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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tea Party Activists Reportedly BEGGED Sharron Angle Not To Campaign With John McCain


Sharron Angle’s campaign staff nearly axed a high-profile, last-minute fundraising event featuring Arizona Senator John McCain while he was already in flight to Nevada.

Uncovered in a new Politico report that lifts the veil on the true dysfunction of Sharron Angle’s unsuccessful campaign to topple Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of Angle’s head campaign advisers apparently mounted the mission to cancel the McCain appearance, despite the crucial timing of the function.

From Politico:

While McCain was en route to the event, held five days before Election Day, Angle was bombarded with calls from teary tea party activists who begged her not to campaign with the Arizona senator because they contended he was not conservative enough to appear on the same stage with her.

At the center of the Tea Party pleas, according to the article, was Angle confidante and campaign adviser Terry Campbell, a longtime associate of the Tea Party-backed Senate hopeful. He had been in contact with Angle’s grassroots conservative support, fostering a motion to get them to speak out against his candidate’s appearance with McCain, who continues to struggle to prove his conservative consistency even after beating back a primary challenge over the summer.

“In the 20 years that I’ve been involved politically, I’ve never had the misfortune of working with such sheer, utter incompetence. Too much is at stake in these political campaigns — people like Campbell don’t need to be anywhere near them,” Chris LaCivita, who acted as political director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee this campaign season and had close ties with the Angle campaign, told Politico. “If they were filming a sequel to the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ Terry Campbell would have a feature role.” For much more information about the Angle campaign, including some unbelievable quotations, check out the Politico article.

From The Huffington Post