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Sunday, June 23, 2024

American voters don’t want a second term from Obama

The glare of national disapproval shines on Obama (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Memo to Barack Obama: You might want to start freshening up your resume because because a majority of American voters don’t think you deserve a second term in office.

A new poll from Oquinnipiac University shows 49 percent of American voters don’t think Obama should have a second term with 43 percent saying he does.

And those questioned put the President in a dead heat with potential GOP challengers Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

American voters blame Obama for the continually high unemployment rate and the piss-poor condition of the U.S. economy.

The Nov. 2 election saw voters throwing out Democrats from their Congressional seats and many of the voters polled say Obama deserves the same fate if he runs again in 2012.

Meanwhile, Democratic insiders in Washington meet behind closed doors and talk privately of the possible need of a challenger to the incumbent President.

“The President is a drain on the party,” one long-time political consultant tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “There’s a growing feeling that he should not be sitting on the top of the ticket in 2012.

Strong challenges to an incumbent President from within his own party are rare but even die-hard Democrats say Obama is a failure who drags the party down and hurts any chance from a rebound to the pasting the party took on Nov. 2.

Some talk of trying to urge the President to take the extraordinary turn of not seeking a second term — something not done since Lyndon Johnson took himself out of the 1968 Presidential race.

Obama can find one bright spot in the latest poll. At least he beats Sarah Plain by eight percentage points — 48 to 40 percent and most polls show Palin beating other potential GOP challengers, including Romney and Huckleby.

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14 thoughts on “American voters don’t want a second term from Obama”

  1. We sure do need some clarity in exactly what each political party represents. I watch MSNBC for a clean Democratic point of view. They drool at getting their hands on taxes on the very rich. Then I switch to Fox and see the Religious Right trying to legislate against sins. I was raised as Mormon and anyone wanted to put Romney in the white house, should read the Book of Mormon. It is a piece of work of selection in breeding that is certainly unAmerican. Jesus came to America……….

    Neither party gives a damn about individual freedoms. I remember Rand’s comments about the evil Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave it all to the poor. What’s the moral to that horrible tale? Robin Hood is the poster boy for the Liberal Democrats! Where is the poster boy for the Republicans? Rush Limbaugh?

  2. I just love it when parties start counting chickens when the egg hasn’t even been laid. Two years ago, the chatter was all about the permanent Democratic majority and the destruction of the Republican party. Eight years before that the chatter was all about the permanent GOP majority and the death of the Dems.

    The only thing you can be sure of is that it will all change by 2012. After two years of GOP obstructionism in the House, Obama won’t look all that bad.

    The reason people say Obama is a failure is that he didn’t bring the systemic change that he promised in 2008 to an electorate desperate for systemic change. So, a good chunk of the middle of that dissappointed electorate swung to the GOP in the 2010 election when the GOP promised change. Plus a bunch of Obama voters were just punishing the GOP for being so contrary to actual conservative values. But the GOP won’t bring any change between now and 2012, and its obstructionism will provide Obama with hours of hypocrisy to point out to the electorate. Those same voters that flipped from “change by Obama in 2008” to “change by the GOP in 2010” will be equally disillusioned with the GOP by 2012.

    Further, the more the GOP tries to go back to what it views as the “Good old days” under GW Bush (permanent war and socialism for the rich), the more the electorate will swing back to the left (or middle, actually, where Obama’s policies are as opposed to his 2008 rhetoric).

    Further, the GOP will have its own circular firing squad by 2012 because the libertarian Tea Partiers and the Christian right will be tearing each other down. Any true small government libertarian cannot support in-your-bedroom government regulation.

    Further, if Palin really is the GOP candidate 2012, Obama will be back for another four years. Only the wackiest of the whackjobs will really want Apocalypse Sarah with her finger on the bomb. I don’t think a trillion dollars of corporate cash spinning lies every ten minutes on TV could convince more than about 40% to vote for her.

    That opens up all sorts of possibilities for 2012. Maybe an independent socially libertarian/fiscally conservative candidate could take 50% out of the middle. You know, those of us who think spending is out of control, believe in reasonably regulated free markets, but don’t want the government peeking in our bedrooms or making moral choices for us are looking for somebody to represent us.

    Because it is the 50% in the middle that decide elections. You’ve got 20 to 25% of die hard brain dead partisans who are going to vote for their party no matter what. You know, the 20 to 25%% that still think GW Bush was on of the greatest president s ever and the 20 to 25% that still think that Obama is doing a great job, despite all of the evidence to the contrary on both counts.

  3. Last night and this morning, I heard several debates about rewriting our treaties to our advantage. The first candidate of any party that runs on redoing NAFTA and other treaties, will get my financial support and backing. There is not a single Republican who has the balls to straighten out the mess that Bush/Clinton/Bush made with the outsourcing of our American manufacturing. There is no action from the Dems on this subject and all the GOP can do is call Obama bad names and whine. Taxing the wealthy is not a good move as it simply hands the government billions of dollars and will not make a single job. Stop worrying about the polls and start pushing for the wealthy Americans to start spending money on private enterprise. The Dems want only to redistribute the wealth and the GOP wants only to pray. Capitalism will save us if it can be done with integrity. We may have to take the whole concept of Capitalism out of the hands of the GOP as they abused it for years. Greed is the name of the game and America needs some honesty.


  4. I suppose Doug could be referring to PsuedoDems Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen who publicly asked Obama to take the “high road” for the sake of the nation and announce that he will not run in 2012.

    What the media charmingly refers to has the Party of NO is in reality the Party of the Bloodless Coup that has stop the governance of the United States dead in it’s tracks. Whether you like it or not the middle class economic model developed after world war II is dying on the vine (strategically) and in for some serious change.

  5. I spoke about this to a few co-workers and we all came to the same conclusion. Nobody contacted us or any of our friends to ask our opinion. Since they did not report on how many people they had at their coffee clache discussion, one can only wonder how the 200 people polled can speak for 250 million.

  6. Carl, Ya been smokin too much doobie! Just cuz you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you.
    Too bad Bristol isn’t 35 She and mom could run as a team the DF’s who vote a person who isn’t a ‘star’ and can’t dance # 1 each week would vote ’em in .
    If the list above is the best we can garner , there is little hope for the Republic.
    Where’s Frank(The Manchurian Candidate) Sinatra now that we need him.

  7. And those questioned put the President in a dead heat with potential GOP challengers Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

    Shows how smart voters are.

    I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008. Check out one of his recent piece, “These Are Not Negotiable.” Of course the government now considers me a threat due to my support of this Presidential candidate. But these are fair and free elections right?

    Indeed, free men must do what free men must do.

  8. Personally I don’t believe Obama wants a second term. It it happens then sobeit, but he’s now set for life with a nominal 4.5 million per annum pension along with SS protection and will no doubt make a fortune on the public speaking circuit no different than Bill Clinton who’s foundation is now in the half billion dollar plus range. Concerning Obama, good riddance and he won’t be missed. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out Barry. : |

    Jim Webb is a standup guy with a sterling military track record. He’s also has a contructive “temper” and knows when to publicly challenge a crimpol jerk. The trouble with him being divorced twice as a candidate also shows how the “Madison Avenue” marketing of a candidate prevails in lieu of some common sense on the part of the electorate. I’m looking for a man with some genuine starch in his sac and won’t fade into the woodwork when you need him to perform. Webb is also quite bright and articulate.

    Obama and his wife ‘seemed’ squeaky clean, but as time went on, out came his early life name of Barry Soetoro, his Indonesian/Islamic roots and also the question as to whether he is a U.S. citizen and the shadow of the fact that he and his family were and possibly still are CIA operatives. His records are sealed and not available for public viewing which also means our agencies tasked to check out a candidates bonafides have failed us too. Seemingly all factions of the U.S. government at high levels are in it together; I.E. forging a future police state for U.S. citizens turning a deaf ear on the need to keep America free as opposed to ‘safe’ for purposes of “control”.

    Jim Webb isn’t perfect no doubt, but his Scots/Irish roots are as American as “apple pie” and he would get my vote although the general electorate just might be persuaded to focus on his past marital problems which is ridiculous and not surprising based on the low metric we’ve had for these past number of presidencies. He’d be a great primary challenge against Obama and I think he’d prevail with no problem whatsoever.

    My research on Webb indicates he’s a “standup guy” one you can trust to do the right thing for America when push comes to shove. He’s also the kind of leader that will give an ‘adviser’ the ol’ seaboot launch over the stern in the event they turn out to be citizen unfriendly, scheming duds.

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. I don’t see that the other side has anyone even worth looking at. Mitt Romney? Mike Huckabee? Huckabee who wants to change the Constitution into the Ten Commandments? No thank you.

    I do agree with you, bmclellan, that credentials are far more important than whether someone has been married twice or made other social errors in their life, however, as long as the religious right is given a voice in electoral matters, whether or not someone had an affair will remain an issue (unless, of course, it’s their guy, then it will be a youthful indiscretion).

  10. U.S. Senator James Webb, Virginia would stir it up but good Democrats. Although there is some dirt under the nails ( divorced x 2 ) I don’t see this guy as half as greasy as the rest they will parade out from either side.
    Time has come to butt out of personal lives and look at credentials. We don’t need a rock star and damn sure don’t need an evangelical to run this country farther onto the shoals.

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