal statement that some undefined form of capitalism, re: the great Pilgrim Experiment, is better than jeezus for the saving of our collective butts? Where do I sign up, what do I need to do, and who’s the Boss?

      Never mind, I figured it out for myself, I’m going to farm turkeys.

      • It’s a lesson in capitalism versus socialism. Private property ownership versus communism.

        People starved under a communal structure and thrived when given a personal stake in their own future.

        Pretty simple, I would think.

        • Except that the communal structure was imposed by a corporate structure (I read that in the article, I’m not making it up) in order to guarantee a return on investment. So maybe it was capitalistically imposed communism that caused the problem.

          These words, socialism and capitalism, are worse than meaningless when used as codewords for one’s private, and narrow, worldview. Unchallenged, and unchallengeable, they are bulwarks against useful discussion and meaningful work towards any kind of functionality.

          What’s pretty simple is, I don’t know what you are talking about. And there is nothing in what you have said that I can use to change anything in the world.

  3. “Predacious”, Carl? What a great word. Is that a contraction for predatory, rapacious and audacious? Happy holiday…… I personally hope the turkeys get even.

    • Happy T-Day to you and yours DejaVuAllOver. Thanks for the your thoughtful input throughout the year too.


      pre·da·cious also pre·da·ceous (pr-dshs)
      1. Living by seizing or taking prey; predatory.
      2. Given to victimizing, plundering, or destroying for one’s own gain: “the most vicious, predacious, esurient and desperate elements of this society” (Claude Brown).


      Carl Nemo **==

      • How’z about
        “kon-stee-two-shunnel a-mend-munt”
        entering our vocabulary; to clearly strip “personhood” from non-persons, like corporations?

        Perhaps if the now obligatory temptation to bow to the bags of money was removed, our “crimpols” might be able to behave more dignificationally?

        GHL proposed such many moons ago and I have lost the neat language that he proffered. I do remember quite distinctly that a deafening hush fell over the Ranters on the subject.

        There are a number of national efforts underway for the purpose, which could use support. Many of them are restricted to the narrower issue of money = free speech; a noble start but not as thorough as the constitutional defining of non-persons as non-persons.

        How about we vocally place the ludicriosity of allowing abstract business forms to impersonate citizens on the national agenda? If a gaggle of uneducated and largely incoherent teabaggers can dominate the media with idiotology, why can’t saner folks do the same in lampooning insanity?

        “Ho, Macklin; draw a whisky und let’s be friends!”

        • You are correct logtroll as well as GHL about the need for such an amendment. The problem is the very perpetrators of our national angst are the people that must stand behind such a process. They surely aren’t going to destabilize their now wholely owned “crooked casino” known as the USA along with its rigged markets and banking connections in order to make things right for “We the People”. We are now seemingly captive to a crooked cabal which includes all three branches of government, their ‘club’ and we aren’t in it.

          “If a gaggle of uneducated and largely incoherent teabaggers can dominate the media with idiotology, why can’t saner folks do the same in lampooning insanity?” …extract from post

          I think the following best describes why inferior entities can hijack a nation turning it into a travesty both in terms of commerce and justice.


          “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
          Are full of passionate intensity…”

          …extract from “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats


          Carl Nemo **==

          • I don’t discount the attitude that it all is hopeless… I just don’t capitulate to it. Senator Tom Udall is backing an amendment against money = free speech, which is worth getting behind.

            Still, the essential point is that free speech = us is not necessarily a lost cause. I am presently working the local tea partiers on the subject and they are responding against the corpors as good libertarians should. It hasn’t connected with them that their moronic ideology was crafted by the Borg, so they are not feeling any sense of mutiny as yet. I’m hoping that by the time that connection is made, they will feel betrayed by their masters.

            Don’t toss in the towel until it’s got at least a quart of your precious red stuff on it, my friend. The enemy ain’t got no red stuff to bleed.

  4. “President Barack Obama is calling on a country [climbing out of its worst economic slump] in decades to summon that spirit again this holiday season.” …extract from article my brackets

    There’s nothing quite like hopeful euphemisms dispensed from the mouths of grifters. It’s surely tough to climb out a slump or the swamp especially the “quicksand” of an engineered crisis at the the hands of mega-banksters and insurers, the likes of Goldman Sachs & Co., along with a conciliatory “bailout happy” Congress and White House, handing out our tax debt dollars willy nilly, future consequences be damned.

    Things have been great for corporate AmeriKa, but surely not for the folks on main street. Where are the jobs? They’ve been exported to cheap labor markets wherever leaving a once proud America as nothing but whalebone on the beach the shore birds picking the last scraps of flesh from the carcass.

    He and his predacious kind are eating Thanksgiving dinner while enjoying the “good life” in the White House and their estates at our collective expense. I hope they all get a mega case of indigestion today and throughout the holiday season. Fie on them all. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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