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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Delay trial jurors close in on a verdict

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay waits for his attorneys to finish paperwork inside the Travis County courthouse in Austin. Texas jurors in the money laundering trial of DeLay are to return for their first full day of deliberations on Tuesday Nov. 23, 2010, one day after sending the judge questions seeking clarification about the criminal charge. (AP Photo/Jack Plunkett)

The jury in the money laundering trial of former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay could be getting close to reaching a verdict.

Jurors were to resume deliberating Wednesday, a day after asking various legal questions that prompted the judge to say they weren’t on the right track. But at the end of the day, jurors indicated they were making progress.

Deliberations began Monday.

Prosecutors allege DeLay helped illegally funnel $190,000 in corporate campaign donations to Texas legislative races in 2002 in a move that ultimately helped send more Republicans to Congress.

DeLay has denied any wrongdoing, saying no corporate money went to Texas candidates.

The former Texas congressman is charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

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